BodyCraft GLX Strength Training System Home Gym Review

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BodyCraft GLX Strength Training System Home Gym Review

The BodyCraft GLX Strength System is a very popular Home Gym from BodyCraft. BodyCraft is a brand that never compromises in terms of quality. This home gym has been designed in a way to save on space.

It is a compact gym and is ideal for your home or commercial gym. It offers a wide range of exercises, be it, Traditional Strength Training, Core Training, Functional Training, Sports Specific as well as Rehabilitation exercises.

The home gym is easy to use and has a very modern design. It is one of the best-rated home gyms under the price tag of $5000. Read through our BodyCraft GLX Strength System Review 2021 to know all about this powerhouse!

Best Suited for Whom?

The BodyCraft GLX Strength System is suitable for those who want traditional strength training for their bodies. It is also good for those want to focus on their core. Those into sports and athletics can opt for this home gym.

It is also good for functional training and rehabilitation exercises. If you want to focus on a total body workout at your home, then this is the best buy! Check out some of the home gyms that feature in our list of best home gyms 2021.

BodyCraft GLX Strength System Home Gym Assembly, Design and Build Quality


Just like many other strength training systems that are pulley-based, the BodyCraft GXP home gym isn’t quite easy to assemble. Firstly it arrives totally disassembled and in many boxes, a few of them are very heavy.

Hence it is recommended to have at least two people to transport, unbox and assemble the machine. The assembly process will require a few hours. Though tedious, there is a manual included that gives you step-by-step instructions and schematics.

Once it has been assembled, it does not need a lot of maintenance. The weight stack rods and pulleys might need regular lubrication. Also, it is advised to inspect for loose bolts or parts periodically and re-tighten or replace them to avoid accidents.

Design and Build Quality

The BodyCraft GXP Strength system has a frame that is constructed using a heavy-duty steel frame that is made up of steel tubing of 3.25″ x 1.75″. Many of the steel parts used have been coated with a chip-resistant and rust-resistant paint finish.

The standard color of this machine is platinum gray, except the lat bar and weight stack guide rods that are chrome-plated. The machine when fully-assembled with its weight stack is very heavy.

The shipping weight as specified is around 580 lbs and the weight of the machine only adds to its stability. Hence the base bars do not come with anchor points. Once assembled, it is smaller in contrast to the Xpress Pro model.

The dimensions of this machine are 65.25″ (166 cm) long and 56″ (142 cm) wide. In case you purchase the optional leg press attachment, the width of the machine will be about 82.75″ (210 cm), because the press is to be fixed on the side. The height of the unit is about 81.75″ (208 cm), which helps it fit into a room having a 7′ ceiling.

The BodyCraft GXP Strength System has 30 pulleys that are made up of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and have sealed bearings integrated, in order to give you a smooth motion. The cables are steel ropes that are nylon coated and lubricated.

The machine also has a seat and backrest that are fully adjustable. The seat comes with a lever-based adjustment that has an integrated spring, thereby ensuring you can adjust the height easily while you are seated. The backrest comes with a 7-position adjuster.

Both the seat as well as the backrest have a dual-density foam padding. Their upholstery is created out of strong vinyl material, is double-stitched and is sweatproof. The machine has 3 sets of foam rollers.

The front area of this bodyweight home gym acts as a footstep plate that has a non-slip surface and supports the user for stand-up rows or stand-up exercises or low pulley.

The home gym comes with many accessories – standard lat pulldown bar that has curved grips, a short bar that has an extension chain, 2 D-Handles that have to be fixed to the adjustable arms on the side, an ankle cuff, and a bottle holder along with a bottle.

BodyCraft GLX Strength Training System Home Gym Features


The BodyCraft GLX Strength System is quite heavy and is constructed out of gauge steel tubing.


The machine has a powder-coated finish that is platinum gray.


The pulleys are having a 3.5” and 4.5″ diameter. They are nylon pulleys impregnated with fiberglass and with sealed ball bearings.


The seat and backrest have upholstery that is a double stitched vinyl covering of about 2″ thick. It also has a high-density foam that is contoured to give the user comfortable Lumbar support.

Sealed, internally lubricated bearings

These give the user an exceptionally smooth performance.

Press and Row Station

This station has an adjustable starting point. It allows users of different sizes to use the gym and gives them a wide variety of exercises like Shoulder press, Bench Press, Incline Press, and Mid Row.

The seat and backrest are adjustable. The Back pad tilts in order to give the user full support when they perform incline or shoulder presses.

