Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor is recognized among the best heart rate monitors that come equipped with heart rate recording and fitness trackers for optimal results.

Its unique feature is the provision of energy pointer that offers an interesting insight as to whether the user is in aerobic fitness range or fat-burning range.

Also, the device offers weekly training summary of the users and can effectively store up to 99 files that help in better analyzing workout statistics. The users also derive the benefit of calorie expenditure and audible alarms for assuring users’ safety.

Read more about the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor review 2021 to understand its practical benefits in real-time training sessions.The device offers HeartTouch functionality, coded transmission, and training load for having accurate heart rate readings. Overall, a stylish device that offers real value for money.

Best Suited to Whom?

Polar FT7 Heart Rate is rated as one of the most accurate heart rate monitors that aim to offer precise results for long-term health benefits.

It is a recommended product for those users who prefer to have an advanced heart rate monitor that is packed with all the essential features for incredible results.

Moreover, those users who are conscious about their weight loss workout program must buy this device as it offers calorie burnout readings. Also, the users get the benefit of an energy point that clearly depicts the key results of your training. It helps to understand the users to know what they have to do to achieve better results.

Besides, the users who require reliable data about training and resting must opt for this Polar Ft7 heart rate monitor. As this device shows the real cumulative training data of the user, thus, it becomes quite practical to get information about when hard training is required and when rest days need to be taken.

Therefore, this device proves to be among the best heart rate monitors under the price range of $200 for improving fitness levels.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The standard box of the Polar FT7 arrives with one Polar FT7 training computer (Wrist Watch), one Polar H1 heart rate sensor that includes a chest strap as well. One FT7 user guide and two lithium batteries are also included in the box.

To initiate the device, the user has to activate Polar FT7 training computer by pressing and holding any button for a quick time of one second. Once the device is activated, it can’t be switched off.

Then the user gets the option of selecting the desired language preference that includes English, Francais, Italiano, Portugues, Deutsch, Espanol, Svenska or Suomi with Up/Down button.User needs to press Ok for selecting the desired language preferences.

Then, the user requires to select time format, date, and time. After that, there is a need to select the units such as setting metric like KG, CM or imperial as LBS, FT. If the user selects LBS/FT then calories are shown as CAL or If selected in KG/CM format, then calories are shown in KCAL.

In such a scenario, the calories are measured as kilocalories. Then comes the requirement of selecting weight, height, date of birth and sex. The screen displays the message of settings ok and user has to confirm by selecting yes. The screen shows the message that the basic setting is done and FT7 enters the time view.

If you require to change the settings, then press no. The screen shows the message please select the basic settings and the user has to re-enter the details and confirm it to view FT7 time view and the device is ready to use.

Design & Build Quality

The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor is recognized among the top-selling wrist heart rate monitors of the fitness market. The dimensions of this device are 4.72 x 3.86 x 2.91 inches, and it weighs 1.6 ounces.

It is a stylish device that is a muti-functional device that operates as a heart rate monitor, a regular watch, a fitness trainer, data tracking unit all rolled into one.

The Polar Ft7 is a lightweight fitness unit that is designed to offer an incredible user experience by not overwhelming the users with its presence. At the same time, it is strong enough to stick around during the intense workout regimen.

Moreover, the chest strap is highly convenient to use as it is manufactured using the comfortable fabric that doesn’t intimate the users during the light as well as hardcore fitness training. There is a WireLink transmitter in the chest strap that

It is designed with a user-friendly interface that is equipped with easy to understand EnergyPointer. This pointer helps the user to know if he is burning fat that is indicated by the left of the center line or he is building fitness as displayed by the right of the center line.

The digital screen shows displays and counts the total calorie expenditure of the user. Along with it, the device shows total training hours, in-zone training, complete training details. The screen shows average heart rate, maximum heart rate, beats per minute.

There is an automatic setting of the targeted heart rate zone and also the provision of a manual setting of the heart rate zone. The HeartTouch feature allows users to ascertain accurate heart rate reading by bringing the wrist unit close to the transmission and he is not required to touch the wristwatch manually to see the results.

The device also displays a graphical presentation of the workout details. The watch is backlit and indicates data and weekday with displaying text in eight different languages like Swedish, French, Portuguese, English, German, Finnish, Spanish, and Italian. It shows a dual time zone and has got a keylock, as well.

