BodyCraft Home Gyms Review

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BodyCraft Home Gyms Review

About the Brand

The brand BodyCraft was established in the year 1994 with the simple purpose of serving many people in achieving their wellness and fitness goals. The aim of the brand is to design fitness machines that not only offer safety and ergonomic design but also offer a variety of workouts for its users.

The machines designed by BodyCraft are affordable and motivate people to achieve their fitness goals. Every single fitness machine created by BodyCraft is designed to fulfill these goals.

BodyCraft is known for its high-end home gyms, treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, bikes, functional machines, jones machines, and multi-gyms that are designed and created using top-quality materials. BodyCraft also ensures that all its machines are built to last you a lifetime.

In addition to providing you the best quality, BodyCraft also gives a lifetime warranty on almost all its fitness equipment. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, BodyCraft is a brand that speaks of safety, design, variety, and affordability.

Why BodyCraft stands out among the best?

BodyCraft is known for the manufacturing of high-end fitness machines in the fitness industry. It is known for its innovative and ergonomic designs, be it in home gyms, ellipticals, bikes, etc. The machines are designed and created in a manner that ensures that they are strong, durable and can last you a lifetime.

BodyCraft has emerged as a fitness brand that creates and delivers high-end fitness machines that are suitable for both commercial as well as residential purposes. They simply are the best available in the industry due to their sleek designs, robust structures, amazing specifications, excellent warranties, top-quality engineering and many more!

The cherry on the top is the technology that it includes in every single piece of equipment! And as though this was not enough, the brand offers a lifetime warranty on the machines!

Every single product from Bodycraft is inclusive of a unique and creative console that has a variety of multiple programs on it. This combines with the technology of magnetic resistance is what makes every product attractive.

The brand focuses on customer satisfaction and this is the reason behind its success and popularity. They create machines that are easy to use and are affordable. These machines can be used by beginners, intermediates, athletes, and professionals.

BodyCraft Home Gyms

With an experience of over 2 decades in the fitness industry, BodyCraft is quite popular for its innovative and creative Home Gym designs. They have been a leader in this category for more than 20 years. The home gyms designed by BodyCraft include three main aspects which form the foundation of the brand.

  • They design and manufacture fitness machines for their consumers using the best of materials.
  • They make sure that each and every machine meets a wide range of goals.
  • They offer their fitness machines it to their consumers at quite an affordable price.

BodyCraft has a wide range of home gyms and the consumer can select the one that matches their budget and requirements.

Bodycraft Home Gyms include Xpress Pro, the Galena Pro, the K Series (K1 and K2) of home gyms, the X series (X2 and X4) home gyms, the Family Express etc. A majority of all the home gyms of Bodycraft include all the necessary equipment required to work on all the major muscle areas – the back, the legs, arms, and the abdomen.

BodyCraft Home Gyms have been listed below:

The BodyCraft Elite Strength System

The BodyCraft Elite Strength System is one of the premier home gyms offered by the company. It offers more than 100 exercises ranging from Traditional Strength Training, Sports Specific, Core Training, Functional Training, and Rehabilitation exercises.

It is the only home gym that offers seated as well as standing leg curls. It includes the exclusive Active Balance System (ABS) of BodyCraft. It costs over $3500 and is one of the best home gyms under $5000 available in the market.

The BodyCraft XPress Pro Strength System

The BodyCraft XPress Pro Strength System is known for its innovative design and was the first home gym to incorporate the adjustable cable arms. This led to an increase in the number of exercises that could be performed, inclusive of Dumbbell Training, Core Training, Functional Training, Sports Specific Training and Rehabilitation exercises. This machine is available under $3000.

The BodyCraft GXP Strength System

This home gym is the modern version of XPress Pro System. The space requirement for this machine has been reduced and it has a lot of aesthetic and biomechanic upgrades.

This system can be used numerous exercises – Traditional Strength Training, rehabilitation exercises, Functional Training, Sports Specific and Core Training. It is priced at over $3000.

The BodyCraft GL Strength System

The BodyCraft GL Strength System is one of the most affordable home gyms yet does not compromise on quality. It has quite a modern design, is a space-saving machine and gives you a complete body workout. This machine is available at approx $1700+.

The BodyCraft GLX Strength System

This home gym is a complete home gym that is compact and offers the most popular features of BodyCraft’s home gyms. It offers a lot of exercise options from Traditional exercises, Sports specific, rehabilitation exercises, and core exercises. This home gym machine over $2000 and quite a good pick for the price.

The BodyCraft Galena Pro Strength System

The Galena Pro is the best-selling home gym of BodyCraft. It offers exercises that strengthen every muscle group in the body in minimal time. It is the only single-stack home gym from BodyCraft with two seats as well as the patented dual-function pec dec. This is one of the best home gyms available under $2000.

