Total Gym GTS Home Gym Review

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Total Gym GTS Home Gym Review

The Total Gym GTS is a home gym that is of professional quality. It has been designed for home use, however, you will find that this Total Gym in many health clubs as well as physical therapy clinics. The machine is very versatile and can support about 200 or more low-impact exercises that help improve strength, cardio health, and flexibility.

In order to suit various levels of skills, this home gym allows its users to work against about 22 varying percentages of their own body weight. Read the Total Gym GTS Review 2021 to know all about this versatile home gym.

If you are keen on making this a home gym, then you have to make sure that there is enough workout space. The Total Gym GTS is quite a large machine and it needs a lot of floor space. When unfolded it is about 9’ long. However, the machine can be folded for storage and this saves on space when the machine is not in use.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Total Gym GTS is quite expensive and is not budget-friendly. If you are on a budget, then this model is definitely not for you, as it is one of the best home gyms over $3000. For those who are not tight on their pockets and want a versatile home gym that offers more than 200 exercises that give a complete workout. The machine can be folded and kept aside as well once it is used.

Total Gym GTS Home Gym Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Total Gym GTS is the only model from the Total Gym that needs a bit of assembling. Other models just have to be removed from the box and unfolded. However, this model is not quite the same. However, Total Gym has included professional assembling with this model for no additional cost.

The average wait time from the period of placing the order of the GTS until its delivery and professional assembly is about 2-3 weeks. In case you wish to assemble the GTS all by yourself, you can try it out. Most of the model is pre-assembled and you just have to fix the lat bars, get the squat stand together as well as fix the handles.

The assembly process is not very complicated. However, if you take into consideration the size as well as the weight of the Total Gym GTS, it is good that Total Gym offers professional assembly.

Design and Build Quality

The Total Gym GTS from Total Gym is one of the most robust, high-end and best home gyms 2021 offered by them to date. It is their top model that offers many exercise options, the highest user weight capacity, numerous attachments as well as the best warranty.

It is a top-quality piece of fitness equipment and is a symbol of the best engineering and design. A lot of attention has been given to details to give you a very impressive home gym. This is something that makes the Total Gym GTS a pricey fitness machine. Though the GTS is created for commercial use, it is suitable for home use too.

Total Gym GTS Home Gym Features

Soft grip lat bars

The Total Gym GTS has soft-grip lat bars that can fold in and out easily, thereby giving you room to do your pull-ups.

Telescoping squat stand

This is an upgraded version of the regular squat stand and it gives the user 3 different adjustments for height. It also gives a non-skid tread that gives you a better grip. It has been designed to resist the forces of jumping.

Grip pull-up bar

This specific attachment of the Total Gym GTS gives you a lot of variety on the pull-up grip, thereby letting you target various muscle groups.


This is the abdominal attachment of the home gym that offers you the ability to do a lot of core moves

Weight bar

This attachment allows the user to add additional external weight plates in order to intensify any move.

Squat handlebar

This particular attachment provides you something to secure your grip onto while performing your squat moves. This is a good attachment for people who feel a bit of instability while exercising on the moving board. It adds more stability to the squats.

Press bar

This attachment provides you with the ability to do military press kind of exercises.

Retractable dip bars

Dips are definitely one of the best exercises for strengthening the pecs and triceps. This attachment makes the workout more convenient.

Higher Resistance Levels

The Total Gym GTS has about 22 resistance levels making it a highly effective home gym. These levels make the Total Gym GTS an ideal training alternative for every single level inclusive of beginners, intermediate trainers as well as advanced trainers.

You can push yourself to the highest limit with the help of higher resistance levels and get more out of each and every workout.

High Weight Capacity

The Total Gym GTS machine comes with a maximum user weight capacity of 650lbs. This makes it the ideal machine for everybody. This weight capacity also proves that the machine is quite strong and durable enough to sustain regular workouts.

Advanced Pulley System

There is an enhanced dynamic cable-pulley system that can be adjusted easily adjusts to the height and girth of the user. This makes it ideal for upper body workouts.

Easy 2-Step Folding

This home gym is very large and many homeowners might want to keep it away when it is not being used. This can be achieved by way of the simple two-step folding design. This will help you recover about seven-foot or more of floor space in the house.

