MIO Alpha I Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Review

MIO Alpha I Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Review

Mio Alpha I Strapless Heart Rate Monitor is equipment that is very handy and easy. It can be used by anyone and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. It comes without a chest strap. Its design is very straightforward and simple. It has the technology to update the heart rate wirelessly, and it connects to many apps. All such features, as well as some others, are the reason that the Mio heart monitor is such a convenient thing to use.

Mio as a company has many resources on the website so that you can easily use your watch without any hassles. The tutorial videos, as well as the user guides, can be accessed easily. There I also a one year warranty that protects your Alpha Heart Monitor from any kind f defects. Also, customer care representatives can be easily contacted either through phone or email and can also answer all the support questions via different sites on the social media.

A big benefit of the Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor is that it has an easily readable LCD. Even in full sunlight you can easily read your heart rate. But for the evening or early morning runs it is a problem as there is no backlit screen. The Mio Monitor is totally funky when it comes to looks, and the best part is that it is not feminine and not masculine but is unisex and looks good on both men and women and anyone a sport it. It is also very comfortable to be worn all day for exercise. It is best suited for all your purposes and all-time fitness regime so that you can get fit in no time by monitoring your progress.

Personalized Heart Rate Zone

Mio Alpha I Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Review tells the special feature that there is a personalized heart rate zone that helps you to monitor and keep a track of your heart rate in a better manner. It helps to track your heart rate even while you are working out.

Missing Feature

It is surprising, but the best feature of the design of the Mio Alpha is a missing feature. Since it is strapless, an additional strap isn’t needed to measure the heartbeats. The monitor is built into the watch. This monitor is available in the market in three different colours, and another advantage is that it is waterproof. So you can easily take a swim with this heart monitor.


  • The electro-optical cell sends pulsating signals that are in sync with the heart. It is then passed on to the embedded computer program via processing through the advanced electronic circuit.
  • Arm movements may cause some disturbance to the signals, and, therefore, there are separate motion sensors.
  • There are three colour visual alerts as well as the audio alerts that help to keep your heart rate within the range and of course, suitable towards the target you wish to achieve.
  • The battery of this monitor lasts for good about 20 to 24 hours before it would require to be changed.
  • You can also sync your phone with the workout data and that too wirelessly. The watch doesn’t have a memory capacity of itself, but your data for the heart rate, etc. can be saved in the apps like MapMyRun, Endomondo, Mio Go, Runkeeper, etc. There is also a compatibility page provided by the company so you can easily find out if your phone or the tablet is compatible with it or not.
  • It is a product that delivers exactly what it claims.
  • This heart rate monitor has great functionality and also usability.
  • It has optical HR sensing technology that is a great boon.
  • The data of the Mio Alpha Heart Monitor is usually very accurate even when you are running pretty fast.
  • It has solid battery, and there are close to 30 hours of battery life that it has before it would need recharging.
  • There are two versions available- ANT and Bluetooth Smart.
  • The strap of the monitor is not uncomfortable. It is not very tight whenever it is worn.
  • This monitor comes with a one year warranty which protects it from any defects.

Customer Reviews

Most of the users feel that this is a very handy and practical heart rate monitor and is also very easy to use as there are not many technicalities associated with it.


  • The Mio Alpha Heart Monitor is a very expensive piece of machinery.
  • It just has HR display and no functionality on the watch
  • Another device is needed if you wish to record some data. This heart rate monitor doesn’t do it. It only displays the average HR (heart rate) for the last run conducted on it.
  • It is a large band for small wrists and may prove to be uncomfortable for some people.
  • The best heart rate monitors also have some simple features like the calories burned, but they lack in this particular Mio Monitor.


It is a fact that there are a few features that are missing, but the Mio Alpha heart rate monitor is among the simplest and easiest devices to use and operate. Your heart rate training can be easily streamlined with the help of this heart rate monitor.