Best Home Gyms Over 2000

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Best Home Gyms Over 2000

This write-up is your buying guide for the best home gyms over 2000$. If you are a serious fitness enthusiast who is planning to invest in a home gym but is confused in deciding which home gym is best-suited for you, then simply read this article as we have done a thorough research of home gyms over 2000$ to guide you through the points you need to consider and evaluate before buying a home gym.

In this article, we will be guiding you about the top class home gyms available over 2000$ and what you should be looking for while purchasing a home gym for you. Home gyms are a great choice of equipment one should invest in for a great workout experience. It is compact, loaded with features and offers a full body work-out. It is great for weight loss, muscle strengthening, and endurance.

The best part about buying gyms over 2000$ is that it gives you that premium feel of using a posh commercial multi-gym and have a plethora of features and functions which helps us spice up our workout and get a toned body.

The most used home gyms over 2000$ are a complete package in itself and aids in a full body workout. It gives a premium feel and helps us lose weight, increase strength and endurance, works on toning your choice of muscles and also be used in bulking up muscles.

Check out the Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station which is highly by us for its premium feel and is considered as one of the best home gyms over 2000$ by fitness overs around the globe.

It is a universal fact the more is the price range a product has, better is it’s quality and features available as compared to the cheaper models of it available in the market. 

Types of Home Gyms

1. Weight Stack Home Gyms: As the name itself suggests that it’s a home gym based on weights which are kept in stacks. There are variations available in the market in the material used in making of the weights. Some are made up of steel, some of the iron and some are made up of vinyl. The weight stack gym is perhaps the most traditional form of a gym known to us.

Tip– Choose a weight stack home gym which offers plenty of weights as it will help you a lot in the long run. More is the weight, more is the resistance offered and better is the workout results. You can score amazing options of weights offered in a price segment above 2000$. Opt for a weight stack which offers at least 200 lbs of weights.

Check out the Bowflex HVT Home Gym which is a great option and offers dual 200 lbs of weight allowing you to get a great amount of resistance for working out.

Investing in the best home weight set will add up in lifting your fitness quotient in a more premium way.

2. Powe Rod Home Gyms: Power rod home gyms are an amazing piece of a workout machine as it is designed to offer progressive resistance and is a great way for burning out those stubborn calories and a blasting workout.

Here, metal weights are replaced with power rods which offer lower impact strength training. Multiple pulleys attached in the equipment offers a variety of exercises one can work out.

One can easily change the angle of resistance which would yield better and more effective results. It can cover the entire body’s workout and gives superb results when it comes to reaching the goal of fitness.

You can go for the Body-Solid EXM2500s Home Gym which is one of the best power rod home gym options available globally.

3. Body Weight Home Gyms: Body weight gyms also known as gravity gyms are usually a tilting workout bench which is loaded with accessories which aid in offering resistance for a fabulous workout.

To increase the resistance has to simply increase the angle of the body. A body weight home gym uses the weight of one’s own body as a force to get in shape.

These home gyms are great for weight loss, muscle toning and strengthening. It is more compact and generates less impact over your body. Body weight home gyms can be considered as the best portable home gyms or as the best compact home gym as it requires less space and can be moved from one place to other, ore easily as compared to the others.

The ultimate buying guide for home gym equipment above 2000$

Variations of exercises offered

Elite home gyms offer a better variety in the number of exercises (usually above hundred resistance exercises) offered. There are a few models in this price segment which even offers support to cross-training exercises.

This means that it can be used in muscle strengthening as well as can serve as a great cardio workout equipment.

Tip: You can look for the best equipment brands for homes online. Check out the Body-Solid Triple-Stack Multi-Station Gym which offers a complete package of varieties of exercises which can be performed on it.

Greater Resistance

Always opt for a home gym which offers a greater resistance as in the long run, you would need it for sure. You might not give this a big importance right now if you are a beginner but you will be surprised at of how far your body can workout and to keep up the pace you would need a good amount of resistance to workout as you master the lower level of resistance.

Generally, a minimum of 400 pounds of resistance is offered by home gyms above 2000$. More is the resistance, better is the workout results.


Investing in a product which will be durable for a longer period is always a great idea. Home gyms over 2000$ have a better quality of steel frame and the raw materials used which makes it last longer.

Also, small details like longer pulley cables, better hand moulds and grips, better grip, etc., makes it way more enjoyable and worth investing over 2000$.

To sum up, home gyms above 2000$ is a complete package of style, quality, quantity, durability and offers a premium class experience of using a piece of posh commercial equipment.

Our thorough research found the MiM USA Functional Trainer and Smith Machine Combo All in One Commercial Grade Ultimate Home Gym as one of the most reliable and durable options for home gyms.

Weight Stacks

Chose for home gyms which offer greater weight options. Do not opt for weight stacks offering less than 180 lbs.

Workout Stations

Chose for a multi-gym which offers a pull-up station, a push-up station, a combination chest press, and a dip station. These are different stations which target working on a particular set of muscles like your core, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest muscles, forearms, etc.

The Body-Solid Multi-Station Selectorized Gym is a great option for enjoying a complete gym set up within the comforts of your home.

Are Home Gym Machines Safe?

A home gym machine is safe like any other machine if used in the correct manner. If not played under the rules one may end up hurting himself/herself.

Make sure to install the machine correctly, read the guidelines thoroughly, understand the functions properly and start slowly and gradually to make your body comfortable with the machine and then increase the intensity of your workout.

Be patient and do not be in a rush to start an intense workout. Enjoy your workout and follow the safety measures to avoid injuries and accidents.

The market is flooded with a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a home gym. So, gear up and choose your own home gym and start your journey of health and fitness.


Home gyms are a great piece of equipment to help you get your dream figure and physique.

It gives you the option of choosing your own timing for a great workout and is a one-time investment for an amazing workout experience. If you are a fitness freak and who is looking for that perfect equipment which will give you a total body workout then buying a home gym keeping the buying guide in mind is what we recommend.

Work hard and stay fit according to your comfort and time with your very own home gym and get that toned body like never before.

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