Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor Review

Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Heart Rate Monitor Watch by Omron HR-100CN keeps the rate of the heart in a feasible zone when one is working out. It has a heart rate monitor that is supposed to be worn in the chest and on the wrist, one wears a receiver that is watch-like, and it displays the heart rate. The chest belt can move up to 98 feet and therefore, it can be placed wherever you feel is comfortable and convenient for you.

It can also be visible to you or kept by another person. There is also an attachment that comes with it that can be mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle if you need. It is also possible to program the heart monitor in such a way that an alarm goes off if the heart rate is either too low or too high. This makes it very easy for the user to keep constancy of the intensity hat you want.


Omron Heart Rate watch is quite user-friendly. Users say that it is also very easy to use since it can be used as a heart rate monitor and it can work even without any programming. Users also say that the instruction manual is written quite well and also easily understandable. The watch display is too quite easy to understand and read a well. Both the heart rate as well as the time can be seen at a particular time that comes much in handy when one is exercising. Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor Review also reports that this heart rate monitor is constructed in a very good manner and that it is also rugged. It is also waterproof and therefore, can be used while swimming.

Easy to change batteries

The batteries that you put in the chest belt, as well as the wrist device, can be changed at home only. This thing may not be possible in many other heart rate monitors as they have to be sent back to factories to get the batteries changed. But this is not the case with Omron, which is quite a plus for this heart rate monitor.


  • Can be easily programmed.
  • It is very comfortable to be worn.
  • Alarms for high and low heart rate.
  • It has a stopwatch function.
  • For situations where there is low light, it has a backlight function.
  • The wrist monitor can also function as a watch and has the display for alarm clock and the time of day.
  • It is water resistant till up to 98 feet.
  • This heart rate monitor is great as it runs on lithium batteries that are very long lasting.
  • The chest strap is also easy to fit, and it also isn’t much noticeable once it gets attached. It sends out signals that can be read by the gym machines, and this helps the users to watch their heart rate on the equipment rather than watching at the wrist monitor. Also, users find that using this device also helps them to lose more weight as, without the alarms, they would not notice how hard they were working out or if more effort was needed to burn fat.

Customer Reviews

The best feature that the customers find in Omron monitor is the alarm that goes off whenever you are either too slow or too fast. The monitor is updated every two seconds so that you can adjust your pace accordingly.


The major drawback of the heart rate monitor by Omron is the need for a chest belt. The heart rate monitors that are available in the market that are wrist-mounted require a chest belt to be there. Many users had the complaint that the chest monitor works only when the user starts sweating.

  • One user also felt that the monitor was not accurate enough. Whereas some other users said that it was consistent and that the readings were correct ones.
  • If you are in a gym, the electronic equipment that is there may create some interference with the wrist monitor to the chest strap and the transmission between them and also between each other. If another person who is working out alongside you at the gym is wearing this monitor, then it may interfere with one another, and the readings may be confusing.
  • The fitting of the watch band is not good, and it is large and also quite stiff. For lender people, this is a major drawback. There are also no options available when it comes to the colour or the size since it is only available in black colour and also in only one size.


All in all the Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor is a basic heart monitor that is good equipment to have. It is waterproof and also constructed well and works for many years as has been said by many users. It is worth the price as it delivers exactly what it promises.

There are many rate monitor watches out in the market that have many extra features like GPS link ups, calories burned, distance covered, etc. But when a heart rate monitor has all these features, then it is sure to be high on price too. So this Omron heart rate monitor is a decent bargain and a no-frills machine that will help you to keep a track of your workout.