Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitors 2021

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Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitors 2021

The word “Wellness” has become part of everyday terminology. There has been a rise in everything related to health and wellness as well as spirituality, in the last few years. We have numerous healthy food stores like Juice Bars, certain Boutique Studios and various health products are available in the market as well. We have a variety of essential oils that fall in the wellness category which help in calming down, getting good sleep, etc.

Self-care is the norm of the day, but this is quite challenging as finding and setting the correct routine which promotes a good workout, the right amount of sleep, as well as a good mindset, is not easy. However, we are quite fortunate that we live in an era where technology has evolved to such an extent that solutions are available for each and everything. The craze for fitness and wellness is met with various solutions.

If you are a person who is determined to meet your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals, the device that would suit you well is the fitness tracker heart rate, monitor. In addition to these devices, there are many other fitness devices that have made it to the list of Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor. These wearable gadgets are life-changing for many as they keep a tab on the individual’s mental along with physical wellbeing.

Some of these devices may have just the simple and basic features, while many other devices may have a lot of advanced features like tracking mileage of activities, monitoring the heart rate as well as being smartphone compatible, which are suited for athletes and sportsmen. To know more about these gadgets, you could have a look at the Best Heart Rate Monitors Over 300$ as well as the Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 300$.

Top 3 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor


Heart Rate Monitoring Feature- a Necessity or a Desire?

The feature of monitoring and tracking heart rate, in a fitness tracker, in itself sounds appealing and attractive and might make you want to get yourself one of these devices. There are a variety of heart rate monitors available in the market today, and to be honest, heart rate monitor devices are not required by every single person. One should be aware that an inbuilt heart rate monitor will shoot up the price of the gadget.

This is where an individual needs to understand whether owning such a device is a necessity for him or merely following the trends set by someone else. Nowadays, many devices have inbuilt optical heart rate monitors in them. For example, we have The Fitbit Charge 2  which has this feature, among various others. There are few fitness trackers which are quite good, but they do not have an inbuilt heart rate monitor.

However, they have the option of pairing up with a chest strap. Almost each and every device under the brand Garmin and Polar have the feature of supporting a chest strap (such as the super Polar H10), and one could customize their tracker by combining a heart rate monitor bundle for a few extra bucks.

Another important aspect to remember is that if you are very keen on getting information about the resting heart rate, it is not mandatory to buy a fitness tracker with an inbuilt heart rate monitor. There are many applications in the smartphone that enable you to get data on the heart rate in approximately 15 seconds by making use of the smartphone’s camera. All you need to do is monitor your pulse maybe once or maybe twice in a day, and you will be sorted for the day.

Features to look into while buying a Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor:

Finding yourself the perfect fitness tracker device is quite a challenging process with the variety of options available these days. You could be an athlete or an occasional gym person, however, irrespective of what activities you are into, a fitness tracker is available to suit your health and fitness requirement.

Elevate your cardio workouts as well as strength-training by selecting the perfect fitness tracker for yourself. You need to consider the below features while making your choice and purchase:

1. Work-out Schedule and activities: One needs to understand and keep a track of the workout required every day. You need to contemplate how this fitness tracker gadget will help improve the workout regimen. If you are a person who is involved in low to medium intensity activities such as pilates, walking or even yoga, you can go for a simple fitness tracker which is inclusive of monitoring the heart rate monitoring as well as sleep data.

However, if you are a person who is into very high-intensity exercises which include running as well as swimming,  you need to select a fitness tracker which can provide you crucial readings in addition to remembering the mileage.

2. Design: Fitness Tracker Wearables have been created in order to help us by making our life much easier. Yet some of these gadgets can be pretty big and makes us uncomfortable. Always remember to Invest your money in a fitness device that is not a pain to the eyes and also fits comfortably on the wrist. A device that is tight on the wrist would lead to problems in blood circulation and a device that is loose might slip off the wrist while you are engaged in workout activities.

