Best Home Gyms Under 500

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Best Home Gyms Under 500

Home gym on your mind? Looking for the Best Home Gyms Under $500? Be ready to get loaded with all the information about the home gyms and more. This article enlightens you with a comprehensive guide to home gyms under $500 category. It also suggests some of the best home gyms available for you in that price range.

When you desire you to build your muscles, strength training is the healthiest route and home gyms could be your most convenient option. Focusing on the large muscle group areas such as the thighs, abdomen, chest, arms, etc. while performing strength training gives the best results. However, choosing the right and best suitable home gym might be a complicated call.

Here is a complete guide that you should follow while selecting your home gym. We have also suggested some of the best models that you might want to consider.

Top 3 Home Gyms Under 500

We are listing out below the top-selling home gyms under $500 for your convenience. However, go through our buying guide explained below before finalizing your equipment. It will help you select the home gym that best serves your needs.

1. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym: It is a best-selling model in the Home Gyms Under $500 category, developed by Bowflex, one of the top fitness brands in the country. This resistance-based home gym has a unique resistance system known as Power Rod that provides excellent strength training. If you are specifically looking for the Power Rod Home Gyms, this one could be your choice.

2. Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym: Also known as Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station for Total Body Training, it is the top-rated Weight-stacks Home Gym offering rock-solid built and performance. The brand Marcy is known for developing affordable home gyms. This equipment comes with a whole array of weight increments and allows the easy adjusting of weights during the training.

3. Gold’s Gym System: Gold is another brand known for its affordable fitness equipment and the Gold’s Gym System also known as XRS 55 Home Gym System offers strength training to the whole body at the convenience of home. Available under $500, it best suits the beginners with a compact frame and 125 lbs vinyl weights stack.

Buying Guide for Home Gyms Under 500

There are several home gyms available in the market with different features. It’s important to know what features will be best suitable for you. Also, you must know what to look for in a home gym before buying one. Below are the factors you must consider before opting for your home gym.

Training System
A home gym can be classified into two types based on the type of training system it uses. The first being the Resistance-based Home Gyms. It usually involves the use of rods and bands. It is excellent for people concerned about joints as it works easy on the joints without compromising on the quality of the workout. This feature makes it an ideal machine for beginners. The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is the most famous resistance-based home gym under $500.

The second category is the Weight-based Home Gyms. These home gyms use weight stacks or weight plates. These machines are robust and suitable for rough use without worrying about any wear or tear. Also known as Weight-stacks Home Gyms, they can build muscle mass better and quicker. The weight stacks, however, are sold separately and come with an upper limit.

If you wish to purchase an excellent weight-stacks home gym, you might want to keep a higher budget like the ones with weight stacks upgradable to a higher weight capacity are more expensive. Marcy MWM 990 Home Gym is the best-selling Weight-based Home Gym under $500.

Equipment Featured

A home gym is a collection of fitness equipment combined into one compact unit; thus, one must be aware of what type of machine, in particular, any home gym offers. Whether or not it includes a high and low pulley? Can one do leg curls and leg extensions on it? Whether or not will it come with a workout bench, etc. See what your needs are and make a list of them. It will help you make your choice easier.

Frame and Measurements

Steel is the most common material used in almost all the fitness equipment in constructing the structure. It is used for its strength and durability, the critical features that determine the life of a home gym. Check for the machine’s frame, build quality, and its design while selecting your home gym.

Dimensions of the equipment, on the other hand, will help you judge whether the machine will fit in your home or not. Also for a home, you might want to go for Best Compact Home Gyms as they could resolve your space constraints. There are many Best Portable Home Gyms available in the market. Go through our buying guide on the same for detailed information.

Advantages of A Home Gym

Deciding to buy a home gym that provides strength training for a fit and healthy body has its benefits. We have tried to point out some of the factors that will make you go for a home gym instead of a gym membership.

Save Money: Home gym is a smart and affordable option for anyone who wishes to train and tone their muscles. Home Gyms Under $500, are the best ways to have a healthier body without hurting your pockets as it could be a wiser investment over the regular club membership that would involve hefty fees.

Save Time: You get out of your bed and are ready to gym! Wouldn’t that save hell lot of time by giving you an escape from traveling and commuting from places to places? Also, the equipment is all yours; YOU OWN IT!! So you need not bother about any queue-games.

Maintain Privacy: The room is all yours. Be yourself and get your workout pants on! There’s nobody to watch you do your workout. With a home gym, you can enjoy your privacy and exercise without any hesitations. You’re in charge of everything folk, and you be your boss with the workout music you wish to play or the lighting you want to use! Make your workout sessions, happy sessions!


Check for the warranty offered by the company. Extended warranty period makes the product more desirable as you need not worry about the defects and build quality for years to come. Usually, the quality of the product is assessed based on the warranty offered; however, it might not be right all the times.


For all those who wish to pursue the fitness goals at the convenience of home, Home Gyms surely is the best solution. Working out at home is a one-time investment, but if you think of long-term gains, you are surely a winner in terms of saving your time and money. There are a variety of home gyms available in the market under $500. Be cautious while choosing your model. Understand the features thoroughly, see if it can suit all your requirements and then make your buy. However, if you have a higher budget, and are ready for the more advanced home gyms, check our Best Home Gyms Under $1000 buying guide.

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