Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

This heart rate monitor watch by Polar model FT! can be worn like a watch and it helps you track how many times your heart beats per minute. It then displays the value in legible and large numbers. There are also some advanced features that you can avail of it like summarizing your heart rate for every workout that you perform and also monitoring your heart rate so that it is within limit at the time that you are exercising. Whenever you go out of that range, the monitor will alert you either through an audible alarm or a visual one.

Technology Updating

The Polar FT1 has been in the market since a long time but has been updated from time to time as and when the technology has advanced. These advances include transmission of heart rate in a coded form so that cross-talk which means interference of signals is prevented. It helps to get accurate results.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

It is imperative for you to be comfortable when you are exercising.If you are not comfortable with your exercise equipment, you will not use it for long. The wristwatch and the chest strap of this heart rate monitor are very comfortable and can be worn by all body types. Most of the users also feel that they could not feel that they are wearing the monitor after they start exercising.


  • There are standard features that the Polar FT1 comes with like:
  • The display of heart rate is large and easily readable.
  • This monitor has one button function and is, therefore, very easy to use
  • Heart rate transmission is coded so that maximum accuracy is reached and there is no cross talk as well
  • Beats per minute are the unit in which the heart rate is displayed
  • Visual and audible alarms in case your heart rate goes out of the target range
  • It comes with a user guide that is in full detail.
  • The workout summary can be accessed in detail with just a push of the button.
  • Polar T31 transmitter helps to transmit the heart rate to the watch.

When you are exercising, it is crucial that you monitor your heart rate so that you can get the most benefit out of your exercise program. This heart rate monitor is a very cheap gadget that can help you keep a right tab on your heart rate while you are exercising so that you do not have to expend any extra effort of yours.

Many users have used this Polar heart rate monitor and feel that this device is very easy to use and comfortable too. One of the many pluses is its ease of use. You just have to strap it on, and you are good to go. The display is simple which another positive aspect of this monitor. Its functionality by just using one-button is excellent.

Most of the heart rate monitors are so complicated to use, and the users get unnecessarily bogged down with all the extra features that come with them. Sometimes, just to get some simple information, the user may have to slow down the run and then scroll through the many options to get the information that one is looking for like the percentage of heart rate. Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review tells the display is either of the beats per minute or the percentage of maximum heart rate. The display is quite large and, therefore, all that is needed is a quick look.

There are also some additional features that the Polar FT1 has like workout summaries and range monitoring. These are pretty readily available and also quite helpful. Also, the one-button functionality makes it very simple for all kinds of users whether they are technology savvy or not. Another thing worth mentioning is that this product is pretty impressive as it is useful, high quality and can also be easily operated.


There are not many negative reviews of the Polar FT1, but there certainly are some things that the product doesn’t offer which others do. Anyone who is wishing to get features like counting the calories burned, distance travelled, or the steps taken will not be satisfied with the PT1. Since it is simply a heart rate monitor on a religious basis and does not have many of the additional features.

Also, this monitor is so designed that it controls the heart rate only while exercising and this may be a disappointment for a few who with the heart rate monitor to monitor the heart rates at other times all throughout the day.


It is a unanimous view of all the people who have purchased this product, and it shows that this is a smart buy for anyone who wishes to monitor the heart rate while exercising to have a comfortable workout and also to get the most out of it. The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor is quite user-friendly and also pretty reasonable for its price with all the features that anyone would want.

For anyone wishing to have a highly functional, low-priced and easily right heart rate monitor watch, the FT1 is the best choice. So don’t think much and just go in for this monitor and you will never be disappointed.