Users can change the battery with the help of a low battery indicator. It is water-resistance with a limit of 30m depth of water. It rings an audio alarm for users working out beyond the target heart rate zone. Overall, a recommended fitness device for fitness enthusiasts.Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Features

Heart rate zone alarm

This Polar Ft7 heart rate monitor arrives with the provision of a heart rate zone alarm. This alarm gets functional when user workouts beyond the target zone, and helps in enhancing the safety levels of the users.


  • Countdown Timer: This heart rate monitor is not equipped with a countdown timer.
  • Stopwatch: There is no availability of stopwatch in this Polar heart rate monitor.
  • Interval timers: The device is not equipped with interval timers.
  • Clock: The heart rate monitor displays the time of the day, along with the dual time zone.
  • Alarm: The audio alarm starts ringing whenever users engage in a workout that is defined as beyond the limit of the target heart rate zone.

Calories burned

This Polar Ft7 is accessorized with OwnCal that displays the total calories burned indicator. It shows the number of calories burned in each of the workout sessions.

Time in zone splits

The device is empowered with a dual time zone for better usage and ease of convenience for the users.

Fitness test

This device is equipped with an Energy Pointer that acts as a fitness test for the users. It shows when the user is in an aerobic range and when he is in a fat-burning range for accurate results.

Computer/app link

This Polar device allows the transfer of the workout data to Intel-based Mac, Personal Computer and polarpersonaltrainer.com

Monitor Type

The Polar Ft7 arrives with an advanced monitor that displays the text in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Finnish, Swedish, and Italian. The monitor shows the graphical presentation of workout statistics and is easy to use.

Recovery heart rate mode

There is no availability of recovery heart rate mode in this unit.

Calorie counter

Polar OwnCal offers precise information on the number of calories burned during the exercise sessions.

Speed and distance monitor

There is no availability of speed and distance monitor in this Polar watch.

Digital interface

The digital interface of this device is extremely interactive and easy to understand and use.


There is no provision of tethering in this Polar device.

Fitness trainer

Users can benefit from the smart coaching features of the device that acts as a fitness trainer. These features include Energy Pointer, OwnCal, and Training Load.

Coded transmitter

The device comes equipped with a coded transmitter and easy to use fabric transmitter that helps in removing cross-talk.

Sport-specific features

Users can optimize their workout using this multi-functional watch and while swimming in 30m water as well. Also, users can engage in the circuit, HIIT, walking, running, biking, and other cardio workouts using this heart rate monitor.

Rechargeable Battery

This device operates with a replaceable battery that is easy to replace after 12 months.


There is no provision for Bluetooth in this heart rate monitor.

Memory/Recording Capacity

The device is designed to store 99 files of the users’ workout sessions. Therefore, users can achieve incredible benefits using this device’s stored data and analyzing it and setting new goals.

Audible Alarms

The device arrives with a zone alarm that starts beeping when the user crosses the targeted heart rate limit. But, some users have reported that the volume of the alarm is a bit slow, and there is no option to increase it. Therefore, if you are engaged in rigorous workout sessions, then you won’t be able to hear the alarm. The only option is to check the heart rate and the device allows users to determine the target heart rate for themselves.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Programs

Pre-programmed workouts: The Polar Ft7 heart rate monitor is a multifunctional device that is designed for the circuit, HIIT, walking, running, biking, and other cardio workouts. It offers inbuilt training analyzing, training diary, training load, and training programs.

The comprehensive training programs and training diary enable the users to maintain a regular track of workout statistics. The statistical data offers significant data according to the type of training that the users have undergone in a day, week, and month

Also, users can maximize their potential using the analytical mechanisms as offered by the Polar device. As this device can store up to 99 workout files, users have real-time data that provides an insight into the performance analysis of the users over a given time frame.

With the help of the graphical target zone indicator, users can access their current and target heart rates. As the users can track their average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and total calories burnt, so the user has detailed information about workout details.

Also, the provision of EnergyPointer enables users to understand whether they are in the fat-burning zone or aerobic zone to enhance their fitness to the next level. Moreover, users can transfer their workout data to their personal computer using the Polar FlowLink, but they have to purchase it separately.

