Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor is recognized as the best wrist heart rate monitor that is designed to provide error-free heart rate monitoring during the workout sessions. Its impressive feature is easy to read display screen that offers precise heart rate data and also shows a summary of the latest workout session.

The availability of a manual heart rate target zone enables users to track their fitness levels and workout accordingly. Its top-selling feature is one-button functionality and provision of coded heart rate transmission to cut down the possibility of cross-talk.

This device is accompanied by Polar T31 coded transmitter Chest strap and user guide. Read more about Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor review 2021 to understand its practical utility and ability to keep users’ heart-healthy.

The device is equipped with an audible and visual alarm to alert users when they step out of their target heart rate zone. It comes with a replaceable battery, affordable, and easy to use the device with excellent results.

Best Suited to Whom?

Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor is rated as one of the top-rated heart rate monitors for the accurate reading of heart rate during workout sessions.

It is recommended for users who require a simple yet highly productive heart rate monitor. It offers only the heart rate readings, time of the day, and how much time you spent while exercising. Thus, it is preferred for people who need a basic heart rate monitor.

Also, those users who get overwhelmed with lots of features and functioning buttons would find this device extremely useful. It offers one-button functionality that makes its usage highly practical and convenient for users.

Besides, it offers alarms to alert the users if they workout beyond the determined heart rate target zone. In this way, it provides complete safety for users, and they find it safe and effective to use. Thus, it is a recommended product that falls under the category of best heart rate monitors under the price range of $100.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The wristband is designed with a visual and audible alarm when the user goes beyond the predetermined heart rate. Then users can also manually define their target zone as beats per minute, as a percentage of heart rate reserve, or as a percentage of maximum heart rate.

Overall, this device proves to be a must-buy fitness gear for all fitness enthusiasts at less than $100.

Design and Build Quality

The Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor is viewed amongst the most accurate heart rate monitors of the international market. The dimensions of this device are 3 x 3.7 x 6.5 inches, and it weighs 3.52 ounces. Its minimalistic design is its selling point as it enhances users’ confidence and convenience to operate this unit hassle-free.

The users get the Polar FT1 training computer, and Polar T31 coded transmitter in the package. The wrist band is comfortable to wear, and the chest strap also offers a convenient and user-friendly experience while working out.

The Polar Ft1 comes with a large display screen that shows heart rate monitoring, time of the day, the total time users spent on training, and weekday indicator.

The device arrives with HeartTouch functionality that allows users to bring the wrist band closer to the transmitter and derive the heart rate reading without even touching the device.

The chest strap arrives in four different sizes. There is an XS size that offers a range of 18 to 25 inches, small size with 23 to 47 inches size, and medium-size with 25 to 54 inches size. The large size is available from 33 to 63 inches. Thus, users with different requirements can find the product as per their convenience.

The Polar Ft1 model operates on an easily replaceable battery. It works with a training computer that displays the required heart rate readings on screen. Then there is a Polar T31 coded transmitter that records the data and sends the necessary information to the training monitor to be shown on screen.

The watch also offers a backlit display for better results. The wristband operates with a single button that is meant to start the heart rate readings and stop it. Moreover, the users also use this button to set the maximum and minimum heart rate zones.

This button helps to set the time as well. Thus, the provision of this one central button implies that the display screen shuffles between heart rate readings, time of the workout session and time of the day.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Features

Heart Rate Zone Alarm

This Polar Ft1 heart rate monitor is designed to offer the target heart rate zone to the user. So, if he works out beyond that limit, then visual and audible alarm beeps to enable users to exercise safely.


  • Countdown Timer: This heart rate monitor doesn’t come equipped with a countdown timer in this device.
  • Stopwatch: The users don’t have a provision of stopwatch in this unit.
  • Interval timers: The wristband doesn’t show interval timers.
  • Clock: The display screen clearly shows the time of the day.
  • Alarm: There is a provision of an audio and visual alarm that starts beeping when the user works out above the targeted heart rate zone.

Calories burned

This Polar Ft1 is a basic model and doesn’t offer a calorie burnt indicator.

Time in zone splits

The device doesn’t offer time in zone limits, but users have predefined target heart rate zones to keep their workout well programmed.

Fitness test

There is no provision of a fitness tracker in this heart rate monitor.

Computer/app link

There is no availability of a computer or app link in this device.

Monitor Type

The Polar Ft1 arrives with a well-designed monitor that offers a clear display.

Recovery heart rate mode

There is no availability of recovery heart rate mode in this unit.

Calorie counter

This device doesn’t support a calorie counter.

