Garmin ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Review

Garmin ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Garmin HRM-Dual is recognized among the best Bluetooth heart rate monitors that are designed for offering detailed heart rate monitoring. It is an updated version of Garmin’s heart rate monitor with an advanced feature of Dual-HRM.

The added feature makes this heart rate chest strap the premium HRM device that helps in transmitting the real-time heart rate data along with having compatibility of ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Garmin’s heart rate monitor operates with a CR2032 battery that offers three years of shelf-life. Moreover, the chest strap is entirely adjustable as the users can adjust it as per their convenience.

As this Garmin’s device is empowered with ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy technology, the users have incredible options to train effectively either indoors or outdoors. Even users can avail of the benefit of training online using this device.

Read more about the Garmin Dual Heart Rate Monitor review 2020 to know the practical utility of this device for intense training sessions. Also, users can train and derive the useful workout input on their Garmin device, or in online fitness training apps like Zwift.

Along with this, users can sync the Dual-HRM with their gym equipment. The device is water-resistant, with 3 meters range, and supports 5.0 wireless Bluetooth technology. Overall, must-buy equipment for fitness lovers

Best Suited to Whom?

Garmin Dual Heart Rate is viewed as one of the best heart rate chest strap monitor that is meant for providing the exact heart rate monitoring while performing different exercises.

It is preferred by users who require advanced features of Bluetooth connectivity and ANT+ that can help in syncing the workout data on various apps and devices.

People who look out for a comfortable chest strap heart rate monitor must go for this Garmin device. The adjustability feature of the chest strap makes it the most convenient heart rate monitor that can be used with precision.

Also, those users who need to buy a chest strap heart rate monitor that can offer reliable, long-term, and precise results can opt for this Garmin Dual HRM. Therefore, it turns out to be one of the best heart rate monitors under the price tag of $100.

Garmin ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Garmin device arrives with the user manual and all instructions are mentioned with clarity. Therefore, users need to use and clean the device as per the instructions, otherwise, it can prove to be a biological hazard.

Therefore, the user is strictly required to follow all instructions to keep themselves safe and healthy while using the device

Design and Build Quality

The Garmin Dual Heart Rate Monitor is revered as among the most accurate heart rate monitors of the brand. The design of the heart rate monitor is the same as that of the original model of Garmin HRM3.

Even the chest strap appears identical, but it is extremely comfortable to wear and is adjustable. The users can adjust the strap from 25” to 52” as per the requirement. Also, the chest strap is washable, and after every use, the user can wash it with plain water and dry it to use it again for optimal results.

The Garmin Dual HRM is a lightweight HRM that comes with dimensions measuring 2.4″ x 1.3″ x 0.4″ (W x H x D). Its weight is 1.9 oz. Moreover, it is a water-resistance device that makes it a durable heart rate monitor.

The HRM operates with a CR2032 battery that is replaceable and comes packed with 3.5 years of its shelf-life. There is a slight reduction in battery life as compared to the Garmin HRM3 because of a provision of dual BLE-ANT+ transmission.

The heart rate monitor supports 5.0 Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity that makes it a recommended device that can be used to sync data across different apps and devices.

Also, the users don’t require a whole lot of Scosche Rhythm+, Garmin 010 10997 00, and Polar H7 straps in an attempt to get connected to Concept2 PM5, Keiser M3, Garmin 920xt, Schwinn spin bikes at CYCLEBAR, and iPod Touch.

Its operating temperature is 23°F–122°F, and radiofrequency is 2.4 GHz ANT wireless. The range of the device is 3 meters. It is water-resistant, but that doesn’t make it safe to be used in a pool.

As it will not be able to catch HRM into the water like HRM-SWIM and HRM-TRI. Therefore, it proves to be a well-designed HRM that can be rated among the best heart rate monitor chest strap for swimming for precise heart rate monitoring.

Garmin ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Features

1. Heart rate zone alarm: The Garmin Dual HRM is not equipped with any heart rate zone alarm. But, the user can sync the HRM with Garmin watch and have access to the five heart rate zones. The user can get to know in which zone he is practicing, as it shows in the first tenth of a decimal.

As if the user is in the aerobic zone, then it will range between 3.0 to 3.9, whereas 4.0+ is termed as lactate threshold that comes to the VO2 maximum range. When the user is in recovery runs, then he is in a 2.x range that shows the recovery heart rate zone.

The Garmin HR monitor is extremely accurate and provides accurate real-time data as the intensity level of the users enhance or decline.

2. Timers: 

  • Countdown Timer: This Garmin heart rate monitor doesn’t arrive with a countdown timer.
  • Stopwatch: This Garmin device doesn’t provide a stopwatch.
  • Interval timers: The device doesn’t come with any inbuilt interval timers.
  • Clock: The device, when paired with the Garmin watch or other platforms, shows time.
  • Alarm: The user can connect the device with the Garmin watch, and the alarm rings when he is working out of the heart rate zone.

3. Calories burned: There is no provision of a calorie counter in this device, but after getting paired with Garmin watch, Garmin device or third-party apps, the user can view the calorie counter.

4. Time in zone splits: When this Heart rate monitor synced with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible devices, can show the time in zone splits.

