Marcy 150 lb Stack Home Gym Review

Marcy 150 lb Stack Home Gym Review

The Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym is acknowledged among the best compact home gyms that provide essential features to support total body fitness. It is a multifunctional home gym that effectively helps to build muscle mass and reduce body weight.

It offers the combination of dual functioning press arms and dual functioning leg developer for having the exceptional results. If you are looking forward to a high-end Smith Cage. Then our recommendation would be to Inspire Fitness SCS Smith System/Cage System/Functional Trainer. 

That offers incredible fitness within the range of less than $500. Read about Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym Review 2020. To get to know more about its pros and cons while understanding its functionality.

It provides incredible muscle building with total body workout to ensure the complete gaming experience to the users.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym is acknowledged among the best compact-sized home gyms that provide total body fitness to the users. This home gym proves highly recommended equipment for those users who don’t prefer to go to the gym and try out variable workout options with multifunctional equipment.

The users who look forward to muscle building with a focus on total body workout should also opt for this piece of equipment. If you intend to try out the workout on multifunctional equipment but still don’t prefer to go for the high-end model, then this home gym is a perfect choice for your fitness requirements.

It is entry-level fitness equipment that is recommended for beginners to intermediate level of users. Overall, it proves to be the best home gym under $500 that assures quality-driven performance with optimal results.

Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Marcy MWM 990 assembly is quick and handy as this home gym comes equipped with manual of instructions for clear guidelines. There is a need of at least two people who can assemble the home gym as it is packed with 150 Ib power weight stack.

The users can effectively assemble the machine with explicit guidelines but, if they feel overwhelmed with the assembly process, then they can opt for hiring professional service by paying extra money.

Design and Build Quality

The Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym is viewed among one of the best weight stack home gyms that offer durability with impressive performance. The Marcy home gym is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame that offers a precision build with a stable unit that remains sturdy during intense workout sessions.

The dimensions of this home gym are 62″L x 43″W x 78″H,” and 150 Ibs weight stack. The weight of this equipment is 273 Ibs, and it can support the heavyweight users having the maximum weight limit of 300Ibs. This home gym is a multifunctional exercise unit.

That comes packed with performance-oriented features like dual-functioning press arms that make chest presses quite effective. The provision of dual-function leg developer helps the users to effectively pursue leg extensions and leg curls for active lower body workout sessions.

This home gym features a multi-pulley system having the upper pulley and lower pulley that is attached to the mainframe through weight stack. This multi-pulley system allows users to engage in upper and lower body workout with ease.

The provision of preacher curl biceps pad helps in providing the complete training of triceps and abs. The availability of padded press arms is equipped with the oversized roller pads that are made from foam to have pec fly and chest exercises.

The attachment for biceps curl aims to provide the effective biceps workout. Thus, it proves to be the top home gyms over $2000 that provide result-oriented performance with the sturdy build quality and variable exercise options.

Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym Features

1. Weight Stack Resistance: This Marcy home gym is powered by the weight stack resistance offering 150 Ibs of resistance. The vinyl coated weight stack offers the resistance that is considered ideal for beginners to intermediate level of users.  Also, users can customize.

it as per the requirement of the users, and the provision of a locking system helps to avoid the misuse of the equipment. If you prefer to have the higher level of resistance, then you can opt for Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine.

Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing that supports 300 Ibs weight stack resistance with precision at less than $1000.

2. Comfortable Seat: This home gym is supported by an upholstery seat that is padded and comfortable for long-lasting performance. The provision of adjustable preacher curl biceps pad makes it highly recommended for users to engage in the intensive workout as it is removable and they can use it as per their convenience.

3. Resistance: This home gym is powered by a weight stack resistance system that provides 150 Ibs of resistance. The users can adjust the resistance levels according to their specific workout sessions, and with practice, they can improve their resistance levels for having the best results.

4.  Chest Press: This home gym comes equipped with a chest press station that allows the users to have the complete extension and contraction in each repetition to have smooth motion.

5. Aerobic Rowing: This home gym doesn’t have the provision of aerobic rowing.

6. Folding: This home gym doesn’t support any folding requirements buas it is highly compact, thus home users should not worry.

7. Body Weight Capacity: This Marcy home gym supports the maximum weight of 300 Ibs to have usability for heavyweight people as well.

8. Safety Measures: This home gym is equipped with the locking system for weight stack to ensure the safety of the users while the weight stack remains locked when not in use.

The cables are designed in a way that they don’t tangle while working out and the whole equipment remains stable even when the users exercise with a complete stack of weight.

9. Olympic Free-weight Rack: This equipment can hold the 150 Ib of weight stack to offer the desired results.

10. Multifunctional Press Arms: This home gym has got multifunctional press arms that enable the users to have total body workout with precision.

11. Other Features: 
a. Play Music: This fitness equipment doesn’t support a port for the music system.

b. Leg Developer and Row/Curl Handle: The leg developer helps to focus on lower body workout, and with the help of foam roller pads the users can engage in the workout effectively. The provision of a removable curl pad further adds to the convenience of the users as they can perform isolated exercises of biceps with ease.

Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym Home Gym Workout Programs

1. Goal Tracking: The Marcy home gym is a multifunctional home gym that is equipped to provide the benefit of total body workout. The users can choose from available workout options and determine their fitness goals. It allows them to achieve the fitness goals and keep on bringing variation in their workout.

2. Multiple cable/pulley positions for custom workouts: This home gym is equipped with high and low pulleys that allow for the upper and lower body workout. Also, the users can customize their workout using the cables that help to choose the weight stack precisely and enhance their total body fitness.

3. No. of Exercises: 30+ exercises is incorporated into this fitness equipment for having the desired results.

4. A lot of Other Exercises: The Marcy home gym is a total fitness solution to the users who intend to have full body workout. So, they can have exercises for strengthening chest, back, abs, shoulders, upper triceps, bench curls, total leg workout and lot more.

Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym Warranty

The Marcy home gym comes from the reputed brand that offers best home gym equipment having a credible performance at cost-effective pricing. The Marcy brand offers a two-year warranty on the frame that is comparatively less than the warranty as provided by other brands.

But, as the users have no complaints regarding its working, so they can rely on this fitness equipment for optimal performance.

Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym Pros & Cons


  • Versatile fitness equipment offering total body workout
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for high-end performance
  • Highly cost-effective equipment at less than $500
  • Provision of dual action press arms, padded press arm, leg developer.
  • Provision of weight stack allows for comfortable resistance training.
  • The availability of adjustable curl pad that can be removed easily adds to the convenience of the users.
  • 30+ versatile exercise options
  • Can support 300 Ibs weight capacity
  • Comes packed with unique safety lock
  • Padded seat with a comfortable backrest


  • The weight stack of 150 Ibs is quite limited for advanced users.
  • This home gym is not suitable for people who are taller than six feet as they won’t be able to exercise in full motion especially the leg workout.
  • No provision of leg press workout.
  • The seat is not adjustable


The Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym is rated among the best portable home gyms that are highly result-oriented and aim to provide total body workout. This home gym offers impressive features, compact design and quality performance considering its pricing range that makes it the best home gym under $500.

If you intend to buy a higher end home gym that offers a comprehensive workout solution with upgradable resistance levels, then our suggestion would be to go for Bowflex Blaze Home Gym that is available at less than $1000. Its resistance levels can be upgraded from 210 Ibs to 310 and 410 Ibs.

But, if you prefer to buy an entry-level home gym that offers variable workout options with the added feature of functionality, then Marcy 150 Ib Stack Home Gym is best to buy equipment for the year 2020. Its customized features add to its functionality for having excellent fitness results.