Total Gym 2000 Home Gym Review

Total Gym 2000 Home Gym Review

Fitness freaks must be familiar with the unique Total Gym strength building equipment. Recently the Total Gym makers successfully created the improved version known as the Total Gym 2000. It is a superb workout machine especially for all those who are interested in high physical exercises and without spending a fortune. The fantastic equipment utilizes an excellent combination of the body weight of the user as resistance and the modifiable incline for the purpose of building strength, increasing endurance and burning calories. If you plan to buy this machine, then you will not only own a quality home gym but also get to work out sitting in the comforts of your house. It is a great investment, and you can stay assured of the great quality.

Full Body Workout

According to me, the best part about this machine is that it efficiently offers complete body workout, and you will be paying only a fraction of the total cost of the membership of a local gym or any other higher level machine for the home. And over the period when you feel that the exercises have become comfortable, or you are just bored of them, you can quickly increase the level of resistance by adjusting the machine’s incline. It can superbly meet all the requirements of your fitness, and you do not have to buy any other machine. I feel the home gym is great for exercising the different body parts conveniently at home. It is an all in all great workout machine.
Total Gym 2000 Home Gym Review

Secure Storage

Without any doubt, this is an excellent model and in case you wish to buy a home gym this is a superb selection. Another advantage is the ease of storage associated with the machine. Almost each one of us wants to go for exercise equipment that is compact and can be moved around without any hassles. You can fold this model and after folding it doesn’t measure more than 19 inches in width about 17 inches in its height and 51 inches in length. The size is very compact, and you can take it out whenever you want without any trouble. You are all set to workout whenever you desire in your house with this machine. A quick workout is no trouble at all with this model, and you can just get it out if your sight after completing the exercise regimen.

FeaturesTotal Gym 2000 Home Gym

Some of the impressive characteristics of this home gym are listed below:

  •  In this much money, you get an economic machine that helps you to stay in shape. Justgetthemachineandyou is all set to carry out a complete body workout.
  • It is very compact and can be stored easily. It can also be folded and kept right under the bed or any other place with convenience.
  • It is appropriateforalmosteveryfitnessIt has been equipped with pulley system as well as cables. Different kind of people can easily useth machine.
  • All the main muscle groups can be exercised. It offers full body workout and also incredible strength training.

Not only is the machine very affordable but it also provides a fantastic working out experience. It makes optimum use of the body weight of the user and shapes lean muscle mass. Basically, when the lean muscle mass of the body increases, the capability of the human body to burn calories and fats also increases. Hence, you will be getting a healthier and slimmer body. It is like a dream come true for almost each one of us. The best part is that the machine can be used by people of various fitness levels without any hassles. All those who are new to the concept of the workout and also the experienced ones can be benefitted from this home gym. They will get to see the amazing results only after a short period of continuous use.


I feel that there are just two drawbacks associated with the machine. But these can be remedied with ease. The first one is the fact that this home gym supports a maximum weight of around 250 pounds of the user. For all those who weigh more will have to look for other machines since this home gym will not offer the proper workout. It is a bare bone home gym. All the add-ons, as well as accessories, need to be purchased separately. Some of the users are not very happy about this while there are other customers also who feel that this is a good thing. It can be said that this is a great machine for all those who are looking for affordable models that are simple and straightforward. There is no requirement for any additional pieces or parts of this equipment. It superbly provides an efficient workout.


In the end, it can be rightly said that this is a smart investment in case you want to exercise at home and be in good shape. You will be getting a workout for your entire body without any issues. You can be engaged in a workout routine that is resistance based. There is no requirement of purchasing free weights and multiple machines if you have this home gym. The total brand is a trusted name and has been recommended by various users over the period. It will never disappoint you. The equipment is simple and can be easily assembled at home. It is highly economical and offers a great workout. The model is fantastic for all those home users who are interested in enhancing their flexibility and carrying out light strength training.