When the machine is open, it measures about 38 inches W x 107 inches L x 69 inches H, however, once it is folded the dimensions are 38 inches W x 20 inches L x 56 inches H.

Impressive Accessory Range

The brand has provided some great functional accessories that help enhance the machine’s performance and maximize your workouts. These include foldable lat bars, an abs training tool, a height pulley system that is adjustable, a squat stand, a toe bar, a press bar, and a weight bar.

All these tools help in achieving the workout objectives such as muscle-sculpting, shoulder training, weight loss, the upper part of the back and much more.

Helpful Workouts/ Instructions

One of the best things that are offered by the brand is that it includes a wide range of helpful workouts that gives you all the possibilities for training. Additionally, you also receive free workout videos along with an exercise chart that is quite handy for beginners who. These help in achieving the workout objectives faster.

Total Gym GTS Workout Home Gym Programs

The Total Gym home gym comes well-equipped for 200 exercises or more. In order to ensure that you understand the potential of the machine, you will receive many instructional DVDs as well as the “Total Gym Strength Fundamentals”.

The DVD selection comes with demonstrations as well as routines that help train you for recovery (or physical rehabilitation), better movement range, cardio health, sculpted muscles, and more.

A few of the workout routines of Total Gym DVD would be just about six minutes long that enables you to fit exercise into any busy schedule. An illustrated chart of exercises is provided for you to present in your home gym.
250 Workouts and More!

A good home gym must always have the capacity to provide the user with a complete body workout. The Total Gym GTS offers you exactly this and much more! It has about 250 distinct workout routines, and this helps you to get the best out of every single workout session and achieve complete body training.

The unit also comes with the Total Gym Strength Fundamentals that has details on all the possible workouts.

Low-impact Training: In comparison to treadmills and many other standard home gyms, this gym is a bit different as it offers low-impact exercises. The risk of injury to the body is less and you also do not lose energy easily. This helps you get the maximum benefits out of each workout.

Total Gym GTS Home Gym Warranty

The manufacturer total Gym offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of the GTS. In addition to this, there is a warranty of one year on the main parts and 90 days on the wear parts. Also, there is a standard money-back guarantee for 30 days. At times, an extra incentive of the 60-day trial period is offered.

Total Gym GTS Home Gym Pros and Cons


  • It has a range of 200 or more exercises
  • The user can perform plyometric exercises in this machine
  • It comes with 22 resistance levels
  • There are many additional accessories
  • The package comes with a workout DVD as well as the exercise guide
  • Professional assembly is included without charges
  • It can handle a maximum user weight capacity of 650 lb
  • It can be folded easily for storage


  • The machine is priced over ​$3,700 and is not budget-friendly
  • There is no free shipping offered
  • The machine is huge and needs a lot of space


The Total Gym GTS is one of the premium home gyms and though expensive, it is worth every dollar spent. It offers a wide range of amazing features that aim at optimizing your workouts.

This includes instructional DVDs, the Total Gym Strength Fundamentals that have about 200 workouts, a 3-grip pull-up bar, a tool for abs crunch, a weight bar, a press bar, big squat stand, and retractable dip bars.

The heavy-duty glideboard comes with good cushioning that offers comfort and there are rubber-padded handles that allow the user to work out for long durations easily. The Total Gym GTS comes with an easy and convenient 2-fold design that is perfect for those buyers who wish to free up space for different uses.

This is definitely the ideal workout alternative for all homeowners who wish to get the best out of their gym workouts right from the comfort of their home.

FAQs of Total Gym GTS

Does the Total Gym GTS have a weight limit?
Like any other exercise equipment, every Total Gym model comes with an upper limit for the weight it can support. The Total Gym 2000 comes with a 300 lbs weight limit, whereas the Total Gym FIT, as well as the Total Gym XLS, has a weight limit of 400 pounds. The Total Gym GTS has a weight limit of 650 pounds.
What distinguishes the Total Gym from other kinds of home Gyms?
The Total Gym is quite lightweight and portable. There is no need to stop your workout while you change the weights. You can get a complete body workout in very less time and burn extra calories when you workout.
Does the Total Gym GTS come completely assembled?
Most of the parts in the Total Gym GTS are pre-assembled. Also, professional help is offered with the machine at no additional cost. The machine needs to be assembled a bit and can be done with professional help or on your own.