One could select certain models of fitness trackers which have the option of changing the straps into different colors as this will help you match your gadget with various outfits, be it casual wear, work attire or the active wear. We have detailed information on the Best Wrist Heart Rate Monitors as well as Best HRM for iPhones which could guide your decision-making process.

3. Wellness: We are aware that a fitness tracker device can monitor the heart rate, but what we are not aware are the other features on wellness that it can provide. There are few trackers which provide the statistics on the sleep patterns along with your daily movement, and the distance after your workouts. Fitness trackers may not be the device that can cure and prevent disease, but they are devices that could provide important insights about your physical as well as mental state.

4. Battery Life: The battery life varies from one device to another- for some, it may last for a day whereas for some devices it may stretch to many months. Any fitness tracker that comes with a few extras such as a color touchscreen, sensors, etc. will require charging on a frequent basis, whereas a simple gadget with a couple of LED lights may not require the same. In addition to these, also remember that not all fitness trackers are rechargeable- some have coin batteries which are used in cameras or even calculators.

5. Water-Resistant: Another important aspect to be considered is whether the device is water-proof or not. Whether you encounter water or not while you work out, this feature needs to be considered while you make your purchase. Some of the trackers can withstand just a splash while there are others which can withstand hard showers be it indoors or outdoors.

But if you would be wearing your tracker in a pool, it is mandatory that the device needs to be waterproof. For swimmers, you can take a look at the best heart rate monitors for swimming, these will help you monitor your heart rate under the water too.

6. Smartphone Compatible: One of the most significant and essential tech devices has to be your smartphone. A fitness tracker that is able to connect with your smartphone will definitely make it more helpful to you. In this case, you will be able to receive call notifications as well as text notifications even if you are traveling, working out, or simply walking around your house.

This feature is significant if you are likely to miss your phone calls from either co-workers or your family and friends. In addition to this, some fitness trackers include smartphone applications which permit you to collect and store all the data in a single convenient and accessible location.

7. Display Screen: Most of the advanced fitness trackers reveal the data collected by using either words, digits, symbols or a mix of all, on a display that is similar to a watch face. Few other devices share the data through a basic and simple LED display or through an application. When the data is synchronized into the smartphone or your computer, the companion application of the fitness tracker archives the data as well as help you to translate and analyze the information.

Ensure to check and try out the companion application of the fitness trackers in Apple Application Store or Google Play before you go ahead with the final decision on the gadget you wish to purchase, as it should meet your expectations.

8. The Accuracy of Data: Fitness Trackers make use of sensors and different algorithms to decipher and analyze footsteps while walking, punches in a workout, the number of stairs climbed, as well as your sleep hours. This doesn’t indicate that the device is totally foolproof. There is a certain degree of inaccuracy. If you require accurate data, you might need to get yourself a device that is function-specific.

Generally, the heart rate monitors which strap onto the chest and transfer data to the fitness tracker tend to be the most accurate fitness trackers than the inbuilt sensors in devices that fit on to the wrist. Some of the Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitor -covered in 60 can be looked up for further information.

9. Warranty: Most of the fitness tracker gadgets might include a guarantee or a warranty. One needs to check on the policies of the brand related to defective materials and workmanship. If the device doesn’t include either of the two, you need to examine as to how often you would need a replacement or a repair.


Fitness trackers have become an essential part of everybody’s life as everyone these days is health conscious and into fitness. Fitness trackers can be basic and can be advanced depending on the features that come with it. Certain features like heart rate monitor may not be useful to all and might be helpful to a group of people like athletes.The features are the main points to be pondered over while making your purchase.

Smartphone compatibility, warranty, display screen, accuracy and battery life are few of the important features that have to be considered. For people who want to purchase these devices to take care of the basics as well as to be in sync with the trend,  you could check the devices that give you the option of changing straps into different colored one to suit your outfit.

Most importantly, the device has o make you feel comfortable and fit well. Once, these points are taken care of, the decision on which device to purchase will be a piece of cake!

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