5. Fitness test: This Garmin device can be synced with numerous fitness apps that show the desired fitness data, and users can undertake their fitness tests.

6. Computer/app link: This Garmin device is compatible with most of the Forerunner series models of Garmin devices, high-end Garmin watches. The users can find this Garmin Dual HRM compatible with a whole lot of devices like Edge 1030, Edge 130, Edge 520, Edge Fenix 5S, and a lot more.

Users can check the Garmin website to view the compatibility of this device with many other devices.

7. Monitor Type: The Garmin device can be connected to smartphones, tablets, Garmin watches, or gym equipment. So, the monitor type depends on the kind of device that is attached to the Garmin Dual HRM.

8. Recovery heart rate mode: The Garmin watch arrives with different heart rate zones. So, when the user is in recovery run, his range is 2.x in the heart rate zone.

9. Calorie counter: Users can sync their workout details from Garmin HRM with fitness apps via Bluetooth or ANT+ compatible devices and determine the calories burned during the workout.

10. Speed and distance monitor: The users can access the speed and distance by connecting the device to the Garmin watch or other fitness apps.

11. Digital interface: The users can experience a user-friendly digital interface by linking this device to Garmin watch or any other preferred app.

12. Tethering: There is no availability of tethering in this Garmin device.

13. Fitness trainer: Users can optimize their workout using the fitness trainer apps by linking the data of the Garmin HRM via Bluetooth or ANT+ compatible devices.

14. Coded transmitter: The device doesn’t come equipped with a coded transmitter.

15. Sport-specific features: Users can engage in a variety of indoor, outdoor, and even online fitness activities by pairing this Garmin device with compatible platforms and devices.

16. Rechargeable Battery: This device functions with a CR2032 battery that is replaceable and comes with a 3.5 years life.Bluetooth: This device is empowered with 5.0 low-energy Bluetooth.

17. Memory/Recording Capacity: The device is not accessorized with a memory or recording capacity.

Garmin ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Workout Programs

Pre-programmed workouts: The Garmin Dual-HRM heart rate monitor doesn’t come equipped with pre-programmed workouts. But, users can sync this device to their smartphones, tablets or Garmin watches, Garmin devices, or gym equipment if they have Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility.

Once synced, the users can engage in a variety of workout sessions be it indoors, or outdoors, or in online mode as well. The device is not compatible while swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or other water-based activities.

But, users can run, jog, walk, cycling, or workout on the treadmill or engage in high-intensity workout sessions to avail the benefit of this Garmin device. Therefore, users have no limitations except in water-based activities to get fitter and better by using this Garmin Dual-HRM device.

Garmin ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Warranty

Garmin is a renowned brand in the fitness industry that is known for its superior quality, innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, and impeccable results. The brand offers a reliable warranty on its products and equipment.

The Garmin Dual-HRM is covered with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, the users can rely on the valid warranty coverage on the HRM and can buy their products with confidence.

Garmin ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Pros & Cons


  • It is an advanced dual heart rate monitor that offers the 5.0 Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity
  • It is easy to use HRM that can be synced with different devices and apps
  • It is a budget-friendly device with a range of less than $100
  • It is water-resistant
  • It offers a range of 3 meters
  • It can be hand-washed after use and machine washed after seven day’s usage
  • It offers accurate heart rate readings with precision
  • The adjustable strap fits well to different users
  • It comes with a replaceable battery
  • It can be used in indoor, outdoor, and online training as well
  • It can be connected to the gym equipment, as well


  • The device doesn’t connect with the Garmin app directly
  • It is not suitable for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling
  • The user can’t save the workout data
  • The chest strap comes with a loop closure that is stretched out when used for a long time and becomes unreliable


The Garmin Dual-HRM Heart Rate Monitor is recognized as one of the best heart rate monitors of the international fitness industry. It is appreciated for its consistent performance, dual transmission, and ability to sync data on different fitness apps and devices like smartphones and tablets.

Its effective use in daily life helps in having detailed vie of heart rate monitoring. However, if you are looking for a wristwatch heart rate monitor, then our recommendation would be Garmin Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black.

It provides GPS tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, no chest strap, and no smartphone is required. It offers smart track features and is available at less than $150.

But, if you intend to buy a chest strap heart rate monitor with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, then nothing can beat Garmin Dual-HRM. The Garmin Dual-HRM review states that this HRM connects easily to Garmin devices, third-party training apps, and compatible gym equipment; thus, it becomes a preferred HRM for fitness experts.

FAQs of Garmin ANT Heart Rate Monitor

Q1: What does Dual HRM mean?
A1: The Dual-HRM means that the device can connect concurrently to Bluetooth and ANT supported devices. At the same time, the user can connect the HRM to two Bluetooth supported devices or platforms.

Q2: Does Garmin Dual-HRM Heart Rate Monitor come equipped with a wristwatch?
A2: No, it is an HRM that comes with a chest strap that has sensors attached to it and a Bluetooth

Q3: What does ANT mean in the device?
A3: ANT stands for interoperability that is another form of wireless communication. The users can get the devices that support ANT to have the data as and when you want. It offers real-time data, and ANT devices from multiple brands can work together efficiently.