Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The accuracy of the calories burned and features that are provided with this heart rate monitor is immense. To see the percentage of fat burned is the highly rated feature of the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor. Fitness freaks feel motivated towards their workout routine due to the above-stated monitoring capabilities of this device. At the same time, this accuracy is highly appreciated by all its users as well as those who wish to stay within the specified range of prescribed heart rate specified for them. With caution, you can wear the monitor while swimming also. But you must note that pushing any button underwater can harm its display.

Easy to use

Buttons provided in the Polar FT 60 to input your weight, age, and other personal stats make it very simple to use the monitor. However, to upload stats to a computer it requires an optional uplink accessory, the Polar FlowLinl. The monitor can store the weekly history and up to 100 files, which makes it very simple to track the progress that you are making.  Many of its users feel ecstatic as it can communicate with elementary exercise gear — such as Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike, as profiles in the report about exercise bikes. But please note FT60 does not have an interval timer or stopwatch function.

Changeable battery & Accessories: Replaceable battery feature attached to the monitor makes it very popular amongst its users. Unlike many another monitors that include some Polar models also, it is not required to be sent to the service center for a change of battery. It comes with a two-year warranty. Other accessories available along with the monitor include GPS module and S 1 Foot Pod, which helps in tracking your speed and distance traveled.


  • It has a WearLink heart rate transmitter
  • There are automatic target zones that are age-based
  • It is water resistant till 30 m
  • There is a G1 GPS armband that comes with it
  • The FT60 is compatible with an optional S1 Footpod
  • It is also compatible with PolarPersonalTrainer.com
  • It is available in many colors C


  • Data uplink costs extra
  • No interval timing or stopwatch feature
  • Polar Personalized
  • Once you log in, the monitor uses the information provided to it and is capable of making tailor made plans suitable for your fitness routine.Once the routine is done it sends more data on the website. Further, charts and graphs are shown about the same which is certainly helpful for the users to monitor their progress.
  • Stylish & Easy to Monitor
  • The watch is too good looking and very classy. The initial setup wizard is so invigorating which is much suitable for the training watches. Key stats like workout goals, fitness level, and basic setups can be looked up through this watch in a very simple manner.
  • The display of the watch is amazing. Dot matrix pattern attached to it is capable of exhibiting lots of data and graphs. Control is very simple to understand. Apparent marking is done against each and every button.
  • The display system is so user-friendly that it seldom requires going through its manual for various references. The weak link transmitter given with the monitor is very comfortable, and its transmission quality is also very user-friendly. At the same time, G1 GPS pod given with the monitor is very convenient and effortless to use. A single button turns it on. Once the watch is asked to put in GPS mode, the signal is picked up in just less than 15 seconds.
  • Access to the heart rate reading is turned on at once training mode is started. Other features are also turned on along this like elapsed time, calories burned, speed and distance covered. Once the workout is finished, the stored memory indicates all the details made during the workout like whether the training was performed under the prescribed zone or some over training happened. The level of the fitness performance i.e. whether some improvement was there or not is also monitored by the device.
  • The monitor has the additional facility to guide the user through the workout routine w.r.t height, weight, age and fitness level. Audible on-screen alarms further uplift the usage of the monitor.
  • FT 60 is highly recommended to use while doing indoor workouts, trail running, hiking, road cycling and mountain biking. A total number of calories burned during any of the workouts motivates the user to workout more.
  • While running or biking buttons might be difficult to use.
  • Auto scan features not available.
  • Lap tracking features not available.
  • In the areas where big trees are located G1, GPS tends to lose signal.
  • It can be inconvenient to wear multiple devices.

Some of its users complain after just a few weeks or some months that the monitor is unable to sense the heart rate. After going through the troubleshooting instructions, some of its users changed the batteries also but of no use. At the same time, they felt the battery compartment attached to it was very difficult to open.


The Bottom Line on the Polar FT60 is that people who are looking to buy a heart rate monitor with training watch, then FT60 is the name for them. It has proved to be wonderful workout companion with amazing features that in reality delivers to the user.