Bodyweight Home Gyms Review

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Bodyweight Home Gyms Review

It is a common myth in the fitness world that everyone who wants to get a good body must work out with weights. But, we will make it clear for you. All you need is your body. It can help you get into any shape that you desire to be in. Body weight training can be as helpful as training with weights. In fact, with the accessibility you have with your body we could even say that it is better to workout with your body than working with weights.

Using the whole body is not as easy as it sounds as you may need to do many things to ensure that you are working out in the proper way to ensure maximum effectiveness. Power Rod systems fall amongst the reputed brands for the people who would want the proper tools for body weight training.

Top 3 Bodyweight Home Gym 2021


A bodyweight home gym is an ultimate solution for those who desire to use their body to exercise. It is just a simple device with a tilted workout bench that would enable you to use your body weight in resistance training. It is composed of pulley and bars that can be used to adjust the resistance or percentage of your body weight you would like to work out with. The more the angle of the body the better the resistance of the training will be.

Since gravity is utilized for workouts, the bodyweight home gyms are also known as gravity gyms. The accessories that come along with these bodyweight gyms are the primary difference you could see in the ones made by different brands. They also come with different settings.

What Are The Benefits Of Bodyweight Training?

The best gravity gyms can assist you in losing body weight and help you in getting a perfectly crafted body. The good thing about bodyweight training is that it will equip your body to get strong enough to support yourself. These are less impactful on the body than weights. Moreover, you only need the bench and not the weights since you have your body always with for providing resistance.

We can easily suggest best home gyms under $1500 as a piece of good equipment for the people who are planning to do strength training in the comfort of their homes.

1. They are versatile: With your body being your good companion all you need is simple equipment to do a full body workout.

2. They are effective: The best portable home gym comes integrated with a good cable system. These can be helpful for muscle-specific exercises improving the chance of muscle development.

3. They are space efficient: Bodyweight home gyms usually take up a very little space in your home. Their size changes with different brands but are quite small. There is a big variety for you to choose from. You can even go higher and choose amongst the best home gyms over $2000. On the other hand, you can stick to an average home gym as well. Don’t devalue bodyweight training to just strength building.

These benches are suitable for people with all different kinds of fitness goals and budgets. If you know what you need to get in the market, then you will be surprised by the options available but we now know that’s not the case for most of the people so just follow our bodyweight home gyms review 2021.

Why is Bodyweight Training Effective?

People consider body weight training to be a child’s play but once you start doing it and start reaping the benefits you will know how useful it can be. They are popularly used for strength building but that isn’t the end of the story. They are very effective in improving your body balance and flexibility. With the resistance given by your body weight, the best gravity gyms can give you a full-blown workout.

Since you don’t require the assistance of a machine or weights it will be comparatively easier, to begin with. You may not know this but the exercises you value a lot are mostly body weight exercises. Pull ups, push ups, sit ups are some of the most popular ones you do.

They are the basic ones there are many more exercises you can do to make your body fit. You might have already assumed this, but the bodyweight training has a lot more benefits over the conventional workout methods done using the common gym equipment.

1. Even for the people who are tight on budget and cannot bear the expense of a costly gym and equipment, bodyweight training will be beneficial. They can go for the home gyms that are categorized to be the best home gyms under $1000.

2. The accessories used in bodyweight training are only aimed at helping you and they are not a necessity for most of the exercise.

3. From what we have found Power Systems provide many accessories to make your bodyweight training better. They have bars, benches and different other accessories which you can use for body weight training.

4. The body is used the most in body weight training so, in addition to building core body strength, you are making your body totally flexible to keep up with different positions. The intensity of the training can easily be increased by increasing the reps and changing the angle of exercises.

Are the Bodyweight Home Gyms right for me?

1. Cost Effective: The primary reason for the popularity of the best gravity gyms is their relatively low cost compared to many other machines.

2. Not Many Accessories are required: You don’t need to buy many accessories and you obviously don’t need to get any weights so cutting down the cost is an easy task with the best home gyms under $500.

3. User-friendly: It is very simple to use and understand. Even the name bodyweight gym is self-explanatory stating that you use your body to train. The resistance you get is for your body weight.

Body weight training may not be invited as a good point in fitness training by a lot of people. This is caused by a misconception that we actually need dumbbells and other costly machines to build body muscles. We grew up hearing all these so we neglect the simple and the one already there with us, our body. A lot of people lack space in their apartment and are in need of a lot of cash to build a good home gym even then they stay reluctant to try out body weight training. But once you get into it, you will thank yourself.

With their lower price tag and great benefits, power rod home gyms or gravity gyms will easily become your best workout companion. It will surely keep your wallet healthy. Do you doubt? We will prove it. With an investment in the best bodyweight gyms, you will save a ton of money. For example, take the exercise to push up which is praised by every trainer for being the best workout for bodybuilding. You don’t need a single machine to do this and it is a bodyweight training exercise too.

With proper learning and a good body weight home gym, all the body weight workouts can be done with perfect accuracy and you will get a well-built body. And it gets better when you don’t need to pay anyone for these. As we always say not all the equipment used in workouts are built the same. Each of them has specific functions and is targeted at different muscle groups in your body.

Some exercises will be focusing on cardio while some others will be focusing on your abdomen. But this may not be a big concern for the first time buyer. All you need to know about bodyweight gym is that they are good for cardio and for strengthening your body muscles. All these benefits can be reaped while not shelling out a lot of cash on them like you usually have to spend on the expensive gym equipment.

Weight stack home gyms are perfect for the people who are beginners in fitness training. From what we have seen and experienced, once you get the best bodyweight home gyms, it will change the whole way you do training. The people who benefitted from them have never left the gravity gyms. It proves the worth of an investment one could make with them.

With their simplicity, you can easily get to them and start working out without any fuss. We assume that you are new into fitness training so you would not need any kind of additional accessories with body weight gym. But what you will need is the best gravity gym for your home to help you build your core muscles and shape your body.


If you heard of the body weight gym for the first time, then you must be surprised now. Because all you would ever need to maintain your body health was always there with you. Your body weight is the perfect alternative to the costly weights you get in shops. With the best gravity gyms, you can utilize your body weight in a whole new level and get a good physique.

There are many variants available if you are interested in particular bodyweight training but for general users who are first-timers in bodybuilding, a basic home gym will be enough. You also need not buy additional accessories, therefore, reducing the cost of building your muscles to a bare minimum. Saving your gym fees is another advantage you get with them.

Please don’t jump into bodyweight training without proper learning so we would advise you to get trained by a qualified trainer in doing bodyweight training so that you can reap the benefits of your gravity gym without injuring your body. So, all you have to do now is get the best bodyweight home gyms 2021 and start working out to get your body in the proper shape.

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