Total Gym XLS Home Gym Review

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Total Gym XLS Home Gym Review

The Total Gym XLS is fantastic workout equipment from the Total Gym brand. It provides superb exercise to the lower as well as upper body muscles. You can also opt for the refurbished options that are available at reduced prices. No assembly is required if you plan to go for Total Gym XLS. The construction is very compact, and you will not require a complete room for storage. The workout that is provided by this home gym is complete muscle and low impact in nature. It efficiently supports around 400 pounds of weight. The other attractive features include cable and pulley system, handles with nylon strap, leg pull accessory and glide board having a head support. You will be getting an instructional card along with each purchase. You can make the most out of the machine if you follow the suggested workouts given on the card.

Full Body Workout

In case you plan to go for this machine, you can stay assured of one thing that you will be getting a complete body workout. According to the reviews of most of the customers, this is a great feature. You can go for extended workout regimen with the XLS model with great ease. Even the beginners will be able to make the most out of the home gym due to the instructional DVD that you will be getting along with it. The thick 1.5-inch padding offers incredible comfort and additional support. Also, you will be getting six diverse resistance levels that help the users to adjust effortlessly the levels of difficulty. The machine will superbly meet all your needs related to personal fitness.

80 Different Workouts

You will be surprised to know that you can practice 80 different types of workout routines on Total Gym XLS. It is a superb plan to work out same muscle groups using the diverse exercise programs. It proves to be highly beneficial not only for the muscle groups but also for the mental functioning of the user.

The machine encourages steady creativity with the opportunity to switch over probable workouts. It depends upon the body weight, and you will be able to change the featured resistance incline for providing easier or difficult exercises as per the requirement. It means that this equipment is fabulous for a complete family. The diverse incline and resistance levels make the setup a superb alternative for all those users who are associated with physical therapy programs.

It will be challenging for them and helps them to regain the strength efficiently at the same time. With every purchase, you will also be getting a meal plan and nutritional program suggestions that will help you to lead an entirely healthy life.


  • The design is compact. It can be folded and stored easily
  • There is an option of 80 diverse exercises
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • It offers complete body workout
  • You will be getting a lifetime warranty on the machine’s frame
  • The workouts are adjustable as all the exercises are dependent on the body weight
  • Comfort level is upgraded
  • Improved cable and pulley system
  • Nylon straps are flexible
  • Chrome package
  • Squat stand is upgraded


You get a lifetime warranty on the general frame of the machine. But the others parts are backed by a warranty of only 2 years. Such kind of warranty may appear to be very limited to an active user. You can quickly find the replacements in the market. When you plan to buy this machine you are being offered a lot. But there is no denying the fact that the unit is comparatively expensive, especially when you buy it for full price.

You will also see that there are several competitors of the equipment on the market that offer a lot more options in comparison to Total Gym XLS. As a matter of fact, the Vigorfit home gym supports more padded and supportive squat stand. It can be adjusted to offer many more resistance levels in comparison to this model. But still all those who are brand conscious and are only worried about finest quality will not hesitate in going ahead with the purchase of Total Gym XLS.


Frankly speaking, if you are looking for a home gym set up that is efficient and compact then Total Gym XLS is a superb selection. The remarkable design not only looks great but can also be stored in smaller places. It is one of the biggest advantages associated with the machine. There are some drawbacks associated with it, but the fact that easily supports weight capacity up to around 400 pounds is a huge pro for the model.

The unit is very stable and reliable, and the users feel safe and comfortable while using the machine. There are several models out there that come without any instructions regarding the exercises, and the users are not able to use the machines correctly due to lack of knowledge. This is not the case with this home gym. The Total Gym XLS is designed by the experts keeping in mind the comfort level and safety of the users. The informative DVD and reference exercise chart with every purchase prove to be of great help.

Many users have stated that this system is ideal for a superb workout. A well-known company backs it and attractive discounts are common that help in reducing the overall costs. When you consider all these aspects you will realize that going for this model is a smart choice. Also, the various features will make your complete exercise experience fantastic.