Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitor is viewed among the best wrist heart rate monitors that provide accurate heart rate readings for having better cardiovascular health.

The key selling point of this heart rate monitor is that it not only measures heart rate while working out but turns out to be a fitness tracker that determines the impact of workout sessions on the heart.

Its unique feature of heart touch allows users to read the heart rate data by placing the device near the transmitter, and it shows exact readings without requiring to touch the wrist. Also, the screen shows real-time data on the workout, along with the required information about the status of the battery.

This device shows the calories burnt and heart rate analysis after the workout is done. Read more about Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitor review 2021 to know about its effective functioning and practical usage in daily fitness activities.

The device arrives with a chest strap, has a replaceable battery, and is water-resistant. Moreover, it is compatible with gym equipment to record the precise heart rate during the workout via Gym Link.

Best Suited to Whom?

Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitor is acknowledged among the most accurate heart rate monitors that provide exact heart rate readings to know about the health of the user’s heart.

It is highly advised for all those people who require an accurate reading of their heart rate during their daily workout sessions. It proves ideal for people who are engaged in a variety of fitness activities that enable them to monitor their heart rate.

Also, the users who are conscious about their calorie intake and require accurate information about the calorie burnout must opt for this device. The Polar Ft4 clearly shows the information about the calories burnt out during the workout sessions.

This information enables users to focus on their workout regimen, eating habits, and patterns to make real-time changes in their fitness levels. Moreover, it offers valuable input of heart rate readings that act as a motivation to achieve better results.

Therefore, users who look out for constant commitment and motivation in their workout should opt for this Polar Ft4 heart rate monitor. Thus, it is revered as one of the best heart rate monitors under $200 for having the best results.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitors Assembly, Design & Build Quality

The Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitor is acknowledged amongst the best heart rate monitors of the fitness industry. It offers a clean design with accurate performance. This wrist heart rate monitor weighs 11.2 ounces and operates with the CR1632 battery that has twelve months life and is replaceable afterward.

The Polar Ft4 offers the required information like heart rate monitoring, total time user spent on training, calories burnt, in-zone training and time of the day. The backside of the heart rate monitor is designed with stainless steel and the wrist strap is manufactured using polyurethane material.

The WireLink transmitter is designed from the material that is non-allergic and offers comfortable experience even during long workout sessions. The FT4 chest strap arrives in three different sized from M to XXL with a range of 28 inches to 44 inches.

The second range offers an XXS size that is smaller than 28 inches and the third range includes an XXXL size that is above 44 inches. The Polar heart rate monitor FT4 is designed with two key components that help in measuring the heart rates with precision.

These include training computer that is displayed on the user’s wrist. It records and also displays heart rate and other relevant information that is recorded during the training session.

Then there is a Wearlink transmitter in the chest strap and comes with a connector. The connector is meant to transmit the heart rate signal to the training computer located on the wrist.

The heart touch sensors allow users to assess information without pressing any buttons. This enables users to focus on their intense training sessions and derive useful data by bringing the wrist closer to the transmitter.

The wrist unit is designed with five buttons as the top right button helps to scroll up the list of the menu. If the user prefers to modify the watch face, then he can long-press the button to do so.

The bottom button assists in scrolling down the menu list and the long-press button helps to change the face of the button. The top-left button is used for illuminating the backlit display.

The bottom left is the exit button that can be used to leave the settings as they are or to cancel the particular selection. The center-right button is used for confirming the selection and determine the training session and desired settings.

It also offers a heart rate-based target zone with audio and visual alarm that alerts the users if he goes out of these predefined goals. The heart rate display screen is efficiently designed, and it is easy to read. It displays heartbeats per minute or as a percentage of maximum heart rate known as MHR.

This device works efficiently well by automatic set up of the heart rate target zone as per the age-based maximum heart rate of the user. The limits are specified either as a percentage of maximum heart rate of the user or beats per minute popularly termed as BPM.

The user is also allowed to manually set the target heart rate zone either as a percentage of maximum heart rate or beats per minute. The Polar OwnCal indicator shows the calories burned by the user during the workout.

There is also a graphical target zone indicator that enables users to stay on their desired intensity levels. Overall, it turns out to be the best wrist heart rate monitors of the market.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitors Features

Heart rate zone alarm

This Polar Ft4 heart rate monitor arrives with In zone alarm. If the user goes beyond the predefined target heart rate zone, then the audible and visual alarm alerts the user to stay in the zone area.

Countdown Timer

This heart rate monitor doesn’t offer a countdown timer in this device.
Stopwatch: No provision of stopwatch in this heart rate monitor
interval timers:


The device shows the time of the day.


The device comes with audio and visual alarm when the user works outside the in-zone limit.

Calories burned

This Polar Ft4 arrives with a calorie burnt indicator that displays the total calories burnt during the workout session.

Time in zone splits

There is no provision of time in zone splits but the target heart rate zone for keeping the user safe during intense exercise sessions.