The BodyCraft X2 Strength System

The BodyCraft X2 home gym is a multi-stack gym suitable for either families or commercial use. It can accommodate multiple users. It is ideal for corporate gyms, clubhouses, hotels, etc. This machine is on the expensive side and costs approximately $4400.

The BodyCraft X4 Strength System

The BodyCraft X4 Strength System is a Four Weight Stack System home gym and can accommodate about four users simultaneously. It is ideal for light commercial use and is perfect for fire stations, clubhouses, hotels, as well as corporate gyms. This machine is huge and costs over $6000.

BodyCraft Strata Home Gym

The Bodycraft Strata home gym is a good fitness machine if you want to tone your body and work on various muscle groups. It allows the user to work on every single part of the body. It is ideal for commercial or residential use.

BodyCraft Functional Trainers

The BodyCraft PFT Functional Trainer

This Functional trainer allows you to work out naturally. The BodyCraft PFT Functional Trainer lets you train based on your path of motion, thereby strengthening each and every part of your body. It improves balance and coordination and enhances core strength. It is a compact and space-efficient machine. This home gym will cost you about $3100 approx.

The BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer

The BodyCraft HFT home gym has an independent cable column that can be adjusted and let you train on your path of motion. It enhances your coordination, balance, improves your core and strengthens the body as a whole.

It offers about 70+ different exercises. It is a compact and space-saver machine. This home gym is around $2100 and is quite a good pick for the price.

The BodyCraft CFT Functional Trainer

The BodyCraft CFT Functional Trainer is quite compact and gives its users complete body training. Be it Strength Training, Speed Training, Sports Specific, or just a motion you execute at work or leisure activities, this machine lets you train the way you move.

It strengthens every part of the body, enhances the core, coordination as well as balance. It is quite an affordable trainer at a price of less than $1500.

BodyCraft K-Series Home Gyms

BodyCraft K1 Home Gym

Bodycraft K1 home gym is a premier design created by BodyCraft. This machine ensures that the user gets a powerful workout which is similar to that in a gym. It offers a wide range of weight training workouts. It is priced at over $2500.

BodyCraft K2 Home Gym

The Bodycraft K2 home gym is among the best home gyms 2021 and is very reasonably priced. It gives you a complete body workout and comes with two workout stations.

BodyCraft Jones Series

Jones Platinum

The Jones Platinum with a Full Body Trainer Attachment has been created to flow in sync with the real movement of the body. This machine follows your body’s movements. It is one of the most extensive body strengthening machine created by BodyCraft. It retails for about $3000.

Jones Freedom

The Jones Freedom comes with the registered barbell motion of BodyCraft and gives the user a wide variety of exercises. The Jones Freedom moves vertically as well as horizontally, thereby not restricting the user-defined motion! This machine retails at about $1700.

Jones Light Commercial

This machine comes with the 3-D barbell motion of BodyCraft that gives you a huge variety of exercises. The Jones Club machines move vertically and horizontally as well and give you a user-defined motion that is natural. This allows you to execute all free-weight exercises. It retails at a price of $2500.

Pros and Cons of BodyCraft Home Gyms


  • BodyCraft has been a leader in home gyms for 20 years
  • The home gyms are made of steel and are quite durable and sturdy
  • Most of the gyms are affordable
  • The home gyms are compact and space-efficient except for a couple of them
  • All the gyms offer numerous exercise options to choose from
  • The machines are available in different price ranges i.e. from $1000 to $6000
  • Excellent warranty is offered on all the home gyms
  • The seats and backrests of the home gyms are adjustable and made of good quality upholstery
  • The machines focus on strengthening the body as a whole
  • Exercise charts are included in most of the home gyms


  • The assembly process of most of the gyms are tough
  • The home gyms are quite heavy and moving them around once assembled is tough
  • The tools required for assembly are not included
  • Some machines can be expensive and not very budget-friendly


If you are on the lookout for a home gym that is either for your house or commercial gym or clubhouse, etc.then BodyCraft is the ultimate destination to find the best home gym. BodyCraft has been a leader in this segment for the past 20 years, and this is enough proof of the quality it offers.

The machines are designed and constructed out of high-quality steel, corrosion resistant, rust-free and quite compact. If you are looking for a machine that can support multiple users, BodyCraft offers its Galena Pro and X4 Strength System. The barbells from the Jones range of fitness machines are excellent for those who wish to focus on user-defined motion.

BodyCraft offers a home gym for everybody as the price range varies from $1000 to $6000. Based on your requirements, you can select the perfect home gym for you.

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