Best Heart Rate Monitors for iPhones 2021

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Best Heart Rate Monitors for iPhones 2021

It is always a desire of every fitness enthusiast to know how their health performs after each workout. This is not just the need of enthusiasts almost everyone wants to know how far they have accomplished. One of the best ways to measure the response of your body towards workouts is by monitoring your heart rate. There are many machines now available in the market to measure it but there aren’t many monitors you can get in a compact package.

All you had until now was the chest strap based heart monitoring system and the wrist-based monitoring system which are good but are not compact enough. People don’t really want to wear something extra on their body and cause discomfort while working out. This is why manufacturers have come up with the solution of making smart heart rate monitors inside headphone.

The best HRM for iPhones and other devices are so smart that you will have your whole body fitness report at the touch of your fingers. They have evolved a lot and with the help of the best headphones with HRM, you will get a much clearer picture of your body. Because of this, you will never be injuring yourself in an attempt to push your limits.

The best feature of these heart rate monitors is that they will track your overall fitness. What was early a mere measurement of your heart rate has now become the reading of your body’s potential. When you have the ability to monitor and record these measurements, you can analyze how far you have come and how much more you need to go.

This is in itself a motivation for the athletes and bodybuilders who are not merely interested in keeping their body fitness but in developing their body muscles to the next level. As we have told earlier, these HRM machines have developed a lot from the beginning. The cost of the best HRM was too huge for many people to become easily affordable. And the price goes on increasing with the features when you need a smaller package.

This issue was solved with the introduction of HRMs for iPhones and other smartphones. These HRMs utilize the processing capacity of the phones and the big display and cut down the extra costs on the HRMs. Because of this, the HRMs for iPhones have now become very popular in the fitness world. You can buy 4iiii Innovations V100 viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor V100.

Top 3 HRM for iPhone 2021


Buying Guide for heart rate monitor for iPhone

Heart rate monitors that come paired with iPhones and other smartphones work together to give results.  So, in a way you can free yourself from thinking about selecting the best machine and concentrate more on selecting the best chest strap or the attachment that you are going to place on your body for reading your heart rate.

Getting the fitness app made by the manufacturer is all you need for pairing up with the heart rate monitor. There are many fitness apps available on the App Store so you can read out the reviews and find out the one that suits you the best.

1. Simple Interface: Every developer will be making the app in a different manner so be careful while choosing them. First and foremost, make sure that the app has a very simple user interface and has the features that you require to read your health using the best HRM for iPhone.

2. Access to other Apps: If you find it useless, you have the flexibility of installing another app and this is the biggest advantage of this kind of system. There will be free apps available with limited features and the prices of the paid ones will go on increasing with the features available with them.

Since your phone is having an in-built fitness GPS tracker you can easily monitor your path of running using the map system. Many people find it cool and useful when they know that they can become a trainer of their own body with the best HRM for iPhone.

3. Accuracy: Not all the people reading our blog is a fitness enthusiast, therefore, there will be confusions arising in your mind when we use common fitness terms without any description. This is an explanation is for people who don’t know what a chest strap is. It is the part of the heart rate monitor that is attached to your body.

Like the name suggests this chest strap straps around your chest close to the location of the heart for taking accurate heart rate monitor. Chest strap based heart rate monitors usually give the most accurate results. But people often find it a bit annoying to workout with this on the chest.

4. Sensors: This chest strap has sensors that sense your heart rate and sends the signals to the receiver on your smart device. Then whichever that is either your phone or your wristwatch will convert these signals and arrange them in a way that is easily understandable for you.

You need to learn to put it well close to your heart to get the exact reading otherwise you might get readings that has fluctuations and this will lead to a lot of misinterpretation. So, learn to use it well for getting accurate results. You might only get used to this after using the heart rate monitor for the iPhone. many times.

The Value of Heart Rate

Heart rate monitors are more of health care equipment rather than a workout machine. It can easily give out your heart rate measurement but if you are ignorant and cannot understand what it means when it is of course not at all useful for you. What we are trying to tell is it requires a bit of learning and understanding for using it well.

Mere brute force or muscular strength won’t be enough to make good use of it. Your whole body is connected through your blood vessels and heart stays in the center of it pumping the blood based on the requirement. Every beat of the heart is based on the activity that you are engaging yourself in.

When you are running or lifting weights your body will require more energy, therefore, the blood flow has to increase and the heart beats faster to compensate for the requirement. So, measuring your heart rate is one easy way to understand how much you are pushing your body. A proper reading of the heart rate fluctuations can help you understand how healthy you are. If you are smart enough then you can utilize these readings for a more productive workout.

If you talk to a health expert or a good fitness trainer, you will understand how important it is to monitor your heart rate. It is true that when the heart beats faster your body works more. But for getting effective workouts doing that alone is not enough. If you have been doing cardio, then you will know what we are talking about. Every person has different fitness goal so the exercises have to be made in such a way that it suits his or her purpose.