Fitness test

This device arrives with a fitness tracker that enables users to check their fitness levels on a regular basis.

Computer/app link

This Polar device, like other heart rate monitors, offers the manual transfer of data to polarpersonaltrainer.com. It helps users to analyze the data in detail.

Monitor Type

The Polar device comes equipped with a nice and easy to clean monitor that displays required information with precision.

Recovery heart rate mode

No provision for recovery heart rate mode in this device.
Calorie counter: Users have access to calorie counter with PolarOwnCal to understand the total calories burned during workout sessions.

Speed and distance monitor

No provision of speed and distance monitor in this device.

Digital interface

The digital interface is user-friendly and extremely easy to use.
Tethering: No provision of tethering in this device.

Fitness trainer

Users can maximize their workout sessions with the use of a fitness trainer and keep themselves healthy.

Coded transmitter

The device is accompanied by a coded transmitter that sends the entire workout detail from the chest strap to monitor of the device.

Sport-specific features

Users can wear this device during any workout session and even in water that is 30 inches deep and can enjoy the swimming sessions.

Rechargeable Battery

This device runs with a CR1632 battery that operates for twelve months and is replaceable afterward.


No provision of Bluetooth is made in this device.

Memory/Recording Capacity

The device can store up to ten training files, and if he wishes to save more, then he can transfer some of the data to his computer. The device can store the data from the last reset mode. In this way, users can track their long-term data in this device.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitors Workout Programs

Pre-programmed workouts- The Polar Ft4 heart rate monitor is an excellent heart rate monitoring device that offers precise heart rate details. This information plays a vital role in improving the intensity levels and also remain within the predefined heart rate zone.

There is no inbuilt workout program in this device, but it offers a fitness tracker, heart rate In-zone and smart calorie counter. In this way, the device works as a personal trainer that guides the user about when to speed up or when to slow down.

Moreover, the calorie burn indicator helps to make a regular check on the calories burnt and motivates users to achieve desired outcomes.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitors Warranty

Polar is the internationally recognized fitness equipment brand that is known for providing ultimate precision and technological innovations in its equipment. A two-year limited warranty covers the polar Ft4 heart rate monitor.

The brand Polar provides the warranty coverage only for defects in material or workmanship from two-years from the original date of purchase. It doesn’t cover improper use, normal wear, and tear, and non-compliance of precautions.

The user requires to keep the original purchase document from Polar to claim for warranty coverage. Thus, valid warranty coverage encourages users to buy the Polar Ft4 heart rate monitor for enjoying excellent results.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Pros and Cons


  • It is a multifunctional device with its heart rate monitoring, a regular watch, and a fitness tracker
  • It is an efficient calorie calculator and keeps a close watch on all users activities
  • It is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use
  • It is water-resistant up to 30m and users can wear it safely during swimming sessions
  • It has got easy to read display
  • It offers hands-free information by placing the watch near the transmitter and have a look at the heart rate readings
  • Hand washable for hygienic use
  • It provides an In-zone target heart rate for the safety of the users
  • It syncs with gym equipment via Gymlink
  • Users can save their data on polarpersonaltrainer.com


  • It doesn’t offer Bluetooth compatibility to transfer the heart rate readings through the watch to laptop, tablet, or PC
  • The users have to wear the chest strap to derive accurate heart rate monitoring, and that may be inconvenient to some of the users
  • No provision of Bluetooth
  • Some users state that the out of the zone is too low and not audible during intense exercise sessions


The Polar t4 Heart Rate Monitor is viewed among the best wrist heart rate monitors for versatile workout sessions. Its build quality, multifunctionality and advanced technology make it a recommended choice of users across the globe.

Its key features include the unique hands-free reading and calorie count along with the fitness tracker provision. But, if you intend to have more functionality, then you can opt for the Polar Ft7 model.

It offers a smart coach feature that guides users to engage in workout sessions and also guide when the user needs to take rest. It is available at less than $600.

But, if you prefer to have a basic heart rate monitor, yet it offers extreme accuracy and intuitive features that are required for keeping a precise check on the heart rate readings.

The Polar Ft4 review states that this is a simple yet effective heart rate monitoring device that is an affordable device that offers real value for money. Overall, a recommended device for fitness enthusiasts who recommend precision, ease of usage, and offers excellent outcomes.

FAQs of Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitors

Does it show calories burned without using a chest strap?
No, the user requires to wear a chest strap to measure the calories burned during the workout sessions as calories burnt are based on the heart rate.
Does it show heart rate if I wear it all day while being active and not working out?
Yes, it shows the heart rate even while you are active in a day, but you need to wear the chest strap the whole day to support the heart rate readings.
Is it comfortable to wear a chest strap the entire day?
The chest strap of Polar 4Ft is an adjustable strap that can easily fit in with 30 inches to 45 inches and arrives in a standard, medium and XXL size. Moreover, it is made of soft material and easy to wear.