Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is recognized as one of the best Bluetooth heart rate monitors that offer the ECG accurate heart rate with precision. Also, users can immediately track the live data into their smartphones for better analytics.

The primary feature of this Polar device is its compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0. As Bluetooth technology is available in all the Android and iPhone 4S, iPhone 5,6, 7, therefore, users can avail of the benefit of heart rate sensor with HRM for incredible results.

This device is designed to transmit on Polar coded 5 kHz transmission. Thus, it is highly compatible with almost all the Polar training computers. Read more about the Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Sensor review 2019 to understand the working efficiency of this smart device for having a healthy heart and body fitness.

The device arrives with the provision of long transmission, soft textile chest strap, and a replaceable battery. The device gets sync to the gym equipment with the provision of GymLink.

Moreover, it is supported by fitness apps like Polar Beat, RunKeeper, SportsTracker, Jog Log, MapMyRide, and a lot more. Overall, a quality-driven device recommended for fitness enthusiasts.

Best Suited to Whom?

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Sensor is revered among the best heart rate monitors that offer accurate heart rate readings to achieve desired fitness levels.

It is a recommended product for those users who prefer to have Bluetooth compatibility of their heart rate monitor with their smartphones. As this device comes with Bluetooth 4.0, the users can easily view their heart rate data on their smartphones with ease.

Also, those users who look for a device that proves to be highly compatible with their Polar training computers through T31 Coded 5.4 kHz transmission must buy this device.

Additionally, the Polar H7 device offers a comfortable chest strap, and those users who avoid wearing a chest strap during their workout should opt for this heart rate monitor.

Those people who look out for a motivational workout statistics should consider buying this Polar Bluetooth chest strap as it can immediately show the required data by syncing it with numerous fitness apps.

Therefore, it proves to be one of the best heart rate monitors under $100.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of Polar H7 is extremely easy and time-saving as all the details are mentioned in the manual. This device is compatible with Bluetooth smart ready devices that fully support the heart rate monitoring.

The users requires to have a separate application to view heart rate data on the receiving device that can be either a smartphone or a tablet. It is suggested to use Polar Beat application but user can opt for other applications as well.

If the users have an account in Polarpersonaltrainer.com, then Polar Beat can automatically sync their training files to it. But, it must be remembered that the user has to sign in to his Polarpersonaltrainer.com account to allow Polar Beat to sync the data to it.

If you are using the Polar H7 for the very first time, then you are required to pair the heart rate sensor with the receiving device. You can access more information on pairing the device from the instruction guide of mobile application manufacturer.

The English 3 Polar H& is compatible with Polar training computers via GymLink technology. The user can view the www.polar.com/ support for further information. Also, it is necessary to position the device in front of you to ascertain the sufficient transmission range from Polar H7 to the receiving device.

You can keep it in your front pocket or fix it onto the belt, but it is advised not to wear it on the back in a backpack or back pocket as it hampers the transmission process.

Design & Build Quality

The Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor is viewed as one of the most accurate heart rate monitors of the international market. The first look at the Polar device makes it appear as a sleek and stylish product that comes packed with multi-functional features.

The Polar H7 weighs 5 ounces and arrives with a comfortable and easy to wear chest strap. The chest strap is manufactured using the soft textile material that makes it highly comfortable even during intense workout sessions.

The chest strap is water-resistant and can be easily washed at home. The chest strap is available in XXXL size that is suitable for the required dimensions of 45 to 60 inches.

This device is empowered by 4.0 Bluetooth compatibility that makes it easy to sync the workout statistics across different platforms and devices. The Polar H7 is designed with a chest strap heart rate sensor that measures the heart rate in beats per minute.

The Polar H7 heart rate monitor sensor is also equipped with GPS functionality that makes it easy to use maps via the Polar Beat app. The user can easily strip the Bluetooth on the device and begins workout session, and it can be quickly taken off as well.

The chest strap needs to be moistened a little bit when it is attached with Bluetooth as it helps in attaining better results.The device operates with a T31 Coded 5.4 kHz transmission with a transmission range of 10 meters.

Therefore, it syncs with a variety of gym equipment and Polar computer training devices as well. The user gets to know his heart rate readings and view it on the big screen of his smartphone with clarity. But, this device can be used effectively when the user syncs it with Polar Beat or other fitness apps.

Overall, it is the preferred equipment of the users who require Bluetooth compatibility in their heart rate monitor and considered as one of the best Bluetooth heart rate monitors on the market.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Features

1. Heart rate zone alarm: This Polar H7 is a Bluetooth compatible device that shows the target heart rate zone when synced with the Polar Beat app. Thus, the user gets to know if his workout goes beyond the predefined limits.

2. Timers

  • Countdown Timer: There is no availability of a countdown timer in this device. But, users can access it via the Polar Beat device that offers numerous workout options.
  • Stopwatch: No availability of a stopwatch in this heart rate monitor
  • Interval timers: Users don’t have access to interval timers in this device.
  • Clock: The device doesn’t display the time of the day on its own. But, shows it on the smartphone when synced with a Polar Beat app via Bluetooth.
  • Alarm: The device doesn’t have an inbuilt alarm.

3. Calories burned: This Polar H7 syncs with numerous fitness apps and shows calories burned during the workout sessions.

4. Time in zone splits: There is no availability of time in zone splits in this device. However, users can sync their device with fitness apps that show time in zone splits.

5. Fitness test: This device syncs with the Polar Beat app and other numerous fitness apps that provide the fitness test to the users for checking their level of fitness.

6. Computer/app link: This Polar Beat and other apps like Heartworks, CycleMeter and a lot more can be easily connected to the device through Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Monitor Type: The Polar device comes with Bluetooth that can be quickly attached to the chest strap that is equipped with a sensor. Thus, there is no provision of a monitor, but this device shows all the statistics of the workout on the screen of users’ smartphones.

