Bayou Fitness 4000-XL Home Gym Review

Bayou Fitness 4000-XL Home Gym Review

If you wish to get a home gym for the purpose of toning your body and strengthening your muscles, then you can go to Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL Home Gym. It is an amazing machine that has comes with 14 diverse customized programs. It means that this machine will superbly fit your needs. When you receive the equipment, it will be completely assembled. It can also fold into a smaller piece without any difficulty and storage is very convenient.

You do not have to spend any extra cash on free weights as the equipment makes optimum use of body weight as a kind of resistance. But there are some people who still feel the need for extra weights in case they wish to do strength training. The weight limit capacity is 385 pounds, and you can conveniently weigh almost 200 pounds. There is still the possibility of adding more weight for the purpose of enhancing workout.

I am happy that the home gym comes with a workout book, a manual and 2 DVDs. These are simply great for the purpose of improving the workout schedule by offering more ideas. I feel that you should judiciously use these items rather than just tossing them aside. You will be getting this home gym totally assembled, but you will take some time trying to figure out the proper use of all the amazing features. So I would suggest that you read all the books properly and also watch the DVDs. Good quality material is made use of for the construction. It offers a great workout and is sturdy.

Amazing Accessories

This Bayou Fitness home gym comes with several accessories like a push-up bar, squat board, sit-up cuff strap, power weight bar and a biceps curl press bar. All these features are offered by other brands as well, but you will end up paying a lot of money. But with the 4000-XL home gym these can be conveniently used at home without any trouble.

Easy Storage

Your body weight is made use of on this equipment for strengthening and toning your muscles. Also, it uses a little space for storage. It utilizes 11 resistance levels and a 4-point pulley system. It also has a large glider board that efficiently makes working out very comfortable even for those users who are big in size.

The best feature of this home gym is that the whole unit can be easily folded for upright storage or for sliding it under the bed without any hassles. It has large wheels that make sure that it can be moved around without any trouble. It supports extra attachments for getting the most out of your daily workout regimen. It is possible due to the push/pull up bar, squat board, biceps curl press bar and power weight bar


  • Multiple Programs – You will be getting unlimited programs that, make sure that you can work out without the help of any professional trainer. You can get accustomed to this bike with the help of the instruction manual. Also, there are 14 programs in the DVD, and these are brilliant for working out. These tell you which particular workout is great for which body part. You don’t have to go to a gym trainer or any other kind of machine as you will be getting countless options with this model.
  • No Cramp- It is a fact that it doesn’t occupy too much space and at the same time the body inside the home gym is not cramped. Sitting in it is not very cumbersome, and you will never feel that space is too less. Thus, you will feel free even while working out.
  • Wide Range Of Resistance Settings- There are some issues due to Resistance settings. The resistance settings vary from about 4% to 69% of the human body. They are significant so that the body weight can be made use of in diverse resistance levels. You get to change the settings instantly, and the intensity can be conveniently increased or decreased.
  • Add Free Weights- There is the option of the addition of free weights for enhancing difficulty as well as better weight lifting. It is optional, and you need to purchase extra weights separately. It is great for adding more difficulty.
  • Fully Assembled- You receive the apparatus fully assembled and you will just have to buy the extra weights. You are all set to begin with the exercises. You have to open the box simply, and you are ready to go. You can refer to the manual for what you can add and how exactly to do it for a specific workout.
  • Strong Foam- It has thick and high-density.Thus, you will not be feeling uncomfortable at all when you are working out. There is cushion provided in the double stitched box as well. It adds comfort even on the user’s feet.
  • Folds and Rolls- You don’t have to worry about trying to hide the gym after you have completed your workout. You just need to fold it and roll it away into any closet with ease.


  • Glider Isn’t Fast Enough: There are few exercises where you just need to glide as well as pull your body. With this equipment, you will find out that the gliding is not very smooth. If you wish to add too much or too little resistance, the functioning isn’t very smooth. But a lot depends on the machine and your weight. So if you have used it frequently, you will feel comfortable.
  • Limitations: There are a few limitations in case you are fit and in good shape. It means that this is not a smart buy for someone who is already in good shape. But if you are out of shape and need to tone your body the machine is worth buying.


I would say that this a very decent gym to own. Its basic function is to help in muscle strengthening as well as toning for improving flexibility. It provides an efficient workout and is very handy.