Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor Review

Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor Review

Whatever you need for your cardio training, you will find it in the Pyle PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor sports watch. Running, jogging or any energy consuming exercises can be tracked with this device. Geared with functions of a stopwatch, alarm and energy saver, this watch has an LED backlight for clear night visibility. It also includes a heart rate monitor chest strap for an accounting of maximum, minimum, average and present heart rate.

The Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor Review simply tells a heart rate monitor that makes you able to check your basic cardiovascular activity like your maximum and minimum pulse rate along with your average and present details of your heart. This watch comes with preprogrammed heart rate zones that will make you achieve your set goals. So anyone can go out there to get trained like professionals.

Manufactured in 2011, the Pyle PHRM38PN is now available in the market for a low price. It comes in 3 different colors; green, pink and silver for you to choose as your favorite.

Automatic warning beeps

This watch helps to achieve your fitness target by the built-in notification beeps. If you hit the entire heart rate zone or when you are lousy to work out at optimum levels, the Pyle PHRM38PN watch keeps you in a check by its beeps. The customers have found this as a valuable source of motivation. The “perfect heart rate zone beep” pump you up for working out better, while the “slacking beep” will push you to work out a little extra to achieve your set goals. This feature comes very handy for people who do not have a personal trainer to keep them going.

Remarkable accuracy

Considering the price of the Pyle PHRM38PN, it offers you an impressive accuracy for your heart rate readings. The customers rave about the accuracy of this watch and have tested it against many alternatives from same or expensive price band. Customers have reviewed it against Polar RS 300X, a more expensive monitor and have found the same readings from the Pyle PHRM38PN.


  • Heart rate monitoring: The Pyle PHRM38PN is helpful measuring the maximum, minimum, average and present heart rate giving you precise readings of your heart. It also shows some calories burnt from your system.
  • Date and Time: As an ordinary watch, the PHRM38PN also displays time and date. You can also set your daily alarms, and it has the function of 1/100 second stopwatch.
  • LED backlight: The display of the Pyle PHRM38PN is an energy saving display with an LED backlight for convenient night usage.
  • Water resistance: This watch is resistant to the water up to 33 feet or 10 meters (1 ATM)
  • Comfort: The watch and the chest strap can be easily adjusted to give you a proper fit with comfort without much interference. The strap material is cushy and fits you well.
  • It is a very accurate heart rate monitor without a doubt. It displays all the parameters in total accuracy and therefore is great for the users to perform all their exercises easily and conveniently.
  • There is also a feature of beep in this Pyle heart rate monitor in which the device starts beeping whenever the user has gone a bit too out of the permissible range of workout. This beeping feature will help you to follow a fixed pattern of workout so that you do not go haywire while exercising.

Customer Reviews

Customers have compared this watch to the Polar RS300X, and their stationery heart rate monitors and have observed exactly same results. But the Pyle heart rate sensor is preferred more by the customers for more reasons than one. They feel that the many features and the accuracy that their monitor has is difficult to find in these devices. Also, if they are this good, then they are also high on price. But that is not a case with this device for sure.

Drawbacks of the Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor

  • Size: The Pyle PHRM38PN is a bit too bulky for a watch and weighs more than many light-weight monitors available on the market. This issue can be a problem to people with thin wrists, in particular for women as they can be a style blooper.
  • Durability: they customer have complained of the product being breakable easily. The buttons fall off if you mishandle the watch. Be a little considerate before buying the watch.


The Pyle PHRM38PN Heart rate monitor is a dependable and a precise watch that can perform many useful functions. The features it offers, makes people forget the drawbacks of this watch. While some people have a problem with the size of the PHRM38PN, others might find it easy to read on a larger display.

So, we recommend you not to worry if you are considering to buy this watch as it will never fail to motivate you with it beeps.