Home Gyms Reviews – Best Home Gyms 2019

Home Gyms Reviews – Best Home Gyms 2019

Home Gyms Reviews – Best Home Gyms 2019

A home gym is a convenient and small space in your home where you can perform your workouts whenever convenient to you. It is a convenient replacement for visiting a gym for your exercise routine. They can be put either in the garage or a spare room in your home. They exercise equipment for home, they are usually small and have very practical tools that can be easily transported and stored. The greatest benefit of the best home gym equipment is that there is no gym membership that you have to pay for.

If you’re looking for the most power-packed Home Gym on the market, our recommendation for 2019 is the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System. It is a quality product that allows the user to focus on the upper body as well as the lower body. 

However, if you’re on a budget, then the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 System is a great option. You can use the golds home gym anytime, and there is no need to wait for anyone. It is totally your convenience and in the comfort of your home. You can easily follow your fitness routine as and when convenient to you, and you do not have to stick to the schedule of a gym. Read our home gym reviews to learn about the best products on the market.

Why Buy a Home Gym

  • Busy Lives: We all want to stick to a fitness regime in our lives. But with the hectic routines and the busy lifestyle, we hardly have any time for fitness and by the time we get free from our office routine, the gyms and fitness centers have shut down. But if you have a home gym, you can keep up with your training sessions and remain on schedule and exercise daily.
  • Convenience: No need to drive to a gym. Without exercise equipment for home, it will take more time to commute to the gym than the time you will spend exercising.
  • Freedom: You have all the freedom so that you can exercise whenever you feel like it. Also, there is no need to wait for anyone as you would have to in the commercial gyms when the equipment is occupied.
  • Easy Environment: Another benefit of exercise equipment for home use is that is will suits your needs and preferences. Also, no need to worry about disturbing anyone with your ways to exercise.
  • Music: You can play any music and also at any volume that you like. You can also have any motivating posters that you want to put up on the walls. It is completely your space, and it should be conducive to your style and nothing else.
  • Focus: You will have all the focus that you need to in a home gym as there are no distractions, and you are your boss and your competitor.
  • Privacy: You can have your privacy, and you can train in whichever way you prefer and whatever seems best to you. You also do not have to worry about following any dress code. You are your master, and you have all the freedom.
  • Saving Money: It is a fact that gym membership can prove to be quite expensive. If you calculate your gym membership for every year, it does come up to a lot, and you could save all that money with owning the best home gym equipment.
  • Intensity Training: You have to learn the right way that works for you and then you would get the results that you have always wanted. It will get you are going to the intensity training for your workout, and that will work in the best interest for you. Read our Home Gym reviews to learn about the best products on the market.

Different Types of Home Gym Equipment

• Single stack machines
• Leverage Gyms
• Power rod gyms
• Power racks
• Smith machines
• Multi-station Gyms
• Cable crossover machines
• Bodyweight (total gyms)

Home Gym: Buying Guide

There are various points that are to be considered before you go in for the best home gyms. Following are the pre-purchase considerations that you must pay attention to:

Exercise Goals
You must measure your exercise goals and then decide the kind of machine you want for your home workout equipment. Some home gym equipment offers a workout that can affect many parts of the body. You must weigh of your need for more variety of exercises or limited ones. Then you can decide which home gym equipment to buy.

Of course, a home gym will need a large investment, but it is also important that you ensure that what you wish to buy fits your budget and does not make a hole in your pocket. A plethora of options is available in the market when it comes to the best home gym equipment. For home workout equipment use, there is the resistance rod style, or you need one that is durable. You must set a stipulated budget for yourself and then stick to it.

The price is another big deciding factor.  You must consider the price range that you wish to stay in and then look at the models that fall into that category. Read our Home Gym reviews to learn about the best products on the market.

The size of the gym would be dependent on the space where you plan, to put it. You need to determine whether you will keep it in the spare room or the garage or any other place and then accordingly check the models. Some home gym equipment may take up a large area. It will be ideal to write the dimensions of your space so that you know which size will be the best for you.

