Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 100

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Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 100

A lot of fitness equipment and gadgets are available in the market that can boost up any fitness game. One such device is the Heart Rate Monitor. This device is a piece of amazing equipment which helps you to work out at the heart rate zone you choose. In addition to the heart rate monitoring, other features offered by these devices are the backlight, the exercise timer, a clock, stopwatch, heart zones can be set with an alarm, etc.

Many of the devices offer a good battery life as well which is vital for any device. One needs to be clear if the battery can be changed by yourself, or if you need to send it to its factory for replacement. Read our review on the best budget heart rate monitor 2021A lot of workout plans are provided by instructors, fitness trainers, etc., however, the best workout is one which makes your heart perform at its highest rate as this has the best effect on the body.

This is where heart rate monitors- an innovation of technology, has become the most required and most important device that is recommended by all the fitness experts, as it helps them in selecting workouts which get the heart rate to its peak performance within a short time. The most accurate heart rate monitor is undoubtedly the Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor.

Technology indeed has been a blessing, as it constantly improvises the devices, makes them more affordable with time. This has also led to the heart rate monitors being available at a cost which makes it reasonable. You would have noticed that these days smartphones and other gadgets including the heart rate monitor are no more expensive!

One should also remember that a gadget that costs more may not always be accurate in its purpose and the extra cost is mostly for the additional features it comes with. Technology has also led to the creation of a huge variety of heart rate monitors in the market. You can also read about the best heart rate monitor smartwatch 2021 to learn more about the heart rate monitor watches.

Some models of heart rate monitors might be little expensive and may have certain additional features like an alarm that goes off when your level of workout is less or more than the pre-programmed workout, calories burned during the workout, etc. So, how do we select the device that is best suited for us?

Features to Ponder for the Best Heart Rate Monitors

1. The User: We need to first understand who are the people who make use of a heart rate monitor. This device isn’t meant only for the high-class people but can be used by anyone for reasons alike. Some may need the Best Wrist Heart Rate Monitors for preparing themselves for a race, cycling activities, hiking or maybe even for personal fitness.

Those who are into swimming can check out some of the Best HRM for Swimmers. The HRM is preferred as it helps you achieve your desired goals in an effective way.

2. The Need for a Heart Rate Monitor: One needs to introspect if he or she really is in need of a heart rate monitor. If you require just basic information like the steps completed, or the distance or how many calories you have burned, then you can get yourself a pedometer. Only if you require more details and want precise data related to your fitness regime and level, then a heart rate monitor would be the perfect device for you.

3. Functioning of the Heart Rate Monitor: Using a heart rate monitor is not as tough and complicated as its name sounds. Effective heart rate monitors make use of a transmitter. This is kept directly over the heart and there are adjustable straps to keep it in place and avoid movement. The transmitter then identifies the electrical activity which is displayed in the smartwatch that is connected to the heart rate monitor. The functioning is quite similar to the electrocardiogram (ECG).

Is one’s overall fitness affected by the heart rate?

Yes, indeed! One must understand that the best measure of one’s overall fitness is his or her heart rate. One has to understand one’s body before getting into a workout regime. One has to understand the ability of the body, i.e. If it can do high-intensity or a low-intensity workout and the ability to push the limits. For High-Intensity Interval Training, the best HRM for HIIT are available in the market.

The heart rate is the best way to determine the efforts you put in. During a workout session, the heart pumps the blood which is enriched with oxygen to various other organs like your lungs and also to the muscles. The more the blood is pumped, the muscles of the body also start demanding more, which causes your heart to beat harder.

As you get fitter, the heart also gets fitter and efficient ( it pumps more blood to the muscles with lesser heartbeats). This is where a heart rate monitor plays its part by enabling you to keep a track of the heart rate and make note of any increase or decrease while you work out.

