Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review

We lead lives in a hurry and are busy most of the time running around the office jobs or the household chores, or even running errands. In such kind of hectic routines, it gets very difficult to go to a fitness center to exercise or follow a daily fitness regime. I know all that equipment like that in the gym can be like paying a lifetime of hard-earned money. But, you don’t have to pay all that fortune because all you need is the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym.

You can have your gym at your time with this superb Bowflex home gym. If you like working out in the morning before leaving for work or after you are back, you free with the home gym. You can workout at any time according to your convenience and not your instructor’s.

I know all that equipment like that in the gym can be like paying a lifetime of hard-earned money. But, you don’t have to pay all that fortune because all you need is the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym. It is a more practical and entry level crossbow. This machine, like every other Bowflex machine, is very affordable. For the first time, it might sound unreasonably expensive, but you can take it from me that once you invest in this machine, it won’t take long before you can’t live without it. It allows you to work on every single muscle in your body, plus also helps you save on that gym membership and gas.


I will about talk the advantages of using a home gym like the Bowflex PR1000. Most important and the main reason you should buy a home gym is the fact that it will provide you with a very effective workout and that too, from the convenience of your house. You can easily meet your fitness desires and tone your muscles using this crossbow that will also help in strengthening your muscles.

It offers you 30 exercises! 30 is a lot of variety for one person if you ask me.

With the help of this crossbow, you can strengthen your muscles of your arms, chest, back, shoulders, abs or lower body. When you regularly exercise on Bowflex PR1000, you will realize that your cardiovascular system has also improved.

Power Rod technology

These rods do more than just adjusting the resistance and the range of motion of crossbow. They provide you with strength training. The power rod technology makes your muscles work hard as hard as you want them to. It is almost similar to working with dumbbells and barbells.


  • Bowflex PR 1000 allows you to do 30-plus exercises.
  • Sliding Seat Rail offers aerobic rowing training option.
  • Multi-purpose hand grip and ankle cuffs giving you flexibility and performance.
  • Workout placard that allows you to know the type of exercise you are performing.
  • Folds easily and therefore has a convenient storage.
  • Maximum user weight is 300 lbs.

Other than these features, Bowflex PR 1000 is made up of advanced sheath and is tested several times before it enters the market to ensure durability and quality.

This Bowflex home gym can be used by people who are new in the world of exercise. You don’t need to start right away with higher resistance levels. You can start from a small resistance like 5 pounds and then eventually increase you muscle strength. This is possible by just hooking and unhooking the right rods of the cable pulley system so that you can increase and decrease the weight. You do not need to worry as these bars come well labeled, making it easier for you to change them.

If you ask me, I will have to say that it is an affordable model, especially when I think about the money that is being saved. It is true value for money.

Customer Reviews

Bowflex isn’t a difficult equipment to assemble. For that matter, maximum reviews say that it took less than 2 hours for the users to collect it correctly. A helping hand will piously prove more beneficial to you while assembling it. It measures 81” tall, 84” long and 38” wide.


According to my research, users have only faced problems with its resistance level, as it is 210 pounds which aren’t satisfactory for bodybuilders. Therefore, it attracts only casual fitness junkies. This might lead to losing some of the hardcore gym users who love to workout out in tough challenges. Though, users do have the added advantage of using different forms of exercises rather than sticking to just one routine.

Another issue that has lately been coming up is the lack of DVD with instructions on it. Though there are many models that provide this feature, those models do not offer you the variation in workouts.


In the industries of present times, it is very difficult to find an affordable gym machine that will not only offer you an effective workout but also the ease of use. PR 1000 outshines itself because of various features it has to offer along with the price. It is a great home gym equipment to possess and will give you the kind of workout that you have always wanted.

This Bowflex machine is great in its features and also gives you many benefits of owning it.  I completely recommend it as there are hardly any drawbacks that are associated with it. So go for it and enjoy your working out sessions!