Best Earbuds with Heart Rate Monitors 2021

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Best Earbuds with Heart Rate Monitors 2021

Gone are the days when you needed standalone devices to monitor your health. You might be familiar with the fitness bands that can monitor your health on the go but many find it as a disturbance to wear an extra accessory that they usually do not prefer to wear. But there will be no one out there who doesn’t use headphone while working out. Because of these, the manufacturers have now come up with a new technology to integrate headphones with fitness monitoring.

This has now become a new trend in the fitness world. The ability to listen to music and know your health all in one go. This is quite useful for every kind of people engaging in fitness workouts. Your fitness trainer, coach, and health assistant are now close to your ears. You get all these benefits without the addition of any other equipment to your body.

Just plug in your headphones and you are good to go. Since they don’t need a dedicated display or any other shell they are comparatively cheaper than other fitness monitors. The common scenario that we normally see these days is a person running with headphones on for music and a fitness band wrapped around their wrist for monitoring their health.

This is the scene the new technology is trying to remove. The smart earbuds can be your two-way companion. This both increases your comfort and your productivity in one go. The best headphones with HRM take your heart rate almost accurately so it is also a good option for the people who are undertaking fitness training for rehabilitation. There are people who argue that wrist bands are better but all we could say is it all depends on your convenience.

Top 3 Earbuds with Heart Rate Monitors 2021


Why the Ears?

There are two kinds of people existing in the fitness world right now – the people who love smart earbuds and the people who hate them. And they have their own reasons too. Anyway, it is a new product so traces of doubts are quite natural. We will help you clear this doubt away. To begin with, you need to know what you were really having in the past decade for monitoring your health. Heart rate monitors are considered to be one of the best methods for understanding the body’s response to the workouts.

And the monitoring systems that we had until now were either the chest strap based heart rate monitoring system or the wrist band based heart rate monitoring system. Based on the opinion from medical professionals, we too felt that the readings given off by chest strap based system are more credible and true to real life readings. But know this you may not always be comfortable to hold onto this whenever you are working out.

Even though the chest strap based heart rate monitors are more qualified to give accurate results. They aren’t as popular as the wrist-based heart rate monitors, of course, because of the obvious reasons. Nobody wants themselves to be wrapped in a monitoring system just because they want their heart rate to be monitored. You might often feel like you are in a hospital bed when you use them.

While wrist-based heart rate monitors are much comfortable to handle and use. Even though they deviate a bit from the original reading people are willing to take the sacrifice. Moreover, it is almost impossible to wear the chest strap based heart rate monitoring systems for longer periods while in the case of wrist bands which are a lot similar to your watches people won’t mind using it for long periods.

The reason why people prefer using wrist-based heart rate monitors is mainly that of the discomfort caused by the chest based heart rate monitors. But as a matter of fact, the readings given by wrist-based heart rate monitors are mostly inaccurate. Because of this if you are a dedicated athlete or a fitness expert who requires very accurate readings then wrist-based heart rate monitors are not for you.

But there are some fitness trackers that give more accurate readings but it will be a bit difficult to find the best one of the plethora of machines available now. After making a proper understanding of the cause of inaccuracy of readings, we found out that mostly the errors in readings are caused by the mishandling of the equipment.

People fail to read the guide well and use the wrist strap in the wrong way. If the strap is too tight or too loose then it will surely give wrong readings. So, improper measurements cannot really be considered as the issue with the equipment but rather as a result of our ignorance. This is how everything went until now. They had different issues and advantages which got them likes and dislikes.

The smart earbuds we have introduced to you is the new addition to this health monitoring systems market. When you know how good they are over the other ones then you too will fall in love with them. Smart earbuds utilize telephotography, a technique that can be used for measuring the blood flow and your pulse rate by the beaming light on to your blood vessels and then reflecting it back towards the buds.

It might sound strange when you hear the uncommon name but you have seen them in hospitals. They are those small clamps doctors usually place on your fingers for taking your pulse rate accurately when you fall ill. Since the technology used is the same, you can expect them to be highly accurate and very easy in monitoring your health. It does involve any physical work from your part to keep track of your heart rate.

Some might argue that taking the pulse rate from the ears is not effective because it is not conventionally used. But that is not the case. Taking pulse from your wrist itself is considered because it is one of those pressure points in your body that mimics the beating of your heart in the same rhythm. The portion in the ear where the heart rate monitoring system is attached is a pressure point in the ear.

Because of this, you will be able to measure heart rate as accurately as you will from your wrist. This is even testified by the doctors who are conducting researches on heart rate measurement tools in a wearable. The biggest advantage of putting them in ears is that the chances of them moving around or being misplaced like in the case of wrist-based monitors are too minimum.

Now you might have got your hopes really high but it isn’t that easy to build the best headphones with HRM. It requires a lot of difficulties to manufacture the best ones. The primary selling point of smart earbuds is the comfort they offer for you while working out. And that itself is the biggest issue regarding the product. People have kind of ears so finding the perfect design and size is too difficult.

What fits really well for one person may not be suitable for another person. A lot of research has to be put into designing to ensure maximum comfort and fitting. Moreover, if it doesn’t fit well to ears and falls off the chances of getting accurate heart rate measurement is also less and you will fall into the same problem you faced with wrist-based heart rate monitors. The technology used in this kind of pulse rate measurement is too sensitive to the motion of the body.

So, the closer you can keep the sensor to the human the better the accuracy of the results. As we told earlier people had to use it regularly then only it will be a good replacement for the presently available heart rate monitoring systems. Each of the headphones cannot be manufactured for each person because of this it will be difficult to find the maximum comfort point for actual users.

