Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Review

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Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Review

The Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym is precisely rated among the best affordable weight stack home gyms offering all the features of a contemporary home gym. It comes packed with an adjustable weight stack that promises excellent results owing to its premium build quality.

Read more about Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Review 2021 to know about this fitness equipment and its five workout stations for optimal performance.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym is undoubtedly one of the best gyms for home use that are designed with immaculate precision to provide an effective workout. Those users who are looking for a complete package for the upper and lower body for having overall fitness should opt for this equipment.

Also, this Body Solid home gym enhances the flexibility of the body with weight loss and comprehensive fitness levels with its inbuilt workout stations. People who prefer to focus on abdominal fitness can use this home gym as it provides the exercise for the abdominal area for having the perfect lower torso.

Thus, it proves to be perfect for home workout sessions for a healthy lifestyle. Overall, it is rated among the best home gyms that come under a range of less than $2000.

Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This Body-Solid Home Gym has the simple assembly as it is quick and straightforward with basic guidelines that are mentioned in its manual. The users have to follow the instructions and can assemble it with the hex keys that are provided with the unit.

The users require wrench and screwdriver to assemble the machine correctly. If the process of assembly is overwhelming, then the user can get it done with the help of a professional who will charge for his service.

Design and Build Quality

The Body-Solid brand is a sturdily built fitness equipment that is categorized as one of the best home gyms under $2000 that offers tough performance. The home gym is designed with dimensions measuring 49″ x 36″ x 83 inches, weighing 297 Ibs when assembled.

It is capable of supporting the maximum user weight of 300 Ibs with its durable build quality. It is powered by 150 Ibs weight stack resistance that provides a sufficient level of resistance to the home-based users. But, the users can opt to buy the additional weight stack for having the required increment in the resistance levels.

The seat is padded and there is a cushioned fixed backrest that is made from superior quality vinyl material, and the whole equipment is coated with a white enamel that provides coverage from corrosion and damage.

It is equipped with five workout stations that incorporate high-pulley station having a lat bar, mid-pulley station, lower pulley station, chest press station and leg attachment station for having the total body workout. Thus, it is recommended among the best weight stack home gym for having intense workout sessions.

Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Features

Weight Stack Resistance

This Body-Solid home gym operates with the weight stack resistance that is adjustable and easy to operate. The users can utilize weight stack resistance of 160 Ibs comprising of 16 alloy steel plates that weigh 10 Ibs each.

The users can buy the plates weighing 2.5 Ibs and 5 Ibs to have the adjustable feature to the resistance levels.

Adjustable Seat

This Body Solid home gym comes equipped with a comfortable seat that can be adjusted vertically for having the optimized performance. The users get sufficient back support with backrest and a cushioned seat that offers complete support to the users during intense workout sessions.


The resistance of this Body Solid home gym is 160 Ibs with weight stacks and is adjustable to provide accurate results as per the requirements of the users. The users can separately purchase weights measuring 2.5 Ibs and 5 Ibs to add to the resistance levels.

Bench Press

This home gym doesn’t provide bench press workout sessions, but the users can engage in chest press workout along with various workout sessions with ease.


This home gym has a smaller footprint but once assembled it can’t be moved easily, as there is no folding provision in it.

Body Weight Capacity

This home gym can withstand a substantial amount of weight of 300Ibs.

Safety Measures

The users can avail the benefit of safety measures that are defined in the Body Solid EXM1500S manual for convenient usage.

Olympic Free-weight Rack

This home gym doesn’t support free weights, but the users can set up the 16 weight plates of 10 Ibs each.

Multifunctional Press Arms

The users can engage in total body workout with the provision of multifunctional press arms in this Body Solid home gym.

Other Features

a. Play Music: This fitness equipment doesn’t support media player for enjoying music.

b. Leg Developer and Row/Curl Handle: The users can avail the benefit of leg attachment station that is meant to provide the leg extensions, and the users can also go for hamstring curls by using one leg and improve the fitness of the lower body.

Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Workout Programs

1. Goal Tracking: The home gym is a complete solution to the fitness goals of the home users as it offers a total body workout. The users have access to five workout stations that enable them to determine their fitness goals and achieve them accordingly.

2. Multiple cable/pulley positions for custom workouts: This Body Solid home gym is equipped with weight stack resistance that comprises of high-pulley station equipped with lat bar that helps in strengthening back and shoulders.

A middle pulley system that is designed for triceps and lower pulley system. It helps to perform a variety of exercises like stand-up rows, squats, triceps, stand-up curls and a lot more.

3. No. of Exercises: This Body Solid home gym is used for 30+ exercises that enable the users to have upper, middle and lower body fitness with enhanced flexibility levels.

4. A lot of Other Exercises: The Body-Solid home gym provides numerous exercise variations to the users owing to the provision of inbuilt workout stations. Thus, the users can engage in Ab crunches, leg abductions, shrugs, squats, vertical grip chest presses, incline chest presses, horizontal grip chest presses and lot more

Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Warranty

This Body-Solid home gym is well-built fitness equipment that offers a valid warranty coverage to its customers. The users have access to the lifetime warranty on the frame, welds, guide rods, hardware, plates, pulleys, bushings, and bearings.

Also, the users have the provision of a lifetime warranty cover on upholstery, cables, and grips. Thus, the users have the advantage of using the home gym that is covered by a lifetime warranty coverage.

Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym Pros & Cons


  • High-grade build quality
  • Vertically adjustable seat
  • Provision of five workout stations
  • Provision of 10Ibs of weight stack adjustments
  • The benefit of a lifetime warranty
  • Availability of 30 exercises
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate level of users
  • Easy usage
  • Low maintenance
  • Provision of the low, mid and high pulley for total body fitness


  • No provision of leg press station
  • It may appear a bit costly as it falls under the range of less than $2000.


The Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym is undoubtedly one of the best buy home gyms for the year 2021 that is considered perfect for home-based users. Its impressive built quality with lifetime warranty and performance makes it rank among complete gyms for strength training at home.

If you require a more powerful multi-stack home gym that offers 210Ibs of resistance for rigorous workout sessions, then Body Solid EXM2500S Home gym is ideal for you. It provides versatile workout sessions with three inbuilt stations at less than $1700 with lifetime warranty coverage.

You can also opt for Powerline BSX10X Home gym if you have space constraints as it has a smaller footprint with affordable pricing at less than $1500. But, if you wish to buy a home gym that is reliable and sturdy for home use.

Then purchasing the Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym would be suggested for you. It provides excellent performance with versatile exercise options to have substantial results.