Bayou Fitness DLX-III Home Gym Review

Bayou Fitness DLX-III Home Gym Review

If you look at the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym for the first time you will find it to be quite innocuous. At the first sight, you will be noticing the seat on the glide board that is given heavy pads, an embroidered logo, and also the accessories stretching out horizontally and vertically. There are several users who have a lot of nice things to say about this equipment. The build is solid, and one can do various exercises on it without any issues. It is of immense help in proper toning of the body.

Heavy Duty Components

The home gym is available at extremely competitive prices, but there has been no compromise on the quality. It is a top class resistance trainer. In the market, it is available in the third edition. You will be getting upgraded push-up as well as a pull-up bar, chrome plated attachments and rails, squat board that are extra large and upgraded chrome autonomous twin handles. The chrome finish is polished and leaves a positive impression on the users. It is easy to maintain and is stable.

You will notice that the glide board is moving without any issues along the rails with the help of twin guide pulleys. The ropes, attachments and cables are heavy duty in nature. They work well for several years, and there are limited failures and breakages. The home gym can easily support the weight of around 400 pounds. Also, an additional 100 pounds is managed with great ease. Build quality is superb.

A Full Range of Exercises

The product from Bayou Fitness helps in strengthening and toning your body. Thus, you will look great and also feel good. It also helps in enhancing flexibility. The DLX-III c. It offers eleven different resistance levels and also a pulley system that is 3 and 4 point types. There is a glide board that measures around 14 by 46 inches. You will be getting several accessories and attachments.

Also, these are interchangeable which means that you will be able to change these with the conventional counterparts. It supports fantastic features like handles and chrome bars. You will be getting sit-up cuff strap that is of a good length and is perfect for shoe sizes that are large.


         Completely Assembled

         11 diverse Resistance Levels

         Glide Board – 14″ x 46″

         Ball Bearing Rollers

         lifts around 4% to 69% of the entire Body Weight

         supports Embroidered Logo

         Box cushion is Deluxe 2″ Double Stitched types

         Pulley system is 3 & 4 Point kinds

         Pulleys are Dual Side Glide Board type in nature

         You will be getting a Guide, Manual, and Four Program Cards

         Can be stored with great ease as it can be folded and rolled down easily

         Training Video

         Weight Capacity – 400 lb

         Supports Maximum Height of 6′ 7″

The machine is perfect for you in case you wish to augment or sustain the level of your fitness and also tone your body. It also helps in improving BMI and shed the extra fat. This Bayou Fitness bike is available at a decent price, and you get several accessories at such low price. In case of other products, you will be paying a lot more for getting such fantastic features.

When you fold this workout machine, it will not measure more than about 14 inches in its depth. In spite of this it supports double stitched box cushion (2 inches) that is packed on the glide board with dual density foam. It facilitates kneeling and sitting. Thus, the instances of muscles aching and knees bruised are considerably reduced. Also, there are some of the customers who complain about the discomfort caused due to the ankle straps. It gets difficult to grab the bars and handles with the weights attached. The problem increases at greater incline levels.

It is trouble-free to set it up as it is nearly fully assembled. You will find the folding as well as also unfolding only. The castors that are over-sized make sure that you can move the machine with great ease. In fact, one of the users has stated that the equipment moves around too fast even with the additional weights. A rug or mat can considerably reduce the speed and resolve the issue.

You will find the machine to be safe. The chances of unnecessarily straining your muscles are much less. It is possible to adjust the total weight that is being used by almost 4 per cent to 69 per cent of the total body weight. It is possible by inclining downwards or upwards. Once you have set up the home gym, and you are exercising, you do not want it to give away. There are two pins, one plastic, and one metal. These lock superbly into place perfectly when you select the incline that you want. It also makes you feel stable and also rock solid.


All in all the Bayou Fitness DLX-III Home Gym is amazing equipment for your home. It is a smart gym, and you cannot go wrong when its performance is concerned.