Best Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitors 2021

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Best Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitors 2021

A watch is no more mere a timepiece adorning the wrist. Watches have progressed from generations to generations to finally be known as Smart Watches! And yes, they are smart indeed! In the 1970s the smartest watch was the very famous calculator watch which was in the market for quite a long time along with watches with alarms that crowed like a rooster.

We loved these devices and technology hasn’t stopped working its charm in the watch segment and never fails to impress us! We now have watches from Apple, Samsung, Fossil and the like which have zoomed into the smartwatch category making it mainstream and a gadget for one and all, not just aimed for the geeks!

These fascinating timepieces blow our mind with the functional aspect- be it the various applications, the syncing with the smartphone and providing notifications regarding calls, emails, messages; or even be it acting as a heart rate monitor. The variety that has been splattered out makes us spoilt for choice and the selection isn’t easy!

Our top-rated choices for the Best Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor India will make the selection process of the right smartwatch a little simpler for you. We also are offering you a little guide to assist you while you hunt for the Best Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor.

The Need for a Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor:

Maintaining a record of the heart rate monitor is a crucial element that is necessary to have a healthy and good lifestyle. If one gives a little more of his time to understanding how his heart rate can assist in his workout regime, it will enable him to know how to stay in the required heart rate area and make his training more efficient.

There are a lot of gadgets and devices available in the market which assist in your fitness regime and which have a heart rate monitor fitted in. However, if you want more accurate data, a chest strap would be perfect. We have information on the Best Wrist Heart Rate Monitors, Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors which will give you an idea on the various devices available in the market.

However, to keep a track of your fitness routine, to monitor and constantly improve it, one needs to find a good device with a heart rate monitor. There are earbuds heart rate monitor, fitbits, wristbands, chest straps and many more gadgets available, which track the heart rate.

Some people prefer a specific gadget meant only for fitness and heart rate tracking, but a major portion of the population would prefer something that takes care of almost every need- right from setting an alarm and receiving call and message notifications to monitoring the heart rate. This is where the SmartWatch hops in and gives you almost everything you need in a smartwatch.

Features to look out for while purchasing a Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor:

When it comes to selecting that perfect smartwatch for your daily as well as a fitness regimen, always check the availability of the below features in the device, before making your purchase:

1. Features related to Fitness: Heart Rate and GPS: Fitness Tracking devices like Fitbit and other similar devices attract a lot of fitness lovers. But this hasn’t stopped the smartwatch companies, who have jumped on the band-wagon of fitness devices and have started integrating functions related to activity-monitoring.

Some of the smartwatches would require access to the smartphone for the activity tracking function; but many of the devices have a pedometer which is in-built, to track the steps and maintain a record. If your sole purpose of using a smartwatch is for a fitness regimen, there are other fitness devices with features of a smartwatch, that are worth consideration, like the Fitbit Versa or even the Garmin Vivoactive 3.

Both these devices, enable the user to shift the watch face in order to read notifications. The fitness gadget Versa goes a step further and offers female users certain health features, for example enabling the user to log in periods as well as record the symptoms, and also enables a comparison of the menstrual cycle as against certain health statistics such as sleep and work activity.

Most of the Wear OS gadgets that come with an inbuilt heart rate monitor, although they aren’t quite reliable as their counterparts- the committed fitness tracker device like the Fitbit Charge 2. However, the heart rate sensor of Apple Watch has proven to be more accurate, when put to the test.

Along with the feature of a heart rate monitor, what makes these devices-Apple Watch Series 3, Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Gear Sport, more unique and popular is that they come with GPS! This feature makes these gadgets quite attractive especially to the group of people who prefer outdoor activities like running, cycling or biking, and would want to maintain a record of their distance and time covered. However, do note that constant GPS usage will impact the life of the battery significantly.

2. Water Resistance: Water-resistance is a feature that should be considered in any such device, especially considering the price tag associated with it. Whether a swimmer or not, given a chance, it would be great if you could shower with your smartwatch on or even be stress-free regarding your device in a downpour.

