Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 200

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Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 200

Heart Rate trackers are medical devices which track your heart rate and monitor its condition. It is a very useful instrument as it is easy to handle and keeps you informed about your heart’s health. People who are sportspersons or people with medical conditions find the best use of this device. The main concern lies here is the authenticity and accuracy of the device.

Earlier a cost-friendly heart rate monitor was not accurate, but with the latest technology and advancement in this field, even the cheap monitors give an accurate reading. Still, it is advisable for you to look for the best heart rate monitor with chest strap. This is because the straps are placed near to the user’s heart and thus give a sure shot accurate reading.

There are good heart rate monitors under $200 available in the market today. In this article, I will talk about the best heart rate monitors of 2021 under 200$ which you can consider for buying.

How Do Heart Rate Monitors Work?

Heart rate monitors measure the heart rate of a person with the help of a transmitter and a receiver. As the heart beats, electric signals are transmitted via skin where the transmitter picks up the signal and sends an electromagnetic signal to the receiver which shows the heart rate.

There are two ways in which the HRMs work:

Battery-powered: In this, a strap is fitted around the chest and makes use of the electric signals to sense the heartbeat. This signal is then transmitted to a wrist device or a head unit which displays the actual heartbeat of the person. Optical Scanners: These scanners monitor the capillarization of the blood from the wrist. With the development of activity trackers and fitness monitors, wrist-based HRMs also yield accurate results, unlike earlier days.

How Are Heart Rate Monitors Useful?

Before getting to buy an HRM, you must understand how useful it is to own one. There can be several reasons for your purchase because the heart rate is very important when it comes to exercises, any sport, or in general. It is an indicator of fitness and shows how is your body responding to your workout. This information also valuable if you are planning your fitness journey so that you remain within your target heart rate zone.

As per the famous coaches Dan Fleeman and Pav Bryan, having a most accurate heart rate monitor gives the actual performance level of the user. It also indicates any potential illness, or fatigue so that the user can plan his exercise and daily routine, accordingly. Heart Rate Monitors are ideal for long-interval efforts like some sport, exercise, club rides, etc. This helps in proper measurement of the heart rate.

Buying Guide for Heart Rates under 200$

This article will share with you the best fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor. It is the best way to improve your fitness level as well as have a healthy heart. Having a heart rate measurement helps a lot in achieving your fitness goals by remaining in your target heart rate zone. You will get the best out of each workout.

To fulfill these needs, there are many kinds of Heart Rate Monitors in the market these days, which have great features and efficiency. Before anything else, you must first understand your need and budget before buying a Heart Rate Monitor. you will surely not want to waste money on something which is not giving desired outputs. I will share the types of the most Accurate Heart Rate Monitors under $200 here for you to decide which one suits you the best.

Chest Monitor

A chest monitor is the most accurate device than other alternatives. They are perfect to start with. In these, the monitor is connected to the chest which notes the heart rate in each workout session. It can be used for any kind of exercise. There are also many sizes available for a chest monitor.

Chest monitors can be a little bulky as it involves a strap and a monitor on the chest. You will find many best heart rate monitors with a chest strap. Polar H10 HRM, Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor, Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor, etc. are the few best chest monitors under $200.

Wrist Monitor

Wrist monitors are ideal as they are not so bulky because they are worn on the wrist. Many users prefer these monitors due to this reason. They do not give 100% accurate results as a Chest Monitor does. This is because the user has to press and hold the button to see his current heart rate and this process takes up to 10 seconds.

So, while working out, if in the middle of the exercise you have to check your heart rate, the whole effect of the exercise will be gone in these 10 seconds and you won’t get positive results from your workout. On the other hand, these monitors are portable and can be easily worn like a watch. You can wear the watch the whole day and keep checking your pulse rate and see how it changes or improves with time.

This is helpful especially when you are out on a trip. Garmin VivoSmart HR+, Fitbit Charge2 HRM, Polar A370, Samsung Gear Fit2, etc. are the few best smartwatches with heart rate monitors under $200.

Display and Ease of Use

Now, you are aware of what is the job of a Heart Rate Monitor and how it does it. But, the next thing that you should know is how it displays the data on the screen. You must check the ease of readability of the machine otherwise the whole intent of buying an HRM will go for a fix. You should also ensure it has a backlight so that you can read it even if the light of the surrounding is dim/dark.

The monitor must also not have too many features on the display otherwise it will get overwhelming for the user to figure out every time. One important thing to look for is whether it is compatible with Android or iOS? Does it give any audio updates to you? Because in the long run, you will require all these things, so be careful of what you are buying. It is like looking for the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor.

Extra Features

Many HRMs come with extra features which allure the customers. But, it is totally up to you whether you want to give in to those or not. Extra features like a fitness trainer, calories counters, controlling the wrist device from phone or computer, etc. seem very alluring and helpful. But, one best feature with wrist monitors is that you can replace the professional batteries with consumer replaceable batteries and need not to pay heavily for the professional ones.

After considering all of the above factors. You are now fit enough to go out in the market and look for some of the best heart rate monitors under $200.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of heart rate monitor you decide to buy, make sure it helps you in achieving your fitness goals so that you do not feel the pinch of spending money on this device. With this buyer’s guide, I am sure you will be able to figure out the type of HRM suitable for you. If you are ok with a bulky device which sends the heart rate to your phone, then you can go in for a Chest Monitor.

If you want more portability, then a wrist monitor should be your take. Many people prefer going in for high-end chest monitors too in order to have both portability and readability. But, this must suit your pocket. There is a little competition among brands who make Heart Rate Monitors, they mainly boast about their extra features to stand out among the others. So, be careful and take a step towards a healthy life.

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