Whatever equipment you purchase, safety must surely be a pre-requisite. The safety of your family is paramount, and you must make no compromises on this account. Ensure that the best home gym equipment that you wish to purchase takes care of your safety and that all the standards of safety are met by it.

Types of Exercise
Different techniques are used by various home gyms to strengthen your body. Say, for example, one gym may offer arms workout in the form of bicep curls or another may give you triceps kickbacks. It is important to ensure that the exercises that are offered match your abilities and the goals you set for yourself. You must find such equipment that will help you perform all exercises in an effective manner that can get you the best value for the money you spend.

Finally, it is imperative that your home gym must come with a decent and reliable warranty in case there is a problem that you face with it. There must be a warranty on the parts, frame and labor too. You can also go in for the additional warranty that covers the damages so that you are prepared in the case of any damages.



Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym

Bowflex has been catering to gym needs for more than 20 years and has helped a lot of people get a fit body. This bowflex home gym is the best home gym in the market today. This high-quality indoor equipment works on every muscle group of your body. Catering to numerous fitness equipment and accessories Bowflex is a trusted brand.

The Bowflex home gym PR 1000 gives you the choice of a variety of workouts (almost over 30). With a total weight of 149 pounds, this assembly is a compact device to be placed indoor without occupying a lot of space. The secret to a well-toned body is a consistent workout. The Bowflex home gym PR1000’s  patented technology is designed to give you consistent workout sessions.

The resistance provides ranges from 5 pounds to a maximum of 210 pounds. Starting from the minimum it helps you build your endurance and, in turn, the muscle power by gradually increasing the pounds. The adjustable weight resistance is easy and quick to adjust. The distinguishing feature of this indoor home gym equipment is the presence of resistance rods in place of weight plates. It is designed to give you a combination of cardio and resistance training.

The sliding seat rails that are incorporated add aerobic training too. It was easy to assemble and once put together it measures 81 inches in height, 84 inches in length, and 38 inches in width. This Bowflex home gym stands out among its competitors because it is a well-priced indoor equipment with a rock solid body, which provides numerous combinations of workouts.

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym, Short Assembly, 160-Pound Weight Stack

The Powerline BSG10X, Short Assembly with a 160-lb adjustable weight stack is perfect for challenging workouts in a small space. The body is made from heavy-duty material to provide durability to resist flexing during sessions. The mainframe measuring 11 gauge steel frame construction provides maximum strength and durability for long-lasting use. The adjustable chrome-plated telescoping seat post ensures a smooth and perfect body fit adjustment. The powder coat finish makes the Powerline Home Gym durable and tough.

Space is an important feature, and this wonder piece comes in the compact body with the ability to be versatile. It is designed to offer close to 40 exercise option from high, mid or low pulleys, press arm, and leg developer station. The added advantage is that it can be used by all, whatever the age or size.

With five stations and manual weight stacks for resistance, this sleek home gym is apt for basic moves like upright rows, bent rows, seated rows, bench presses, leg extensions standing curls, leg curls, military presses, etc. The ease of changing from one workout to another is the best selling point of this home gym assembly.

It comes with a 160-lb adjustable weight stack for users willing to increase their capacity of workouts can purchase and additional weight stack of 50-pound. The traditional press bar that is biomechanically engineered gives maximum chest concentration and muscle workout.

Gold’s Gym XRS 50

This product is designed to target your body as a whole. The Golds home gym XRS 50 System engages all muscle groups to give you the body you wish to have. The powder coated finish built gives it a steel look. The silver and black color combination matches well with your décor. The best selling point of this home gym equipment is its compact built.

The chest press function and arms station work on the upper body and the four-roll leg developer work on the lower body concentration on the leg muscle group. The vinyl seat offers comfortable seats and it also includes a step based professionally designed exercise chart regime to use the best home gym effectively and efficiently. It has both high and low pulleys with multiple grip lat bar for total body toning during workouts. This Golds home gym also has a platform for enhanced stability during workout sessions.