Speed and distance monitor

There is no availability of speed and distance monitors in this unit.

Digital interface

The digital interface is highly convenient to use.


There is no availability of tethering in this unit.

Fitness trainer

Users don’t have access to a fitness trainer in this device but they can keep themselves fit by analyzing the data showing the time spent working out.

Coded transmitter

The device is accessorized by a Polar T31 coded transmitter that records the required data from the chest strap and sends it to the computer monitor.

Sport-specific features

Users can enjoy versatile workout sessions wearing it .This heart rate monitor is perfect for swimmers as they can enjoy swimming with 30m deep water.

Rechargeable Battery

This device operates with a replaceable battery that has a durable life period of twelve months.


There is no availability of Bluetooth in this device.

Memory/Recording Capacity

The device is designed to store the training files and that too with summaries. But, users can save only one file at a given time. The device also can store the latest workout information.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Workout Programs

Pre-programmed workouts: The Polar heart rate monitor FT1 is an effective heart rate monitoring device that offers a basic feature of showing heart rate readings. There is no provision of pre-programmed workout sessions in this device.

But, it comes with the target heart rate zone that allows users to keep their workout in a safe zone. Moreover, users can optimize their workout with total time spent on the training to attain practical results.

Also, the wristband shows maximum and average heart rate readings with beats per minute or as a percentage of maximum heart rate. Moreover, heart rate can be viewed as a heart rate reserve that comes with the difference between maximum heart rate and resting heart rate.

This information can be viewed as a personal guide to maximize workout efficiency and achieve fitness goals in the long run.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Warranty

Polar is the leader in the fitness industry that manufactures superior quality fitness gear and offers a valid warranty on all of its products. Polar Ft1 is covered by a two-year limited warranty.

The brand Polar offers a warranty if there is any defect in the workmanship or manufacturing of the device. But, it doesn’t cover any defect due to mishandling, improper use, and regular wear and tear.

This warranty coverage is available only to the original buyer, and the original receipt of the bill is required to claim warranty coverage. Overall, users can get the best customer service when they face any difficulty regarding the Polar Ft1 device, and that too with prompt results.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Pros & Cons


  • Offers accurate information on maximum and average heart rate readings
  • Provision of inbuilt target heart rate zone
  • A highly cost-effective device with a range of less than $100
  • Provision of coded heart rate transmission for evading cross-talk
  • Inbuilt visual and audio alarm for the safety of the users
  • Availability of one-button functionality for optimal performance
  • Offers consistent and quick results
  • Large display adds to the convenience of the users
  • Comfortable chest strap that provides ease of usage
  • A water-resistant watch with 30m deep water
  • It displays time of the day, date, weekday indicator, and has got the backlit provision
  • It provides an in-depth summary of the last workout session
  • The provision of HeartTouch operation makes it extremely viable fitness equipment


  • Some users may find it inconvenient to wear the chest strap during the workout to have precise heart rate readings
  • Not compatible with Bluetooth, and thus, information can’t be wirelessly transferred to smartphones, PC, or tablets
  • It doesn’t offer information on calories burnt
  • The alarm may sound too low to be heard while being engaged in intense workout sessions
  • It only reads the heart rate during workout sessions and doesn’t offer any readings when the person is active in his daily life
  • No provision of step count and fitness tracker


The Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor is revered amongst the most accurate heart rate monitors for offering the precise heart rate readings. Its impressive build quality, intuitive features, and provision of Polar T30 coded transmitter for having exact heart rate readings.

It is an extremely cost-effective heart rate monitor at a range under $100 and thus proves ideal even for beginners who prefer to experience the working of a heart rate monitor.

But, if you intend to go for an advanced heart rate monitor, then our recommendation would be Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker. It arrives with advanced Gym Link, calorie counter, fitness tracker and strong battery life at a range of less than $100.

On the contrary, Polar FT1 is a simple device that is worth its value and provides clear data and the HeartTouch feature with extreme precision.

Therefore, Polar Ft1 review states that this is a basic heart rate monitoring device that perfectly suits novice users as its effective presentation of the heart rate data and ease of usage, makes it a preferred fitness gear of the year 2021.

FAQs of Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

Does it show calories burned during the workout session?
No, it doesn’t provide calorie count, but the user can access their heart rate readings, time of day, date, and weekday indicator
Do I have to buy a chest strap separately?
No, the user gets the chest strap and wrist monitor together in the package
Can the user change the battery of the chest strap?
Yes, the chest strap operates with a replaceable battery, and it can be changed easily