8. Recovery heart rate mode: There is no availability of recovery heart rate mode in this unit.

9. Calorie counter: Users can link this device to smart apps like Polar Beat and get to know their calories burned during the workout.

10. Speed and distance monitor: By linking the Polar device with fitness apps, users can access the speed and distance covered during their total workout time.

11. Digital interface: Users have their smartphones that are used as a digital interface to use this device efficiently. It can be done by connecting their smartphones to different fitness apps via Bluetooth.

12. Tethering: There is no availability of tethering in this device.

13. Fitness trainer: Users can optimize their exercise sessions by using the fitness trainers that are available in various fitness apps. But, users have to sync the Polar H7 to their preferred fitness apps through Bluetooth.

14. Coded transmitter: The device operates with coded 5 kHz transmission that helps in precise recording of heart rate readings.

15. Sport-specific features: Users can maximize their fitness by using this Polar H7 device while getting engaged in activities like Crossfit, fitness, swimming, yoga, gym, and training, pilates, running and jogging.

16. Rechargeable Battery: This device operates with a CR 2025 battery that is replaceable.

17. Bluetooth: The Polar H7 is powered by 4.0 Bluetooth that helps in sharing data on Bluetooth compatible smartphones through fitness apps.

18. Memory/Recording Capacity: The device can’t store the fitness data. But, by using Bluetooth connectivity, users can record their fitness data.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Programs

Pre-programmed workouts The Polar H7 heart rate monitor doesn’t provide any pre-programmed workouts. But, it is empowered by Bluetooth and that makes it compatible to share data across dozens of fitness apps. The users can access their workout details with precise details.

By linking the device with the Polar Beat app, users can effectively plan out their workout in advance. The app allows users to select a training target that may involve burning the calories or to improve upon the previously achieved workout record or distance covered.

Users can opt any indoor or outdoor activity with this heart rate monitor including swimming, pilates, running, jogging, Crossfit, fitness, yoga, gym, and training. The training of the user must be accompanied with the right intensity levels and per the fitness goals.

The Polar Beat app offers audible and graphical guidance to the users to train effectively and at the right intensity levels. Users can access their pace, route, and distance using the app. Moreover, users can train while listening to their favorite music on their smartphones.

After working out, the users need to analyze the effect of their training sessions. If they need to improve their aerobic endurance or burn more fat is ascertained only after analyzing the quality of the training programs.

The Polar Beat app, when used with BTLE HRM sensor helps the users in understanding the impact of workout, calories burnt, and intensity levels.Users can also share their fitness outcomes on social media with their friends by using different apps like WahooFitness, SportsTracker, MapMyRun, and a lot more.

Thus, users can ascertain their target and work hard to achieve them and analyze their results for improved performance using the Polar Beat app with Polar H7.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Warranty

Polar is the renowned fitness device manufacturer that is known to provide high-end fitness devices to its customers across the globe. The brand polar comes with a two-year limited warranty on this device.

The users can’t claim warranty if they have misused the device or not followed the instructions carefully while using it. The warranty also doesn’t provide coverage for regular wear and tear.

Only defects in workmanship and manufacturing are covered under warranty offered by Polar. It also comes with a 30-days return policy.

The original buyer with an original purchase receipt can claim the warranty from Polar. Therefore, users can rely on the brand and buy their device with an assured motivation that the product is worthy of investment.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Pros & Cons


  • It offers the most accurate heart rate monitoring with sensors and chest strap
  • Users can access their heart rate data live on their smartphone with the Polar Beat app
  • It comes packed with Bluetooth connectivity that helps to sync the device across different devices like Smartphones and various platforms
  • It is easy to use and extremely comfortable
  • The chest strap doesn’t overwhelm the users even during vigorous exercise sessions
  • It helps to remain the target heart rate zone
  • Hand washable
  • It comes with a replaceable battery
  • It comes with a 10 m long-range transmission
  • It operates with a coded 5 kHz transmission to offer ECG-accurate heart rate to any device that is compatible with Bluetooth
  • It offers a real worth of money with a range of less than $100


  • It can be intimidating for a few users to wear a chest strap to get real-time data
  • Some users experienced that it is difficult to link the device to various apps


The Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor Sensor is revered as one of the best Bluetooth heart rate monitors for most precise heart rate readings during exercise sessions. It is known for its best selling features like Bluetooth compatibility, compact design, user-friendly, and offering accurate results.

It is a highly cost-effective heart rate monitoring sensor that can be used by any fitness enthusiast. But, if you prefer to have a more advanced Bluetooth heart rate monitor, then our recommended product is Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Strap. It offers inbuilt memory, enhanced battery life, compatibility with GoPro, and a lot more.

This device is available at less than $100. On the contrary, if you prefer to use low-energy Bluetooth smart technology, the Polar Heart rate monitor is the best device. The Polar H7 review states that it is a preferred fitness device that offers the most accurate heart rate readings as its sensor on the chest strap work efficiently well.

Overall, a must-buy device for pro users who can’t settle with the ordinary device, but require the precise heart rate data for optimal results.

FAQs of Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor

Q1: Which battery is used in Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor?
A1: This device operates with a replaceable battery that is CR 2025

Q2: Do we need wi-fi to sync the data to the smartphone from Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor?
A2: No, the device operates with 4.0 Bluetooth, and that means it can sync data across different devices and platforms

Q3: Does Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor show a live heart rate?
A3: The user must wear the chest strap of Polar H7 as only, then it can show the live heart rate readings, and the smartphone should be synced with a fitness app like Polar Beat to get the results