Bayou Fitness Pilates Pro Home Gym Review

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Bayou Fitness Pilates Pro Home Gym Review

Pilates Pro Reformer Home Gym offers you an amazing total Pilates gym workout, that too from your home. This Pilates Pro can accommodate any user up to 400 pounds and with a maximum height of 6’7”.

The Bayou Fitness Pilates Pro Home Gym Review comes with dual functions of providing you total trainer and worth-full Pilates accessories like a dual leg, toe bar, shoulder pads and power cords. These additional features help you tone your thighs, shoulders, calves, arms and back. It comes with an instruction manual and videos. It has 21 resistance levels to offer you an effective workout.

Assembling this model is not an issue as it comes pre-assembled. It is very carefully shipped by giving the packaging two layers.

Versatility of use

The most attractive feature of Bayou Total Trainer is the versatility it has to offer. Exercises on this machine will help you tone and shape your muscles as well as give you resistance and definition plus speed up your body’s metabolism and help you burn all that extra fat. The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer has the adjustable incline and uses you body weight as resistance. The resistance offered is of 21 levels that proves to be excellent for beginners and the mechanism used here will help you work with 4% to 69% of your body weight.

You don’t need to look every now and then for workouts online and waste your time. It comes fully assembled, so no more waiting time and getting confused with those screws. It is easily foldable and stored where ever you like thanks to its ergonomic, lightweight shape and design.

Easy to use

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer is very sturdy and has a resistance frame. As there are no electrical parts to deal with it is quite easily maintained. You get a lifetime warranty on the pulleys, rope and rollers and 1-year warranty on parts which is quite good.


  • 21 Levels of Resistance
  • Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Warranty: Lifetime Roller, Rope and Pulley and One-year parts Warranty.
  • Four Program Cards, Instructional Manual, Folds and Rolls
  • Easy Storage
  • Pilates Toe Bar, Pilates Shoulder Pads, Pilates Resistance Bands.
  • Fully-assembled when shipped
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • 400-Pound User Capacity.
  • Deluxe Double Stitched Box Cushion
  • Lift : 4% to 69% Body Weight
  • The machine is steel made with hard plastic and a large glide board; that is of adjustable height. The importance of this is that it allows you to change resistance levels. The squat board here is made of wood and steel and weighs quite well to support your intense workout.
  • The oversized push-up pull-up bars are sure to get your upper body firm and toned. You can do exercises like chin -ups, push-ups, pull-ups and behind the neck presses. You can quickly increase your resistance for squatting and calf raising with this amazing equipment.
  • For wooing on your core areas plus your abs, Bayou Fitness Total Trainer offers you a pro-AB Crunch Strap that will increase your resistance and comfort at the same time.
  • The bicep curl bar can quickly and smooth switch places with twin handle system, offering a great versatility in toning and shaping your arms. So pump those bicep of yours.
  • Cables are simple yet versatile including the weight stacks. Bayou Fitness Total Trainer is a complete package home gym. You do not require an extra tool for your workout to be effective.
  • The price to offer is simply what makes it worth buying. It is affordable when compared to other machinery out there. So if you want that toned body without having to pay a fortune, Bayou Fitness Total Trainer is here for you.

Customer Reviews

It is reliable, sturdy and fun to use. It comes with a very comfortable setup and after receiving it you can get started with it right away. The machine has proven to be very stable, relaxing and fun. Pad rolls are a month on the tracks and nowhere rattling of parts can be found while working out. It folds up and even rolls and can be put away very quickly in my closet. This machine will always be interesting.

Total Fitness Trainer Pilates gym reformer feels and looks perfect. The right choice for people who enjoy powerlifting but aren’t able to go to the gym. The instruction book is in an easy, simple language.


The main drawback, according to me would be the amount of weight you can use while working out. But, after you conduct some research you will find that it is quite a common problem with machines that use body weights as resistance.

Another thing that I can point out is the toughness of the ankle cuffs. They are pretty stiff that can make users uncomfortable. But like every problem this problem also has a real solution. You can buy padded cuffs from elsewhere.


As I have already mentioned, if you are looking for something that will improve your fitness, flexibility and physical endurance, Bayou Fitness Total Trainer is an excellent option for you. But, if you specifically want to pump your muscles, you can go for other equipment.