Body Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym Review

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Body Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym Review

The Body Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym with a 210-Pound stack is a high-grade single stack home gym that is mainly designed for the home-users. It is rated among the top weight stack home gyms of the brand owing to its solid construction and remarkable performance.

Get an in-depth view of the Body Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym with a 210-Pound stack Review 2021 to know about the profound usage of this home gym from Body-Solid Brand for having exceptional results.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Body Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym is one of the best selling single weight stack gyms of the market that is termed as a personal home gym of the users. It proves to be an extremely effective home gym for users who require dedicated fitness equipment to engage in their preferred workout sessions.

The users who prefer to enjoy the versatile exercise sessions must opt for this home gym as it supports 60 exercise sessions. Also, if users intend to have a workout for the abdominal area, back, legs, arms, and shoulders.

Then using this stack home gym is a viable option for them. Thus, it is rated among the top-rated home gyms of the Body-Solid brand offering impressive results.

Body Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of this Body-Solid Home Gym requires time and help of another person to get the task done properly. The users can take the help of the manual of guidelines that are explicitly mentioned in the Body Solid Fusion manual.

As it is a massive machine, so the users have to keep their spirits high to assemble the machine entirely. But, if the user feels comfortable seeking professional help, then he has to bear the extra cost for it.

Design and Build Quality

The Body-Solid Fusion/F2  Home Gym is one of the premium quality single stack home gyms that is designed with the superior steel tubing for having the long-lasting performance. The home gym comes packed with the footprint measuring 72L x 48W x 83H inches.

It is a massive machine that weighs 655 Ibs and is sturdy enough to support rigorous workout sessions for different users. It is an aesthetically designed machine with curvy looks that makes it more appealing.

Also, the home support supports five inbuilt workout stations like adjustable arm station, lat pulldown station, press station, leg developer attachment, and low pulley station. The well-designed multi-press arms allow for having an accurate range of movement that makes workout result-oriented.

This machine is equipped with accessories like two pulling handles, lat bar, and ankle strap that adds to the variation in the workout sessions. It is designed using the premium upholstery with durafirm cushioning that makes the adjustable seat and backrest more comfortable.

Thus, it is acknowledged among the top-rated home weight stack gym that falls under the range of less than $3500.

Body-Solid Fusion/F2 Home Gym Features

Weight Stack Resistance

This Body-Solid brand home gym functions with weight stack resistance system that provides 210 Ibs of resistance. It is an ideal resistance level for the novice and intermediate level of users.

If your fitness goals require the use of less resistance, then buying the Body Solid G1S would be recommended as it provides 160Ibs of weight resistance with a compact footprint for productive use.

Adjustable Seat

This stack home gym is designed with an adjustable seat that is equipped with durafirm cushioning for amazing comfort. The backrest support is equally outstanding as both seat and backrest are adjustable and can easily accommodate the users of different height and weight proportions.


The resistance offered by this single stack Body Solid home gym is 210 Ibs. The Body Solid Fusion 500 vs. 600 comparisons clearly states that if you prefer to have an upgraded level of resistance with 310 Ibs, then buying the Body Solid Fusion 600 is a better option.

Bench Press

This home gym provides the bench press, incline and decline press to provide the best opportunities to the users.


This home gym doesn’t have the provision of folding arrangements as it is a massive machine, so it must be placed in a room where it has to be used to avoid unnecessary shifting.

If you want a foldable home gym then you may prefer Best Choice Products Adjustable Folding Fitness Barbell Rack and Weight Bench for Home Gym, Strength Training – Black

Body Weight Capacity

This home gym is constructed to provide the optimal workout sessions to users having different weight and height, thus offering excellent results even to the heavy users.

Safety Measures

The safety measures are followed strictly while designing the machine to assure optimal safety to the users.

Olympic Free-weight Rack

This home gym functions with 210 Ibs weight stack, and thus, no provision is offered for Olympic free weights.

Multifunctional Press Arms

The multifunctional press arms provides a comprehensive range of exercises to the users to have desired outcomes with a complete range of motion.

Other Features

a. Play music: The users don’t have access to the music port in this home gym.

b. Leg Developer and Row/Curl Handle: The provision of leg developer allows users to enjoy various workout sessions to have perfectly toned legs.

Body-Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym Workout Programs

1. Goal Tracking: This stack home gym is designed to offer total body fitness to the users. Thus, the users benefit from the five workout stations that include press station, leg developer attachment, adjustable arm station, lat pulldown station, low pulley station.

To have the desired outcomes. These workstations allow users to define a goal for themselves and work hard to achieve those goals.

2. Multiple cable/pulley positions for custom workouts: This home gym from Body-Solid operates with a weight stack system and is accessorized with various workout stations along with a low pulley.

It gets attached to the leg developer to have a variety of workout sessions. It allows users to engage in exercises like seated rows,  stand-up curls, stand-up rows, etc.

3. No. of Exercises: This home gym offers 60+ exercises that target the entire body for having the optimal fitness levels.

4. A lot of Other Exercises: The users can maximize their fitness levels by performing a vast variety of exercises that include incline press, decline press, shrugs, mid row, cable row, chest press, triceps extension, shoulder press and a lot more.

Body-Solid  Fusion F500/2  Home Gym Warranty

This Body-Solid home gym is well acclaimed in the fitness industry owing to its profound performance and impressive warranty.

The customers derive the benefit of a lifetime warranty coverage on all the parts of this fitness equipment be it the frame, upholstery, welds, pulleys, bearings,  bushings, guide rods, plates, grips, and cables. Thus, the customers can buy the home gym from the most reliable and trusted brand of the industry.

Body-Solid  Fusion F500/2  Home Gym Pros & Cons


  • Solid build quality
  • High-end performance
  • 60 exercise options
  • Ideal for strength training
  • Reliable warranty back up
  • Provision of five workout stations
  • Availability of adjustable seat with a comfortable backrest
  • Aesthetic designing
  • Provision of durafirm upholstery for long-lasting results
  • Provision of cast iron weight plates for durable performance
  • Less maintenance required
  • 210 Ibs of weight resistance


  • It is a high-end fitness equipment that falls under the range of less than $3500.
  • Assembling is a cumbersome task
  • A massive machine that requires dedicated space.


The Body-Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym is a perfect home gym for intense strength training that provides splendid performance. Even though it is costly fitness equipment but its build quality, various inbuilt workout stations and lifetime warranty make it the best buy weight stack home gym of the year.

If you consider buying a less expensive single stack home gym, then you can go for Body Solid Fusion 600 Home Gym that is a multi-station gym packed with compelling features at a range of less than $3000.

But, if your preference is to buy a complete gyming trainer at your home that offers lifetime performance, then purchasing the Body-Solid Fusion F500/2 Home Gym is recommended for your fitness goals.