BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Review

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BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Review

The BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym is revered as one of the best selling home gyms of the fitness industry. It comes packed with a smooth linear bearing system with tough pulleys that makes it sturdy enough to support 67kg of resistance.

Its key selling features are its provision of its multitude of workout options and its impressive weight stack. Moreover, it helps to save a whole of space with its unique retractable seat.

The BH Multi Gym offers all the benefits of a conventional home gym accompanied by added features of straight bar attachments, lat pull-down, and the guided workout system provides the complete safety to the users while performing regular and intense workout sessions.

Read more about the BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym review to know about the operational efficiency of this fitness equipment in real-time workout sessions.

Also, the multi-station gym offers a plethora of exercise opportunities with seated leg press, power tower for abs and dips, and total body training. Overall, it is durable and well-equipped with multi-gym that offers high-end fitness training at home.

Best Suited to Whom?

The BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym is rated as one of the best compact home gyms of the fitness industry. It offers a complete home gym for users who require one solution for their fitness goals.

This BH Multi-Gym is ideal for those users who prefer to have versatile workout opportunities at their home. Also, those people who prefer to workout with safety provisions would find this home gym highly safe and compatible with their fitness requirements.

Users who need a reliable home gym that offers all the facilities and features of a conventional gym must opt for this fitness equipment. Moreover, people who need a compact home gym should buy BH Fitness Multi-Gym as its retractable seat helps to save much space.

The users can keep this home gym anywhere in their home or even garage for an effective workout. Therefore, it is rated as the best home gym under $1000 for having a total body workout.

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The BH Multi-Gym is a compact machine that weighs 203 pounds and requires proper assembly for efficient functioning. The user can assemble the home gym with the help of another person and by following the instruction guidelines that are mentioned in the user manual.

The home gym arrives with essential assembly tools, and it usually takes three to four hours to assemble this equipment. However, if the user doesn’t seem confident about the assembly of the home gym, then he can opt for professional help. But, it would include the extra cost besides the cost of the multi-gym.

Design and Build Quality

The BH Fitness Home Gym is acknowledged among the best multi-gyms of the fitness industry. The first look at the home gym makes it clear that the equipment is well-designed and supports a durable shelf-life.The BH Multi-Gym is manufactured using oversized tubular thick gauge steel that provides long-term usage.

Moreover, it comes with an epoxy powder-coated with a chip-resistant finish for long-lasting results.The multi-gym arrives with a one-inch solid steel Guide rod, 2000 Ib triple thread aircraft cables that offer high resistance and nylon pulleys having sealed ball bearings.

Also, the users can adjust the height of four even balanced feet of the equipment. The BH Multi-Gym is designed with linear bearings within the pulley system that helps in offering the smooth and natural motion as compared to other conventional home gyms.

Therefore, users derive the benefit of a natural feel while working out on this multi-gym and using all the workout stations ranging from lat pulldown to pressing arm.The weight of this home gym is 203 Ibs, and the assembled dimensions are 51.18″ x 35.48″ x 81.5.”

It can support the maximum user weight of up to 287Ibs. The fitness equipment is extremely compact, and users can make the addition of a fold-up seat, and even then, the whole equipment doesn’t take up much space.

The multi-gym is designed to provide 67 kg tension on the weight stack that makes it sufficient for having the required strength progression. Also, users can make the necessary adjustments in the height of the seat pad for having better alignment of the body.

The users can optimize the low and high pulleys for using different attachments like leg developer with adjustments, and pec dec combination with chest press for optimal results. Therefore, users can engage in a full-body workout with precision using this home gym, and that makes it the best compact home gyms of the market.

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Features

Intuitive Coaching Console

The BH Fitness Multi-Gym doesn’t come equipped with an intuitive coaching console.

Standing Provision

The BH Fitness Home Gym is designed with a sturdy tubular thick gauge steel frame with a standing frame to provide total body workout. Thus, users can engage in a variety of exercise sessions with ultimate precision for an extended period with security features.


This multi-gym is designed with a 50kg vinyl weight stack that provides 67kg resistance, and it comes equipped with eight weight plates increments. Moreover, the weight stack on this home gym arrives with adequate protection with shrouds that has illustrations of exercises.

Bench Press

There is no provision of bench press in this fitness equipment. But users can engage in chest press sessions by using the pulley system.

Aerobic Rowing

There is a provision of lower/rowing attachment in this fitness equipment.


This BH Fitness home gym is designed with a space-saving foldable design that makes it suitable even for space-crunched areas. Its retractable seat can be easily folded if space is a concern.

