Body Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym Review

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Body Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym Review

A gym inside your home! How does that idea sound to you? No more traveling around, no more spending extra 30 to 45 minutes driving to the gym and then returning. Time is an issue in this fast running modern world. Though, going to the gym is a great option but the added time it requires to get there and return is just difficult to manage sometimes with the busy work schedules that we have. But how much of gym equipment can you buy to get that gym ready at your place?

You do not need all those bodybuilding and weight lifting machines to get fit; rather all you require is the Body Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym. A home gym is added to this machine’s name as it provides you a complete body workout while sitting on a comfortable seat. It is transported everywhere; your address is all they need. The price can vary accordingly.

Perform Different Exercises

You can work on three different muscle sets of your body at the same time with the Body Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym like calves, thighs, and quads. This machine allows you to work on various parts of your body all at the same time, using different exercises. It is a great feature as you can get a full body workout, and it will do wonders for your physique.

Two Seats

Rather than changing your position and adjusting the cables all the time just to change your workout pattern, you only need to change the seats. The EXM2500S comes with two seats; one helps you to work on your upper body whereas the other helps you in full body workout. Such a feature is not available in the other home gyms, and this provides the Body Solid EXM2500S Strength Tech Home Gym with an added edge.


  •  Selected iron weights of 220 pounds with 10-pound plate increments
  • A12-gauge steel frame
  • Lateral and straight bars
  • Scratch-resistant finish that electrostatically applied
  • Poster full-sized exercise
  • Low, mid and high pulleys
  • Military-spec steel cables of 2,200 pounds
  • The Body Solid EXM2500S Strength Tech Home Gym has these activities and dozens more:
  • Leg extensions and curls
  • Upper-pulley lat pull-down
  • Press-downs
  • Seated and bent-over rowing
  • Chest presses
  • Rear deltoid work
  • Ab crunches
  • Pectoral Flies
  • Triceps extensions
  • Cable crossovers
  • Lower-pulley deltoid raises
  • Leg abductions
  • The cables provided are a military spec with a nylon cover that can withstand a weight of at least 2200 pounds. Strong cables always keep you relaxed when it comes to injury that you can cause to yourself.
  • The Body Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym has Durafirm pads that are comfortable because of their thickness and lumbar support. Nobody likes a backache caused due to an uncomfortable workout or those tiny cuts that you may get on your skin. The EXM2550S takes special care of all that.
  • “Everything Forever” sounds nice, doesn’t it? Yes, this machine has a lifetime warranty on anything and everything.
  • Selectorized weights: This home gym doesn’t come with any tedious cable changes for adding weights. You need just to move the selection key position for choosing the weight you wish to lift.
  • Durability: It is very durable thanks to its 12-gauge steel, preventing warping and dings. Very much scratch resistant because of its powder coat finish. Your machine will always look new!
  • There is no requirement of adjusting any cables or alignments.
  • Assembling the machine will be little simple if you accurately follow the instructions given to you in the manual. As long as you are going step by step, your EXM2500S will be ready in no time. You won’t need any high-tech tools to get all the parts together. Some screws might look alike and get you confused, but that hardly matters.


  • Assembly: According to many reviews, assembling this product has not proved to be that easy. But like mentioned before, if you go step by step, you will not face any problems. Also, users warn that it’s important not to tighten the pulleys until after the cable is done
  • Space: It requires a spacious room. It is 83” high and dimensions of the footprint are 51””
  • No leg press station available


To conclude finally, no company will provide you with a leg press at this range. But, if this feature is a must-have for you, then you can opt for other models of home gyms. The Body Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym is superb considering the lifetime warranty that it has and also an array of simply amazing features that make it a personal favorite for me. There are just a few cons and those too, in my opinion are very small things and not some big issues that you would need to worry. I feel it is a great machine and can give you the workout that you have always wanted and that too, in the comfort of your home and an attractive price. So, do not wait and go in for this home gym and it will not disappoint you.