Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Review

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Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Review

The Body-Solid GLGS100 Home Gym is a home gym or workout station which is plate-loaded and self-standing. It lets its users perform a majority of the free weight kind of workouts and ensures you work on all parts of your body with heavy weights.

This home gym is quite compact and has a design that saves space. It can be used both at home as well as a fitness studio. The machine comes with 5 workout stations as well as a selectorized weight stack of 160-pounds.

You can perform a variety of workouts like squats, deadlifts, bicep curls etc. The squat station or the press arm station can withstand numerous movements. For curls as well as multiple row exercises, you can make use of the pulley station.

Check out our Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym 2021 review to learn more about the features and benefits of using this home gym. This home gym also comes with hook-on rings which let you add some resistance tubes or lifting bands and the like.

A gloss red finish makes this machine very attractive. Overall, it is a very strong, durable, safe and stable fitness machine.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Body-Solid GLGS100 Home Gym is a home gym that falls in the affordable segment. If you are looking for a home gym to stay fit, but are a little tight on the budget, then this one’s for you. It is best-suited for small spaces like apartments or small houses.

The Body-Solid GLGS100 Home Gym is a good option for gyms, police, schools, military, studios, fire, and many other commercial as well as vertical market applications. This home gym is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to get the latest exercise trends right in the home. You can also combine the GFID100 bench and broaden the workout options.

So if you are someone who wants a compact machine, you must check out this body solid free weight gym.

Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Assembly is simple but will need some time. The assembling will have a lot of bolts, nuts, and washers to be fixed, so ensure you have a wrench that is good enough.

The package comes with the Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Manual and every part is packed in a way to coincide with the steps mentioned in the manual. The frame can be heavy, however, the assembly process does not need many people.

If you are patient enough to follow all the instructions well, the process would require about six hours.

Design and Build Quality

The Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym is constructed out of solid steel which has a 3″ – 4″ tubular design. Once the machine is assembled, it weighs around 150 pounds. The construction along with the design of this home gym makes it a strong, solid, stable, and safe machine that can handle a large number of free weights.

The dimensions of this machine are 83″ height x 67″ width x 69″ length. The machine is fairly compact and will fit in most any room. The machine is rated to handle up to 600 lbs of weight. The mainframe is built using high tensile steel of 10 and 11 gauge and is welded from four sides.

The powder coat finish applied on this home gym makes it scratch-proof, and free from chipping and scrapes. Check out some of the home gyms that fall in our list of best home gyms 2021.

The pulleys of this home gym are quite solid and of top quality. The machine offers a good resistance for both movements – positive as well as negative portions.

Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Features

Adjustable Seat

This home gym does not offer any seat. If you require one, you need to purchase one at an additional cost. When you remove the bench, the home gym has a very upright configuration

Pulldown Bar

The home gym has a pulldown bar which makes sure that while working out you maintain the right arm posture throughout. This makes your workouts more comfortable.

Body Weight Capacity

The Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym can withstand around 600 pounds of weight. It is quite stable and the user need not worry about performing some strenuous exercises.

Safety Measures

The machine comes with safety guards located at every single station in order to avoid pinning under heavy weight.


The Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym is not foldable. However, it is quite compact as well as functional. Its dimensions are 69’’ X 67’’ X 83’’; it has no bench and this helps in saving some space. You can workout while standing.

Lat bar

The lat bar lets you do all types of pulldown movements inclusive of lat pull downs as well as triceps presses.

Press bar

The press bar weighs around 25 pounds to 30 pounds before you add any weight. It lets you do many pressing workouts such as decline, incline, and flat bench press, shrugs and military presses.

In order to perform the thigh squats, you just have to fix the squat bar. The press bar can be put in the highest position thereby allowing you to do body-weight chin ups.

Low cable

The low cable lets you do workouts such as one arm or two-arm cable curls as well as the seated cable row.

DuraFirm pads

These provide a lot of comfort and stability during intense workout sessions.


The Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym also has a foot plate, leg developer, row/curl handle.

Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Workout Programs

The Body solid GLGS100 Home Gym is a great machine to work on your arms, shoulder muscles as well as your back. You can perform a wide range of exercises such as standing biceps curls, tricep extensions, upright rows, etc. You can also perform a variety of exercises using the low pulley station.

The machine has a Chin Up station that offers multiple grips. With the help of this machine, you can work on every single muscle group. The machine’s press arm station has a radius that permits a straight up and down motion. You can raise the machine’s press arm bar to its highest point.

The machine has a knee raise that can be adjusted and this ensures the lat pulldowns are more comfortable. You can also make use of the low pulley station to perform many row exercises as well as curls.

With this Body Solid home gym, you can build your arms as well as a chest with the assistance of the Press station. It is an excellent equipment that provides a complete body workout.

Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Exercises

The Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym gives its users more than 40 different exercises via its three distinct workout stations. You can perform some of the best home gym chest exercises on this equipment. All you need to do is load the plates and begin your workouts.

Users can use this machine to do inclines, flat bench presses, declines, pec flys, preacher curls, lat pull downs, calf raises, squats, and many other exercises. If you wish to know more about the workouts you can perform using this machine, have a look at the best home gym exercises.

Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Warranty

The manufacturer Body Solid offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds and 3 years on bushings, pulleys, Bearings, Plates, Hardware, and Guide Rods. A 1 year warranty is also offered on Cables, Upholstery, and Grips (Normal Wear). The Warranty, however, is applicable only to the original owner.

Body Solid GLGS100 Home Gym Pros and Cons


  • It has a sturdy, solid and durable frame
  • The design of this machine is quite attractive with its red gloss finish
  • The machine is compact and easy to store
  • It has 3 workout stations
  • The machine has DuraFirm pads which offer comfort
  • Space is available to store weight plates and accessories
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Lifetime warranty is offered on frame and parts


  • The bench has to be purchased separately at an additional cost
  • The machine might not be suitable for tall people or an advanced user
  • Sitting exercises are not possible unless the bench is purchased


The Body-Solid GLGS100 Home Gym is a good home gym that will help you perform a variety of free weight exercises. This is one of the best home gyms for small spaces. This machine lets you work on all parts of your body using heavyweights. If your main fitness goal includes building muscles, then the Body-Solid GLGS100 Home Gym will help you achieve it.

The machine is a well-constructed, strong and reliable. The gloss finish amps up the style quotient of this machine. It also offers different workout stations which lets you perform different exercises. Have a look at some of the best home gyms under $1000.

Though the machine is mainly purchased for standing exercises, if you purchase a bench, you will be able to do the sitting workouts as well. This home gym also has hooks which allows you to store accessories and weight plates – this is one of its best features. The machine is quite compact and a space saver. It is easy to maintain and easy to assemble.

The machine is quite stable and you need not worry about balance while you workout. You can perform intense workouts on a daily basis. Once you have this machine in your house, you need not visit the gym again! Irrespective of whether you wish to tone your body or build muscles, the Body-Solid GLGS100 Home Gym is the perfect choice for you!