Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Review

With more and more awareness about heart health, Heart Rate Monitors are gaining a lot of popularity these days. People have become conscious about their cardiac health and make sure they do what is right for it. Heart Rate Monitors does precisely the same.

They measure your heart rate and display it for you and ensure that you remain in your target heart rate zone irrespective of the kind of exercise you are doing. Due to their growing demand, many companies are manufacturing these monitors. Scosche is a company which makes the best Heart Rate Monitors.

The company was founded in 1980 and is based in California. Read the Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband – Optical Heart Rate Armband Monitor With Dual Band Radio ANT+ and Bluetooth heart rate monitor Smart review 2021 here and learn about its features, design, and qualities.

The Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband is a great device which has optical sensors which give the accurate heart rate reading. You can wear it anywhere and get the best out of your workout.

There is no way you can go wrong in choosing this amazing armband as it is a unique and stylish monitor with various features. Read ahead and learn how this HRM can maximize your efforts.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Scosche RHYTHM+ armband monitor is a perfect device to measure the heart rate as its one of the best heart rate monitors which give accurate results. For people who have heart issues and are also fitness enthusiasts, this armband helps them maintain a healthy heart and exercise.

Even ordinary people will benefit from this device as it gives the perfect measurement of the heart rate and makes the user remain in his target heart rate zone.

It is also affordable and is one of the top-rated heart rate monitors below $100. This is an excellent price as it brings with it various benefits and a lifetime of good health.

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The box of this fantastic heart rate monitor by Scosche brand with the watch plus the charging USB cable. The box also contains the instructions which tell how to wear and charge the armband which is also very easy and obvious when you open the package. Make sure that you wear the actual sensor part on the inside of your arm for proper measurement. The box has two straps, one for the forearm and the other for the upper arm. So, practically you merely have to open the box, wear the band, and get going.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the Scosche RHYTHM+ HRM is very chic. The core of the monitor is square in shape and two velcro straps. The three optical sensors are on the back of the core. The bigger strap is for the upper arm, and the smaller one is for the forearm.

The armband has a breathable neoprene armband design which gives comfort and ease. There are two colors of the optical sensors – yellow and green. This device also supports a Bluetooth connection via Bluetooth Low Energy and multiple ANT+ connections.

It is also sweat and waterproof device which makes it wearable anywhere. Now talking about the build quality of this monitor, it is made of plastic with a soft and rubbery top. This HRM weighs approximately 22grams and has a size of 3cm x 3cm, which means it is not a bulky device.

The straps are very comfortable and not so big, thus get easily tied on the forearm. It can last up to 7-8 hours after charging it fully and need the recommended USB charger for recharging. It’s a solid device and will last longer.

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Features

Heart Rate Zone Alarm

This is an essential feature which every heart rate monitor must possess. This alarm beeps when you go beyond your target heart rate and alerts you to slow down.

The Scosche RHYTHM+ advanced optical sensors measure and give the accurate heart rate reading and helps you maintain that throughout your workout.


Interval Timers – This heart rate monitor helps in interval training by giving information on the heart rate levels and workout efficiency at each level. This information helps you to maximize your workout.

Calories Burned

This armband displays the calorie counter as it is not just a heart rate monitor which measures the pulse with the help of optical sensors. It also helps you track your workout progress and see how many calories you’ve burned while exercising.

Time in Zone Splits

RHYTHM+ Heart rate monitor displays time in zone splits and is a very accurate device as compared to other devices.

Computer/App Link

This smart HRM by Scosche has a built-in Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ which lets you stream your fitness data in real time. There are several compatible apps for iPhone, and Android, fitness watches, bike computers, etc.
This armband has no app of its own but can work with all the favorite fitness apps. It can operate at a distance of up to 100 feet from your mobile, computer, or exercise equipment.

Monitor Type

This is an optical heart rate monitor band which comes with optical sensors. These sensors, when touching your skin, measure the precise heart rate and display it for your information.

Calorie Counter

This armband calculates the calorie count and displays it with the help of various favorite fitness apps, like DigiFit Run.

Speed and Distance Monitor

The Scosche RHYTHM+ HRM armband manages the distance covered and the pace of your workout. It measures these vitals accurately and keeps the user informed about his workout progress.

Digital Interface

This armband does not have a digital interface as it monitors the heart rate only, but when you connect it with an app by syncing your smartphone with it, it will show your heart rate on your app.


The RHYTHM+ monitor by Scosche has no cords with it. It comes with a company prescribed USB charging cable. It is one of the best heart rate monitors for obese people.

Coded Transmitter

This HRM armband by Scosche has a dual-mode processor which can transmit your heart rate to more than one ANT+ displays and eve to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app or watch. This transmitter is very helpful in showing you the actual data of your workout progress.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery life of this Scosche armband HRM is of 8 hours where you can work out continuously for 8 hours. You can recharge this battery after 8 hours and enjoy your workout without any hurdles.


This armband monitor has a built-in Bluetooth SMART and ANT+ with the help of which you can send real-time data to your compatible iPhone or Android apps. You can use your favored fitness apps and manage your workout data and train smartly.

The Bluetooth smart gives you the freedom to work out even up to a distance of 100ft away from your smart device (phone or watch). This range is pretty good!

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Warranty

Scosche is a company which swears on producing innovative, contemporary, and best accessories at competitive prices. It also provides the first-rate service to its customers and maintains its relations even after selling them the product.

It gives excellent warranties on its products. The Scosche RHYTHM+ armband HRM has a limited lifetime warranty on non-electric parts, and a 1-year limited warranty on electronics.

Their customer service helpline number is +1-800-363-4490, and the representatives are alert and very helpful. You can also reach them.

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Pros & Cons


  • The monitor is very lightweight.
  • It has optical sensors which give an accurate reading.
  • The battery life is 8 hours and is rechargeable.
  • You can pair it with most of the devices.
  • The Bluetooth range is 100 feet.


  • The water penetration is up to 1 meter only.
  • It has no internal memory.
  • The price is on the higher side.


The Scosche Heart Rate Monitor is a unique armband with excellent design and features. You can wear it wherever you feel comfortable. Its main USP is its wearability, comfort, and accuracy.

There is no other device in its comparison which shows as accurate results as it can, especially above 160-170bpm where other devices fail. This device is one of the best heart rate monitors which can take your training to a whole new level.

Its Bluetooth capability, waterproof quality, chic design, and wireless workout makes it the best HRM in the market. It helps in maximizing your workout efforts and gives a beautiful training experience.