If your only goal is weight reduction, then you may have to do exercises that involve reducing your heart rate for increased fat burning capacity.  In other cases, if you are an athlete you will need a faster heart rate for your muscles to respond faster for faster movements. Even for building your body stamina you may require to push your heart rate to the maximum.

This is the kind of variations needed and it is almost impossible to notice it using naked eyes. Having an HRM handy can become very useful for situations like these. Unlike many other pieces of equipment, they are too simple to use. All you have to do is keep them close to your body and they will continue monitoring your heart rate wherever you go.

With the improved convenience offered by the compact HRMs, their popularity has now grown beyond any limit. Understanding the opportunity available, all the manufacturers are now competing to give out the best product in the most affordable package. There are available in different styles so they can easily suit your fashion and never even look like a health care machine attached to a patient.

The ones we liked the most are well designed and comfortable.  What we are trying to deal with now is standalone heart rate monitors. We are living in the digital age which can also be considered as the age of smartphones. If there is something that is developed smart in one way or the other, it will connect to your smartphones.

The same way these standalone heart rate monitors can work together with your smartphone. Most of the time, the heart rate measurement is fixed within your smartwatch or other equipment. People might think of it as a luxury but they are necessary as getting a piece of workout equipment. Smart work can help you build your muscles and achieve your fitness goals at the earliest.

All other efforts you put in will be similar to shooting without seeing the target but hoping to get the target down. The investment you make on these health trackers won’t go in vain. Heart rate monitor is not a complicated machine with many parts. From what we have seen generally they have 2 parts.

  • A part of the heart monitor has to stay close to your heart or pulse sensitive areas to measure your heart rate. Generally, these are either done by using chest straps, known as best heart rate monitor chest strap or by wrist straps or best wrist heart rate monitors that have to be attached tightly to your body. This will ensure that you are getting accurate readings of your heart rate.
  • The data collected by the part connected to your heart is sent to your watch or any other display that is used for reading the heart rate. Don’t think that they are only useful for reading your heart rate. They display a lot of information related to your health. There are many heart rate monitors available and each of them uses a different strategy for measuring the heart rate and also in their designing. Because of this some of the heart rate monitors are more comfortable to wear while some others are not. It is the smartwatch or the smart device that process all the data collected by the reader attached to your body. So, the quality of this part will greatly decide the usability of the equipment.

The more you pay the more you get. This is very common for every equipment and is the same for the smartwatches too. There is very basic heart rate monitor with smartwatches with minimum features that will be affordable for almost everyone falling in the category of best heart rate monitors under $200 and there are really pricey variants too.

You can look forward to Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami. If you want a lot of additional features, then you must be willing to pay extra for them. Generally, it won’t be a big value addition if we consider health monitoring as the basic quality but better features can give you a much better overall experience. The best smartwatch with heart rate monitor and the most expensive ones we found were costing as much as $200 more than the average ones.

So, if you are thinking of going after the features remember that it won’t be coming off at an easy price tag. The expensive ones, like the best heart rate monitors over $300 have the capability of storing your fitness data.

This can be of great use when you are planning to analyze your health improvement over a long period of time. The additional features that you will get include GPS tracking and the ability to display the number of calories you burn during each workout. This can be very useful for people planning to lose weight.


You must have got a rough idea into the kind of heart rate monitors you can use with the iPhone. This is a gift from technology for your health. It has simplified the heart rate monitoring system that was complicated earlier to the palm of your hand. Even after this kind of simplification, if you use it in the wrong manner then you certainly are going to get the wrong results.

There are a lot of apps available in the App Store that can help you monitor your heart rate. Your choice of app determines the quality of your readings. So, make sure to check out the readings and please stay away from free applications that will limit the potential of the heart rate monitor. It is better to save on your health rather than on your wallet.

These apps can also be good fitness guides. They will have training programs and analysis for your particular kind of workouts. This will keep you motivated and will also guide you to make your health better each day. With the kind of features, they boast the popularity of the fitness apps are now so much that you will understand that by looking at the number of varieties available in the market right now.

iPhone is a popular mobile platform and being compatible with them means these heart rate monitors are serving a huge number of the total population. There won’t be a single person reading this article who doesn’t carry their phone to the gym, either because you may need to attend your calls or because you like listening to music while working out. Either way, you are all set for the heart rate monitors.

All you need to do is connect your wireless chest strap properly, pair it with your phone and start working out. You don’t have to pay attention at all because the heart rate monitor and your iPhone now becomes the in charge of your health and they will check how good you are going.

There are other smartphone users like Android users and the windows users who want the same benefit out of their smartphone. People like that can check out our guides related to them. All we have to say now is get the best HRM for your iPhone and let your phone take charge of your health.

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