Cable Station with adjustable arms

This workstation gives the user a wide range of exercises inclusive of Functional Training, Core Training, Sports Specific Training, as well as workouts that simulate Dumbbell Training.

Different workstations

It has an Ab Crunch Station that focuses on abdominal training. It also has a Low Pulley Station along with a footplate to perform Low Rows, Abductor, Adductor Leg Kicks, Upright rows, Arm Curls, etc.

There is a High Pulley Station that allows you to do Lat pull Downs as well as Triceps Push Downs. It also has a Curl and Leg Extension Station that gives you a seated Leg Extension as well as a Standing Leg Curl.


The machine has a space-saving design. It can be placed against a wall. However, it cannot be folded.

Weight Stack

It has a weight stack of about 150 lbs. with each plate weighing 10 lbs. The plates are precision milled cast steel having nylon bushings to ensure smooth operation. You can upgrade it to 200 pounds.

Weight Stack Enclosures

These steel weight stack enclosures enhance the appearance and also provide safety.

Guide Rods

The guide power rods for home gym are made of tubular steel and are chrome-plated.


The accessories included with this home gym are 2 single handles, a Lat Pull Bar, a Row or Curl Bar, an Ankle Strap, an Ab Strap, a Workout DVD, and a Workout Book.

BodyCraft GLX Strength System Home Gym Workout Programs

A lot of workouts related to strength training ranging from Traditional Strength Training to Functional Training, from Sports Specific training to Core Training as well as Rehabilitation exercises are provided by the brand BodyCraft GLX Strength System. It offers the following workstations which work on specific areas of the body:

(i) Bench Press or Row Station – The user can perform bench press, shoulder press, incline press and mid-row with the help of this workstation. The seat, as well as the back pad, can be adjusted. While performing the shoulder and incline press, the back pad tilts in order to provide maximum support.

(ii) Leg Press Calf Raise – It offers a resistance of up to 400lbs. It helps you to develop on your legs and calves.

(iii) Low Pulley Station – This station comes with a footplate and it lets users perform Low Rows, Abductor, Arm Curls, Adductor Leg Kicks, Upright rows and many more workouts.

(iv) High Pulley Station: This station lets the user perform Triceps Push Downs and Lat pull Downs.

(v) Ab Crunch Mid Pulley: This is perfect for Core training.

(vi) Cable Arm Station: It can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. It lets the user perform an array of exercises such as Core Training, Functional Training, Sports Specific Training as well as workouts that imitate Dumbbell Training

(vii) Leg Extension and Curl Station – This station lets the users perform Seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curl.

BodyCraft GLX Strength Training System Home Gym Warranty

Residential Warranty: The BodyCraft GLX Strength System has been built to last you a lifetime, hence, every single part of the GL home gym is guaranteed for a lifetime. Any defect will either be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

The warranty is applicable to the original owner only and only for in-home use. The warranty will not cover any regular wear and tear.

For Light Commercial use: the manufacturer offers a warranty of ten years on the frame and two years on parts.

BodyCraft GLX Strength System Home Gym Pros and Cons


  • The frame is Heavy-duty and lasts for a lifetime
  • The machine has a professional and modern design
  • The seat and backrest are adjustable
  • The upholstery is quite durable and has thick, dual padding
  • There are 6 workout stations
  • There are 4″ thick rollers for the machine’s leg developer
  • The lateral pulley arms can be adjusted in 11 ways
  • The nylon pulleys are made of heavy-duty fiberglass
  • Many accessories included to facilitate more excercises
  • The weight plates are made of steel and are highly durable
  • There are more than 50 exercises
  • Little maintenance is required
  • Excellent warranty offered


  • It is expensive
  • It cannot be folded
  • Assembly process is tough
  • Tools for assembling the machine are not included


The BodyCraft GXP Strength System is one of the heavy-duty home gyms that features 6 different workout stations, inclusive of an arm press that is adjustable as well as sidearms that can be adjusted. Both the seat and backrest can be adjusted and are very comfortable due to the additional thick foam padding.

The unit is well-equipped with a weight stack of 150 lbs that can be upgraded to 200 lbs. They are made using cast iron weight plates that will last you for life. It gives you a weight ratio of 1:1 for a majority of its workstations.

The arm press comes with a double-up feature that offers a weight ratio of 1:2 that has a weight resistance of about 400 lbs. In short, the BodyCraft GLX Strength System is an excellent strength training system and is great for all kinds of users of different fitness levels and is worth the price!