3. Battery life: Battery life is one of the important features to be considered. Most of the smartwatches have upgraded remarkably in this aspect, with many of the smartwatches offering a minimum of two days of battery life which is recommended. Earlier, most of these smartwatches would have to struggle to make it last through just one day.

4. The Voice Command Option: Voice commands rule the day in today’s era. When it comes to the mode of operation, voice commands no longer lead to hilarious translations or bad functioning. The credit goes to the advancement in technology due to the tech masterminds who created assistants like Siri as well as Google Assistant, wherein voice commands, no doubt is simply the best.

This voice command feature is quite a helpful one when the user wants to access text messages and read them, or find some information to a particular subject or application. All he has to do is give a voice command and it’s done!

It’s true that many people wouldn’t want this feature or make use of it for some reason. But, having such an amazing feature doesn’t hurt, especially when this feature would help you make the best of any situation that you face.

5. Operating System (OS) and Device Compatibility Check: Majority of the smartwatches available in the market have been designed and created to act as companions to the smartphone of the user. This makes device compatibility a very critical feature. For example, Samsung’s devices – Tizen-powered Gear S3 and Gear Sport work well not only with various Android handsets but also with iPhones. However, it’s much simpler to use these devices with an Android handset (and to be specific a Samsung handset).

6. Display: Nowadays, all the smartwatches available in the market make use of either an LCD screen or an AMOLED screen, that enables the user to view photographs, applications and any other content in a much richer color, which also tends to be more bright. However, the battery life is compromised on which lasts for a shorter span of time, although the smartwatch companies are have been improving the efficiency of these devices.

A lot of power is consumed by Color displays which leads to the watch screens getting turned off while they are on sleep mode. This makes it difficult to even have a look at the time without turning on the device. LCD displays are supposed to be much thicker than OLED displays.

This is the reason why the first OLED display was developed by Apple for its first-generation Apple Watch- the aim being to make the device the thinnest! Samsung also developed its first OLED smartwatch known as the Galaxy Gear, in the year 2013.

7. Interface- Push Buttons vs. Touch Screen features: We always would prefer a touch screen on our smartwatch. However, this feature can get tough at times especially when it comes to targeting icons on a much smaller touch display- like a watch, and where few of the popular gesture-based features aren’t as intuitive as they should be.

This is where Wear OS does a good job of providing card-based notifications which can be easily dismissed with a single swipe, but a lot of swiping is required to go to other applications and the options within the applications. The current update is quite a notable one- all you need to shift between cards is a flip of the wrist.

8. Design and Customization of the Device: Customization is the requirement these days and most of the best smartwatches offer the user a  choice of different colored straps and/ being able to swap the straps out for a different option itself. This is very important if the user is keen on personalizing the appearance of his device.

Most of the smartwatches offer many customization choices to the user before the purchase. For example, one can select the band color or material, as also the face color, the finish and the size for watches like the Moto 360 and Apple Watch.

9. Notification and Alert Feature: A good smartwatch gives you an alert on the incoming calls, the emails, and the text messages by giving a quick buzz to the wrist, which enables you to secretly check if it’s worth answering or replying immediately or not. However, in an era where Social Media rules, one should check if the smartwatch has social network integration which provides notifications from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Also, ensure that you will be able to check all your recent notifications even if you have missed them as soon as they come in. For instance, in the Apple Watch, the user is enabled to swipe down right from the upper part of the screen to have a look at the Notification Center, whereas the Wear OS enables the user to swipe upwards from the base to view the latest messages.


Every generation comes with advancement in terms of knowledge, thinking, living and technology. Technology has become a part and parcel of every individual’s life, and the best example of it is the smartwatch and the smartphone. Smart watches are taking over many other gadgets in the fitness section due to the variety of amazing features that they offer.

Smartwatches not just synchronize with our smartphone and notify us of emails, text messages or calls, but also keep track of our fitness regimen by way of monitoring the steps and heart rate. This additional feature gives the smartwatch a sense of domination over the other available devices in the market.

Smartwatches keep us more in tune with our activities by monitoring them and enabling us to analyze and make the necessary changes to leading a healthy and better lifestyle. Smartwatches are not just trendy but have become a lifestyle statement. Definitely, SmartWatches are here to stay!

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