Perfect Pushup Elite Review

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Perfect Pushup Elite Review

Performing pushups is a difficult thing to do and it puts lot of strain on your hands and arms. But there are certain workout machines available nowadays that help in making pushups easy for you. To get an efficient workout that puts the least strain on your hands, the perfect solution for you is the Perfect Pushup Elite Pushups are the best when it comes to strengthening the muscles of your legs, arms, and stomach. You can also use push up bars for a more efficient workout.

When you use bars, the position of your body improves and muscles are built in a better way. This Perfect Pushup Elite Review talks about the top notch bars that are ideal for giving you an extensive workout since they have grips with a good texture and are padded to provide better comfort. The handles are also grooved a little so that the rotational movement is brought about with the help of ball bearings. This, in turn, improves the overall workout.

This workout equipment is very stable and can support a weight of up to 400 pounds. The steel ball bearing system makes the rotation motion smooth and safe and does not harm the wrists while the user performs the workout. Rotation helps to make more muscles work on various body parts like the shoulders, chest, arms, abs and the back.

The Pushup Elite has a lot of ease of use. Both the handles of the equipment are non-slip, large and very comfortable. They are both attached to a base that rotates. To add to the stability of the machine, the bottom part of the base has a spiral.

Pushup Bars

A pushup which usually primarily affects the chest turns into an exercise that involves the complete upper body with the Pushup Elite. The pushup bars put you a little above the ground which is again a plus as this way you can do a deeper push up compared to that with your palms on the floor.

Smooth Rotation

Smooth rotation is brought about by the steel ball bearing and due to this, there are minimal chances of injuries. This is because the exercise incorporates the bigger muscle groups of your body and the small ones are at rest. The larger muscles can handle the strain that is a result of the pushup. The rotation brings about muscle conditioning in a uniform manner of the more major muscle groups.


  • The weight of a single pushup bar is a little above 2 pounds, and the total weight of both the bars comes out to be around 4.2 lbs.
  • The bars are constructed well and have very firm handles.
  • The dimensions of this pushup equipment are 10.08 x 8.43 x 6.3 inches.
  • These pushup bars can be easily stored, and they are easy to move around too, as they hardly have much weight.
  • Most of the body of the Pushup Elite is made up of metal; only a small part is plastic. This makes it durable and comfortable at the same time. Metal body toughens up the equipment.
  • The steel bearings in the machine bring about a smooth rotation of the pushup bars
  • With the push-up elite, there is hardly any strain that you will feel in your arms and hands as it is very well-designed.
  • With these Perfect Pushup Elite, the position in which you perform the pushups is very convenient and easy to bring about.
  • You can manage to exercise your complete upper body with these pushup bars.

Drawbacks of the Perfect Pushup Elite

  • Some people are not very satisfied with the Pushup Elite as they feel that it targets only a few muscle groups in the upper body. But that is not the case as the muscles gain strength in the due course of time and then performing pushups will become very convenient for you.
  • Another minor drawback with the Perfect Pushup is that it comes with a small instruction manual. This is because complete information on how to use the product and perform exercises on it is mentioned on the website of the product and the manufacturers feel that the users can quickly access the website to know the various ways of pushups that you can perform with this equipment.


According to my recommendation, the Perfect Pushup Elite is an unusual equipment to have in your home gym. It will work superbly for you and help you to get the body that you have always wanted, slim and toned. The pushups that you perform with the Elite are higher up in difficulty but that should be like a challenge, or you and you must push yourself to perform better with every day. So go ahead and incorporate this fabulous workout partner in your home gym and see wonders happen!