The Golds home gym XRS 50 comes at an affordable price to deliver you exactly what you want. This compact assembly saves space and is comparatively smaller than its counterparts. It provides a whole body workout for all and is intelligently designed to give the right combination and challenge to target your muscles from tip to toe. So to help you stay fit, healthy and young, this is the perfect combination of steel strength and value for money.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings

The Marcy brand is almost 50 years old. They provide quality product design and innovation. This Marcy home gym with Linear Bearings is a must-have for the fitness enthusiast who wishes to focus on an upper and lower body workout together.

This marcy home gym has an ultra-smooth linear bearing with steel guide rods that offer a smooth movement throughout. The perfectly engineered assembly came with nylon pulleys and sealed ball bearings, the tensile strength of 2000 lbs aircraft cable, quality pop pins adjustments, Chrome striker plates and commercial grade bar and safety catches. There are 6 Olympic plate storage pegs too. The unit includes a multi-function bench along with developer leg preacher.

This marcy home gym comes in 95 x 79 x 86 inches dimensions and weighs a total of 430 pounds; it is a gym machine that can easily fit into your homes too. It is scientifically proven that muscles work 30% better to free weights than to machine weights, and this is addressed to by Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System. This is probably the best free weight assembly in an affordable price.

The drawback is with the assembly that is cumbersome. It is not because of the weight but the confusion that makes it difficult. Customers complain about the lack of vivid instructions that can take you little longer to assemble the parts. The positives features of Marcy Diamond Elite overshadow the negative and make it a good home gym.

Marcy Home Gym

This is a versatile home gym designed for an effective workout. Made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel framing, it has a powder-coated finish making it durable and stable. It comes in dimensions of 69 inches in length 36 inches in width and 80 inches in height and weighs 127 pounds. This Marcy home gym incorporates both high and low pulley stations, over sized foam roller pads and has adjustable curl bicep pad.

This Marcy home gym more than 30 strength building exercises for your body. It not only burns calories but also focuses on increasing lean muscle mass. Customer’s bestselling points are its easy to assemble feature, solid steel body and smart looking parts which fit well together. It is much affordable than its competitions and is compact for indoor use as it occupies less space. It comes in the dimensions of 79 inches in height x 36 inches in width and 68 inches in length with a total weight of 265 pounds. It can accommodate 300 pounds of user weight.  It provides a maximum resistance of 140 pounds.

BodyCraft Home Gym Galena Pro

A well-designed home gym compact enough to fit in any room. In case, your constraint of owning one is because of space this is your home gym of your choice. The Bodycraft home gym offers 300 pounds of resistance. It would be next to impossible to find a home gym that offers a more holistic quality workout than the BodyCraft Galena. The workout combination features a Dual-Function, Peck Dec Chest Press, Leg Extension and Curl, Lat Pull and Low Pulley Station. Abdominal Crunch especially focuses on every major muscle group to strengthen it with regular use.

One of the fast-selling home gyms designed to perfection targets major muscle groups. This Bodycraft home gym has optional Leg Press attachment for the full leg. It also offers weight stack (optional) for increased safety and sleek looks. With weight ranging from 5 to 200 pounds, this home gym is a high quality, smooth-to-use, and value for money product. Seats and seat back support are highly adjustable for maximum comfort. Heavy gauge vinyl covering with high-density foam is contoured for enhanced lumbar support.

It offers easy access and comparatively large room for workouts. Pull and press stations with adjustable starting points allow it to be used by users of different size and here is scope for some exercises. Setting up this home gym is cumbersome and can be disappointing. The bestselling point of this home gym is its lifetime warranty.


It can be confusing to choose the best home gym from the available options in the market. With unending features in each one of them, you can still boil down to one to occupy space in the gym or the comfort of your homes. Though tough, it is possible if you simply prioritize your needs. There is one to suit your specific needs and wants. Refer to these tips before ordering or buying one. Read our Home Gym reviews to learn about the best products on the market.

First and foremost check the warranty the manufacturer or seller offers. It is good to buy a gym that covers a longer period whether it is for a frame or the equipment as a whole.

Secondly, rely on user feedback in websites, or friends who are owners or have used them. You won’t regret buying it after extensive research. Equip yourself with basic information like cost, size, weight, variety of exercises offered, etc. Once all these criteria are sorted, buy one to meet your needs and budget. Happy workouts!!