The provision of “Polar OwnCode” enables users to use the specialized code that helps in syncing the recorded heart rate to only the preferred device, as suggested by the user.

Furthermore, users can have a graphical analytical view of the heart rate data that helps in a better understanding of workout statistics. Therefore, users are motivated to improve their performance. Thus, users can determine their fitness goals and get a focussed approach to achieve these goals.

Manual target zones The FT7 device is designed with user-friendly feature of setting the target heart rate manually. Therefore, users can determine the heart rate that is suitable for their fitness goals and precise for their training. In this way, users can determine the heart rate zone as beats per minute or bpm, or as a percentage of heart rate reserve(HRR%), or as a percentage of maximum heart rate. But, if you prefer to get this work done automatically, then going with Polar FT80 or Polar FT60 would be recommended.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Warranty

Polar is an innovative brand of the fitness industry that is dedicated to bringing the high-end fitness equipment to the users worldwide. The brand comes up with a valid warranty cover on all its fitness equipment, and F7 also comes equipped with a limited two-year warranty.

The brand Polar offers warranty coverage against any defect in materials and workmanship and warranty applies to the original buyer alone for two years from the date of purchase. The user can’t claim warranty against prohibited or improper use of the device.

Also, the receipt of the original bill is extremely significant to claim the warranty from the company. Therefore, users can buy this heart rate monitor with assured confidence from the brand to provide a valid warranty.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Pros & Cons


  • It is an impressive device with its multifunctional features like a heart rate monitor, training indicator, a watch, and a fitness guide
  • It offers personalized results based on beats per minute, heart rate reserve percentage, and max heart rate percentage
  • Provision of automatic target heart rate zone with an audible alarm
  • The provision of energy pointer helps to optimize the workout sessions
  • It comes with a backlit watch with date and weekday indicator
  • The device displays text in eight different languages
  • It operates with a user-replaceable battery
  • The device comes with a fabric transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to help in avoiding electronic cross-talk
  • Users can wear this watch in water with 30cm depth while swimming
  • It is supported by a web-based functionality training analyzing and training load
  • Provision of HeartTouch feature for ease of usage
  • Availability of graphical zone indicator for a better user experience
  • It also offers the manual setting of the target heart rate zone
  • It also provides OwnCal calorie counter for optimal results
  • It is compatible with Mac, PC, and polarpersonaltrainer.com
  • It stores up to 99 training files along with the precise weekly summary
  • An easy to use and lightweight band
  • It is compatible with gym equipment via GymLink


  • The device doesn’t show aggregate information on heart rate and total workout time on the screen
  • It doesn’t measure laps
  • Users don’t find the audio alarm noticeable during intense workout sessions
  • Some users find the timing features elementary
  • Its battery life is short
  • No provision of pedometer
  • Buttons are fragile
  • Backlit light stays on only a short time


The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor is revered as one of the most accurate heart rate monitors on the market. It is acclaimed to be an innovative and multifunctional heart rate monitor that offers intuitive design, impressive performance, compatibility with PC, Mac, and valid warranty coverage.

Its unique feature is an energy pointer that offers an interesting insight into users’ fat-burning range or aerobic range for maximized results. But, if you prefer to enjoy more advanced features and functionality, then you can go for Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor.

It is an advanced machine with a vibrating function, sleep tracker, activity tracker, and this heart rate monitoravailable at less than $200. But, if you intend to go for a device with Bluetooth support or any wireless transfer of the data, then it is better to switch to Polar FT60 or Polar FT80.

However, if you prefer accurate and consistent results with enhanced training features, then there is nothing better than the Polar Ft7 model. The Polar Ft7 review states that it is a performance-oriented device that provides easy to use functionality with an array of the impressive feature line.

Overall, it is a recommended fitness device for improving fitness levels with consistent results.

FAQs of Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Does Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor come equipped with a chest strap?
Yes, the Polar Ft7 arrives with a chest strap that is manufactured using soft materials and is extremely comfortable to use during workout sessions
Does Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor operate as a regular watch as well?
Yes, it is a regular watch when it is not in exercise mode with dual time zone feature
Is Polar Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor easy to upload the data to the PC from this device?
Yes, but the user requires to have a Polar sync accessory that can be used to upload the data on the Polar website for free to have collected data on maximum heart rate, and average heart rate and how much you worked on the device