Best Power Rod Home Gyms 2021

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Best Power Rod Home Gyms 2021

Not everyone likes to work with weights but it is very common to find the gyms flooded with weight exercising equipment. If you are one of those persons and are in need of equipment that gives the same impact but doesn’t involve weights, then you came to the right place. Power Rods is the equipment we are talking about. They are efficient enough to provide you with the same resistance as offered by the weights. You might be hearing about Power Rods for the first time and wondering what it is and how it actually works.

It is somewhat similar to stretching your body using elastic. The more you pull them the harder it feels to your hand. Same way Power Rods provide resistance based on the intensity in which you pull the equipment. The main advantage of this kind of exercise is the less strain caused on the body muscles due to the flexible resistance levels. The Power Rod can become the only equipment you will ever need if used properly. The best Power Rods will provide you with the maximum resistance your body can manage.

Why Power Rod Gyms?

1. Everyone knows the cheater’s technique during workouts. For every relaxing movement in workouts instead of using your muscles, people just let the weights do its work making your effort null. And this gives you no gain while working out. Power Rod home gyms eliminate your ability to do this thus making every one of your workout counts. The safety and the productivity it offers is far superior to anything offered by almost all the equipment we know.

2. As we have already told the resistance levels on power rods never remain constant. This creates many advantages while working out. Primarily it will reduce the strain on your muscles by limiting the resistance when you just start to work out. With the progressive increase of resistance with the intensity you desire after a few workouts your body will slowly mature itself and be ready to push through to its maximum limit.

Since this idea is quite logical we can call power rods is the smartest equipment you can have in your home. They have a cable and pulley design which looks simple but gives you the potential of doing a variety of workouts.

3. Nobody likes to buy a piece of expensive equipment and get fixed on to a single exercise. The more the variety of exercises you can do on them the more satisfied you will be with the money spent on them. The flexibility simply gives you the advantage of doing multiple exercises on a particular muscle group which is useful for muscle toning.

And not just that the body you dream to build can easily be achieved with the power rods. With all these advantages, you may never need another equipment to work out a special muscle group. Bowflex power rods performed really well when we tested them. Some of the models like PR1000 had the capability of doing over 30 exercises which is a good value for the money you pay.

4. Power rod is very easy to use. You can get to them and begin working out with them without any hassle. The ability to change the resistance levels with ease is what makes them stand apart from others. With the best power rod home gyms, you can ensure yourself an uninterrupted workout schedule. Another good thing about power rods is that they can easily be upgraded. So you don’t have to think that your workouts are going to be limited to this equipment.

The beginner’s basic power rods come with a resistance level of 210 lbs. This will be enough for people who are starting to work out. When you get stronger with power rods you can upgrade them and again force your body to push its limits. The maximum capacity to which the basic models can be upgraded to is around 410 lbs. This will be enough to make you reach the halfway through to the expert category.

5. Another big advantage of power rods is that you can’t drop the weight on reaching the maximum point. You will be forced to stabilize the load on your muscles and bring it down. This will be of much benefit to your muscles than weightlifting.

Power Rod Home Gyms Buying Guide

Power rods can easily be called the best innovation that has happened in the fitness industry. They offer a new kind of resistance level that proves to leave a greater impact on your muscles than constant resistance. Progressive resistance offered by the power rods is revolutionary as it reduces the impact on your body while keeping your productivity to the maximum.

Instead of giving a fixed resistance at each rep you take, power rods strength training home gyms provide resistance in proportion to the intensity of your workout. And this kind of effect cannot be obtained from weightlifting or any other equipment. As we told earlier, think of it as pulling an elastic string the more you pull the more intense and tight the string becomes.

In other words, the force exerted by the string is entirely dependent on the intensity at which you pull it. In simple words, we can say that power rods grow with you, being ready to do whatever you want to do. The other kind of gyms that you might not be familiar with like body weight gyms and weight stack gyms. Most of you will be familiar with weight stack gyms as they are very popular among the gym machines.

They have weights attached to the bars which can be used for exercises. Body weight gyms may not be much familiar to you. They are more similar to a strong frame. You can put your body in different positions and workout using your body weight. However, conventional knowledge may not be enough to effectively workout on them.

Power Rod Home Gyms vs. Traditional Weight Lifting

The perks of getting a power rod are not just assumptions made up by us. Every single one of its merits is proven by researches conducted.

1. All the studies have proven that Power Rod technology is good at providing efficient workouts with ease.

2. It has also been found that the aerobic workouts are not as effective in burning calories as the resistance based workouts.

3. With the best power rods, you will be increasing your metabolism with better muscles.

4. With all these explanations, you must make it pretty clear that the Power Rods are not at all similar to weights in terms of functioning.

5. Their resistance changes throughout the course of the workouts. If you are working with free weights, the resistance remains constant so you will have to stop your workout if you need to add more resistance.

Moreover, the best power rods will give you a very smooth workout experience with high efficiency.

Cons of Power Rod Home Gyms

1. Upgrading requires the purchase of rods: Upgrading power rods is an easy task but let us warn you they are really expensive to upgrade. Unfortunately, these rods for upgrading the power rods are never provided with power rods during their purchase. Not everyone might require an upgrade but it is always sensible to add more rods so that the equipment will seem to fit everyone.

2. Resistance may not be sufficient for strong people: If you are already into workouts and are a heavy bodybuilder, then chances are that you will feel limited by the resistance levels provided by them. The basic models usually come with a resistance level of 210 lbs. This will be good enough for beginners who are just getting into workouts. Their body may not be capable enough to push further.

But for a strong person using the basic power rod will be child’s play so they will have to surely upgrade the equipment if they are planning to buy them. From our understanding, we will not recommend power rods to be a daily driver for the most experienced bodybuilder. They can help you in working out but they cannot become the ultimate workout equipment.

3. If your aims are really high then you may need to avoid them: Like we always say, the key to getting the best equipment is finding out your ultimate fitness goal. If you just want to stay and keep your muscles flexed or maybe improve it well, then the power rod home gyms can be the best equipment for you but if you are thinking of getting the perfectly crafted body, then power rods are not for you.

Even the best home gyms have their limits. For people like that they must get themselves a good power rack, bench and dumbbells sets. It will prove to be more useful for their purpose.


You must have now understood why we called it the best alternative to working out with weights. It has all the benefits of weights but comes without its demerits. The progressive resistance is the reason why most people prefer it. Pushing your limits with the convenience of your body is the most comfortable experience you can get.

Power rod is a piece of good equipment but you must never confuse it for an ultimate work out equipment if you trying to build a massive body. Beginners and intermediate level bodybuilders will be able to benefit the most out of them. A convenient workout literally translates to more workout time which literally means that you will get a better body.

The benefits of home gym rods are not a hoax; they are proven by researchers so you can choose them without any worries. But it will always be a good idea to check out the opinions of people who have actually used it and also try it out if you could. This will help you make sure that you are getting the right equipment. If you find the best power rod for your home, then buy it and start working out as soon as you set it up.

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