Best Home Gyms Under 1500

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Best Home Gyms Under 1500

If you are someone who is facing the dilemma of choosing the best-suited home gym available under 1500$, then, look no further as we have done thorough research for you to help you choose the home gym meant for you under a budget of 1500$. There are a variety of home gyms available in the market, for which people at all fitness level are ready to spend their money.  The biggest issue people face is to decide which home gym is best-suited for them.

Why Choose a Home Multi Gym?

The home multi-gyms offers a complete package of fitness. These all in one gym gets the highest ratings in terms of variety, resistance and overall value, one can perform dozens of exercises and can be used for resistance more than or up to 200 pounds or for lighter settings for slimming down and toning. Various types of these gyms are weight stack gyms, Power Rod Home gyms, Gravity gyms and the new Bowflex HVT gym which offers features like cardio training, strength training, plus it has Bluetooth and workout training and these are the best home gyms under 1500$.

Home Gym Advantages

Home gyms prove to be very helpful in terms of saving on time and money as you do not need to travel to a gym for doing exercises and can perform it within the comfort of your home. Also, it would be a one-time investment. Often when people set up a home gym, they have to keep multiple pieces of equipment in order to perform all exercises, but when you can have one piece of fitness equipment which can serve all your purpose, that is when you don’t require to pay for gym memberships and can exercise at the comfort of your home. Our Pick: We strongly suggest the Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym as one of the best available home gyms under 1500$

 Keep in Mind to Create a Fitness Balance

The best home gym must offer full body workout and should be a balance of three basic types of activities:

  • Cardio or Aerobic exercises– such as running, jogging, cycling, rowing, swimming and other similar activities which strengthen the heart and lungs.
  • Strength training– in these weights and resistance is used to improve muscle tone and quality.
  • Stretching, Flexibility and balance exercises- reduces the risk of injury and improves quality of motion.

Buying Guide for Home Gym Under $1500

Choose the Type of Home Gym

Choose the type of home gym which suits best to your requirements. When it comes to comparing, these gyms can be compared in terms of their resistance types and they fall into one of the 4 categories:-

Body Weight Home Gyms

People who are looking for a machine to stay flexible and getting toned, these machines prove to be the best option and are not for the people looking for weightlifting and strength building. These machines use only body weight for resistance and are the best compact home gyms and pretty affordable too. Our Pick: Check out the Total Gym XLS with its weight capacity of 400 lbs and one can perform around 80 types of exercises on it.

Free Weight Home Gyms

These types of machines are for the people who are into powerlifting. They take up a lot of your home space and require a lot of plates to be bought separately, depending on the resistance one requires and often include a barbell and some type of squat rack. Our Pick: We loved the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 as the best free weight home gyms under 1500$.

Weight Stack Home Gyms

As the name itself suggests that this type of home gms uses weight plates generally designed in a brick-shaped and are stacked over each other to increase resistance. These are the ones often seen in the local commercial gyms and are made of cables and weight stacks for resistance, which is very safe to use. It is perhaps the most traditional and popular home gym which is loved and used by fitness enthusiasts around the globe.

Our Pick: The Powerline by Body-Solid Easy-Assembly Home Gym is our recommendation for the best weight stack home gym under 1500$ due to its superb performance and thanks to the 11 gauge steel used in its mainframe construction it is extremely durable.

Power Rod Home Gyms

These machines are different from the free weight and cable machines in terms of the fact that it uses power rods to change the resistance required. More the rod is bent during the movement, more is the resistance offered. These machines take up less space and are affordable. Our Pick: We strongly recommend the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym as the best power rod home gym available under 1500$.

Resistance Offered

Always go for a home gym which would offer a minimum of 200 pounds of resistance as you would need o increase the resistance level as and when you get acquainted with the lower resistance levels. Our Pick: Go for the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym which offers 210 lbs of power rod resistance and also comes with an option to upgrade the resistance up to 410 lbs.


The durability of the machine should be the primary focus of any buyer as it would be a one-time investment and you intend to workout on the equipment for a long time. A home gym which is made up of steel as its mainframe construction lasts longer than the other materials like vinyl. Our Pick: The Powerline by Body-Solid Easy-Assembly Home Gym is our recommendation for the most durable home gym under 1500$ due to its superb performance and thanks to the 11 gauge steel used in its mainframe construction it is extremely durable

Variations Offered

A home gym machine as discussed above aids in performing a variety of exercises like a chest press, biceps curl, bench press, bench squats, etc. We strongly suggest opting for a home gym which offers at least 30 varieties of exercises so that you can go for overall body fitness and do not end in a monotonous routine of doing the same type of exercise daily. Our pick: We found the Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym as the complete package which allows one to go for a full body workout and one can do more than 80 types of exercises on it.

Warranty Offered

People generally skip this important criterion while purchasing a home gym often to save a few bucks but we strongly recommend to go for a product which comes with a warranty period as not only it shows that the company trusts its equipment and is sure that no damage will happen to the machine but also, if in case some issue arises and the machine is under warranty, one can save a good amount of money as the warranty covers up for the amount required for repairing the home gym. Our Pick: We loved the Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym as it offers a warranty period of 10 years.


A Home Gym is something which is a piece of complete fitness equipment in itself. It is one of the most popularly used and loved fitness equipment among fitness enthusiasts around the globe.  The main issue people faces is the dilemma of choosing the apt machine for themselves and to come out of this dilemma clarity within the mind is very important in terms of their fitness goals, the exercises to achieve that goal and hence deciding on the model that will be the best fit for them as far as the home gym is concerned.

Having a gym at home is about meeting all your requirements in terms of the fitness you want for yourself, also it becomes very convenient to achieve that fitness you have never had before. It becomes convenient in terms of accessibility, which is not there in case of a commercial gym.

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