Body Weight Capacity

The BH home gym supports 203 Ibs user weight, and that speaks volumes about its durable build quality.

Safety Measures

The safety of the users is ascertained with the required safety measures in this fitness equipment.

Multifunctional Press Arms

There is no availability of multifunctional press arms in this fitness equipment.

Other Features

  •  Play Music: This fitness equipment doesn’t support an inbuilt music system.
  •  Leg Developer and Row/Curl Handle: The leg extension helps to add strength to the leg muscles. Also, users get access to five horizontal alignments and five ankle alignments that are meant to align the body for gym sessions correctly.Therefore, users can align their knees for having leg extensions for muscular legs.
  • Lat Pull Down: The lat pulldown is meant for providing the desirable workout for the back muscles. Users can employ high pulley with any of the given attachments to achieve the results of optimal fitness levels. 
  • Chest Press and Pec Dec: Users can opt for the chest press and pec dec exercises by using the attachments of the home gym.

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Workout Programs

Goal Tracking: The home gym from BH Fitness is designed for offering total-body fitness to the users. This home gym is designed with various attachments like weight stack, leg attachment, lat pull down, chest press and dec, so users can determine their individual target goals for working out with each attachment and then workout efficiently to attain those goals.

Multiple cable/pulley positions for custom workouts: The BH Fitness Multi-Gym is designed with the 2000lb triple thread and high resistance aircraft cables. These cables are designed with a slick outer shell that enables the users to have smooth motion in every repetition.

No. of Exercises: The BH Fitness Multi-Gym exercises include an array of workout possibilities as it comes equipped with numerous attachments. Thus, users can engage in complete body workout sessions for having a healthy life.

A lot of Other Exercises: The users can optimize their workout sessions by engaging in a lot of other exercises by working out on this home gym. These exercises incorporate abs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs for whole-body workouts.

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Warranty

The BH Fitness brand is acknowledged for offering specialized fitness equipment catering to home use and commercial use, as well. All the equipment of the brand are backed by valid warranty coverage.

The BH Fitness Multi-Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym is equipped with a two-year warranty that also includes ankle strap, short straight bar, and lat bar. Thus, users can purchase the fitness equipment of the brand as its reliable warranty coverage adds to its credence among its customers worldwide.

BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy fitness equipment built with tubular thick steel gauge
  • It is a compact machine that can be stored and used in any place at home
  • It is ideal for a vast range of fitness activities
  • The provision of the added weight stack helps in the natural progression of users’ workout
  • The cable system helps to provide natural and direct exercises without distension in the workout
  • Easy to assemble with the use of manual guide
  • The provision of guided work system helps in maintaining the safety of the users
  • It offers a full-body workout session with its numerous attachments
  • Provision of height adjustment seat pad for better alignment of the body
  • It provides 67 kg of weight resistance in eight plate increments
  • The high and low pulley can use different attachments like leg developer for optimal results
  • Comes equipped with valid warranty coverage


  • Some users find it a bit expensive machine with a range of less than $1000
  • Assembly of this equipment is time-consuming
  • A few users complain about the sturdiness of certain parts of the equipment


The BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym Home Gym is revered among the best compact home gym for offering versatile workout possibilities. Its unique retractable seat, compact design, numerous attachments, and high-grade safety features make it one of the bestselling fitness equipment of the fitness market.

The key feature that makes it different from other conventional home gyms is its provision of added weight stack that works excellently well to help the users to progress in their workout sessions.However, some users find it pricey fitness equipment, and in such a scenario, we suggest buying the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym.

It comes with multiple pulley system, 65 full-body exercises, and customization of exercise sessions for maximum benefits. It is available under the range of $700.But, if you consider buying a sturdy, reliable, and value for money equipment, then BH Fitness Multi-Gym is the best option.

The BH Fitness Multi-Gym Plus, Titanium Home Gym review, states that even though it is a bit costly fitness equipment, but the strength, durability, and performance of this home gym remains unmatched as compared to other contemporary home gyms.

FAQs of BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym

Does BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym support biceps attachment/cable?
Yes, there is a biceps cable in this multi-gym. You can opt for the lower/rowing attachment for engaging in standing biceps curls
Is BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym suitable for taller people say 6’2”?
Yes, this multi-gym can be used by people with a height of 6’2”.
Is it possible to add more weight to BH Fitness Multi Gym Plus Titanium Home Gym?
No, the users can’t add more to this multi-gym more than prescribed in the manual. The cables of this gym are designed to carry a predefined weight that is already on the machine.