Bodycraft HFT Body Trainer Review

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Bodycraft HFT Body Trainer Review

When it comes to the home gyms, there are a vast array of home gyms from the leading brands like Bowflex, Precor etc. Bodycraft is one of them. The home gym choices are no doubt available in the form of other better options.

But the features and technology that you will find on Bodycraft HFT home gym are far superior and sophisticated than others high-end home gyms. For those who are planning their home gym, as they can’t devote their valuable time and money in the unnecessary gym memberships.

This trainer could be the ideal piece of kit for you and your entire family. It is endlessly variable in terms of resistance as well as exercise options. The key features on this machine includes mounted book describing over 70 exercises.

Variety of accessories including (attached exercise book, DVD, long Bar with ball bearing ends, sport stick with bearings, triceps Rope, ankle cuff, 2 chain, and integrated multi-grip chin Bar), 2:1 cable ratio and an excellent framework with lifetime coverage. It is one of the best deals from the brand like Bodycraft and truly worth your investment.

Best Suited for Whom?

It is a multi-functional trainer that targets each body muscle be it legs or arms, core or cardio with equal intensity. It effectively caters to the demand of every residential as well as a commercial gym trainer.

The variability concerning exercise options is extremely good for family members. So overall it is a right home gym equipment to invest your money into.

Bodycraft HFT Home Gym Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The home gymequipment lacks assembly. But all the major parts and components come attached in advance by the manufacturer. You just need to assemble all such pieces into a perfect home gym carefully.

You may get access to some online video tutorials or brochures. The valuable instructions and tricks will help you get the machine assembled within no time.

Design and Build Quality

While investing in any fitness device be it a treadmill, indoor cycle or the large home gym, your priority should always be its design and build quality. A good build and quality automatically enhance the shelf life of a device.

The Bodycraft Home Gym is designed well to provide you with a durable piece of home equipment requiring little maintenance and care. It has a robust and stable framework with the platinum grey and textured black powder coated to provide it with a very sleek and gentle look.

Elegant laser cut plates and chrome uprights are other key features that add icing on the cake. The hard and stable build hat will keep you balanced in any position. It also has a 400 lb weight limit.With dimensions of around 56″ x 40″ x  82″, 150 lb weight stacks and 7″ X 19″ cable strand, it is the most potent home gym.

Bodycraft HFT Home Gym Features

Guide rods

The guide rods are chrome plated and measure 1″ in diameter. It is made up of high-quality tubular steel. It adds to the longevity of the device.

Cable Crossovers

The cables travel 79.5″ inches. They are variably adjustable. It is made of flexible nylon. Each strand measures 7″ X 19″. The cable has a tensile strength of approximately 2000 lbs.

Adjustable seat

The seat is adjustable from flat to incline- 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 85 degrees. Thus, providing you with a smooth and comfortable workout.

Body weight capacity

The machine is stable enough to hold a maximum weight capacity up to 450 lbs. Thus, suiting to both gyms as well as residential purposes.


The assembly folds well into small places. This call for easy storage and usage.


Each 150 lb weight stack provides up to a total of 75 lbs. Resistance allows for incredibly smooth action.


3.5″ in diameter, nylon pulleys offer 31 height positions with 180-degree rotation. It makes your pulley fully adjustable.

Bodycraft HFT Home Gym Workout Programs

The Bodycraft HFT cable-based functional trainer offers a range of strengthening exercises to develop every major muscle group in your body.Whether your goal is body toning or any muscle strengthening, the Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer will be your perfect partner in crime.

It offers a mounted book describing over 70 different exercise to work on abs, legs, core and arms. Adjust the pulley and cable length, and you can get access to different squatting or cardio workouts as per your convenience.

BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer will allow you get desired body shape and strength through multiple exercises like –
Core twist
Reverse crunch
Abs Crunch
Squat press
Chest press
Low fly
Incline fly
Rear delt
Reverse fly
And much more.

BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer aims at improved strength, stamina, coordination and stability.The BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer features ergonomically designed pulleys, variable resistance and interchangeable cables designed to let the various routines go easy on your body.

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer Warranty

The HFT Functional home gym comes with extended warranties. It has a lifetime warranty on parts and frame for residential use. This feature makes it the bestselling home gym backed by such a leading brand. Limited warranty for commercial use includes a two-year warranty on parts and ten-year warranty on the frame. The company will not take the claim of the product after that.

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer Pros and Cons


  • Mounted book showing over 80 different exercises
  • It can handle a user weight up to 400 lbs
  • Cost effective as it measures around $2000 only.
  • Adjustable cables and pulleys
  • Sturdy build backed by exclusive warranties


  • Lack of assembly


Choosing the right piece of exercise equipment is an essential investment in your family’s health and should be taken seriously. The Bodycraft HFT Home Gym is an excellent choice for someone looking for a big brand.

Tons of exercise options and amazing accessories will fetch you full value for your money.The BodyCraft HFT is a functional trainer which is fully equipped with 2x 150 lbs cast iron weight stacks and a heavy-duty frame. The gym comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar and other 31 adjustment positions that can be done with mobile pulleys.

Bodycraft HFT Home Gym is available just under 2000 dollars, thus gives you a cost-effective whole body workout option.