A Buying Guide to select the Perfect Heart Rate Monitor under $100:

Most of us rely on Online ratings or user comments which influence our purchase. However, these ratings and comments might be untrue and deceptive. In order to ensure you are not deceived, we have a list of the best heart rate monitors which suit everybody.

The areas we concentrated on while developing the list of Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors, were duration to give the result, use of wireless technology like WiFi and Bluetooth, the weight of the device and comfort in wearing it. This will definitely help you in selecting the heart rate monitor for you.

1. Selecting a device: One can select either of the heart rate monitors as per their preference:

  • Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor: This is one of the most accurate heart rate monitors. Since it is directly placed over the heart, it picks up the signals and transmits it to your smartphone giving you the results immediately. The only problem is that some people do not like wearing it while working out. Read about some of the devices that fall into the Best Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap category ass well as the Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitor -covered in 60.
  • Photo-optic heart rate monitorsTo get a reading of the heart rate, the person has to place two of his fingertips on the sensors which are on the smartwatch. The only advantage is one need not wear the chest strap. However, these monitors are not like the chest strap monitors which are the most accurate heart rate monitors and the reading is provided on demand and is not a continuous reading. This device is good for people who are into casual jogging or walking and not into athletics or rigorous fitness activity.

Some of the heart rate monitors that fall under the affordable range are the Polar FT1 and Polar H7 Heart rate Monitors or the Timex Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor. There are many more such gadgets that fall in the Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 200$  as well as Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 100$ which are budget-friendly and effective.

2. Getting the best workout based on heart rate: In order to use your heart rate monitor to the maximum, you should set a target heart rate zone and ensure your workout is within that zone limit. All you need to do is deduct 220 from your age and that becomes your base heart rate. You need to ensure your workout is within 60-90 percent of that rate. Whatever fitness activity you choose, you need to stay within the target range.

3. Specific features for sports: This means the particular device will have features for specific activities like cycling or swimming. The cycling feature will show you the speed of your activity. The swimming feature will count the strokes. You can check out the Best SmartWatch With Heart Rate Monitor or the Best HRM for Swimmers to select the one for you.

4. Battery Replacement: There are few heart rate monitors that come with non-replaceable batteries, which means that if the battery is exhausted it cannot be replaced. This might turn out to be expensive as only the manufacturer will be able to replace it. Always hunt for heart rate monitors with removable and replaceable batteries, which will help you save money.

5. Price: One can spend as much $300 to even $100 depending upon the features of the model. You need to find out which model and what features you are looking out for. Only if your training is intensive, only then will your heart rate monitor be put to best Use.

Which is the Best Heart Rate Monitor for you

Ideally, a heart rate monitor comes with a sensor that is placed over the chest, which is connected to a device which in turn displays the required data. This data can be saved and stored for future analysis which can help you improve your performance by way of comparison. It enables you to deliver your best performance in your next Workout.

Some heart rate monitors may differ from the above, though the function remains the same. Every heart rate monitor aims to provide an accurate measure of your heart rate. Some data may be displayed on your smartphone than on your watch. there are many heart rate monitors in the market which do not require a chest strap. You can have a look at some of the Best Earbuds with HRM or the Best Wrist Heart Rate Monitors.


Before purchasing a Heart Rate Monitor, one must identify if he or she really is in need of one, if his or her fitness activity demands such a device. Once this is clear, there are a wide variety of devices to choose from. The choice of the device depends upon your specific requirements such as comfort, convenience wherein you can go for some of the devices such as the Best SmartWatch With Heart Rate Monitor.

However, if your preference is accuracy, then you could go in for the best heart rate monitor chest strap. If you decide to purchase a device that is cheap and within your budget, you can have a look at the best cheap heart rate monitor watch or the best budget heart rate monitor 2021.

A heart rate monitor can teach you more about your body, your heart, and your fitness level. It could also help you avoid many heart-related diseases and problems. So when you head out to buy a heart rate monitor for yourself, keep in mind your preferences and your budget, which makes it easier to take a decision.

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