If the earbuds are not as comfortable as their headphones, then chances are people will go back to their old habit since it was just additional work and no cause of discomfort for them. The only solution that the manufacturers had was to make sure that people wear it more often was to make multiple varieties of earbuds to accommodate the sizes of different people. With different sizes available everyone will able to find their matching pair.

This will make people more comfortable by using them repeatedly. What we are trying to tell you is that the smart earbuds are one amongst the best technologically advanced fitness monitors available for you to buy but don’t mistake it like the perfect equipment. The technology involved can’t alone give you the best result. You have a big role to play in selecting the best headphones with HRM that is comfortable to your ears.

Only that can guarantee that you get the best results and also the maximum comfort like you would expect from them. After you get one, there are some things that you need to take care of while working out. Once it is seated well on your ears try not to disturb them. Like we told earlier if you can avoid these sensors being moved, the better the results of their measurement will be. Take care of this while you workout too.

According to experts, having the most comfortable fit and a stable position is the key to the better functioning of the smart earbuds. When you get a tight fit, start working out confidently and don’t bother to tough and check whether the device is in a proper place.

This can only hamper the effectiveness of the sensors and might break the accurate flow of heart rate measurement. We know this might be disappointing for most of the people but there is no workaround for this. Earbuds with HRM is a very sensitive device and you have to take care of it really well if you want to get the best results out of it.

Choosing the Right Type Of Earbuds with Heart Rate Monitors

Like every other equipment available in the market, there are multiple varieties of the smart earbuds too. So, be careful to choose the right one for your need. Or else you will end up buying something totally useless for you. You might find a lot of headphones with the title “wireless headphones” but don’t mistake them for the smart earbuds that are used for your fitness management.

Most of them are plain old headphones that you could use for listening to music nothing more. There are of course many varieties of smart earbuds too made by popular brands. The best earbuds made by the companies include Apple AirPods and Jaybird Run. They are small and are really efficient but all these feature-rich smart earbuds come at a high price tag.

They can’t be blamed for the price because cramming up all those technologies into a very compact size is not that easy and it will require proprietary parts to build them. They are fashionable and offer a very comfortable fit for almost all of the users. You can easily choose them if the price is not a major concern for you. They are the most premium category Headphones with HRM.

They don’t make any kind of sacrifices in giving you the best wireless experience but if you are ok with making some sacrifices then there are other options available for you. They will both help your body and wallet healthy for a longer time. Jaybird X3 and JBL Reflect Mini 2 are the cheapest ones you can get in the market right now but the problem with them is that they are earbuds which have a wire connection between the two buds. So, even though they are termed wireless they still will have a wire connection.

Other types like Skullcandy Ink’d and LifeBeam Vi use a different approach. Instead of using wires to connect both the ear attachment they utilize a flexible band to connect them. They are much durable and more appealing than wireless headphones with wires.

There are over the ear wireless headphones too available but athletes and the people who work out a lot find it too difficult to use the over the ear headphones. They are too bulky and will be really messy when you start to sweat. But somehow maybe because of the designing efficiency over the ear headphone like 66 Audio BTS Pro are still being used by athletes and runners.

1. Compatibility: Nowadays it will be too difficult to find a person who is without a smartphone. So, getting any equipment smart is all about getting them more compatible with your smartphone. The major advantage of smartphones is that you will save a lot of investment on your equipment if you can utilize the hardware of the smartphone for processing the data from the sensors.

The two major platforms used by users are Android and iOS because of this most of the wireless headphone manufacturers ensure that they are well compatible with these mobile Operating Systems.

2. Customizable Fit and Sound: Initially, many manufacturers made the mistake of assuming one size will fit all of the users’ ears idea and this turned out to be a big blunder. The people who found the headphones uncomfortable for their ears stopped using them. So, the manufacturers improvised on their tactics and almost all of the wireless headphones come compatible with a variety of ears.

There will be a lot of buds provided with the headphones to ensure that almost all of the buyers are getting a comfortable experience on them. With this kind of customization, you can now confidently buy most of the wireless headphones but make sure that they come with variable earbud sizes or else you will be in for a difficult time with them.

Because of the limitation of the technology, it was difficult to include high-quality drivers into a very small package that will fit in your ears but the case has changed a lot. With the rapid development in technology now the manufacturing of high-quality headphones is much easier and cheaper than the normal ones. If you test the best headphones out, you will experience sharp playback of music with strong bases.

Most of the time athletes and runners use headphones to stay distracted from the surroundings that they are working on. For people like that the best option is to select noise-canceling headphones which also come with ambient sound control settings. This will keep you at peace wherever you choose to workout or run through. Even though the bass delivery has improved drastically over the ears, they may not be considered the best by the audiophiles.

This is still a drawback of the small drivers. If you are one among them then what we would advise you to do is to spend maximum cash on an earbud or buy yourself an over-the-ear headphone.

3. Water Resistant: Remember that you are planning to use the wireless headphones as your fitness companion so they must be able to survive every situation that you are going through. Their durability has to be really good and that is dependent on their sturdy built. You will sweat a lot, you might get exposed to water and may experience many jarring breaks while workouts.

Your headphones must be able to take all these without any trouble. So, when making the purchase, make sure that your wireless headphones are waterproof and shockproof.

4. Battery Life: The advantage we had with the conventional headphone was that they never needed an external power source to function. The mere connection to the 3.5mm audio jack was enough to give sufficient power for their functioning but the situation is a lot different when you are dealing with wireless headphone. They aren’t wired so they should be having their own battery to give you enough juice to run throughout the workouts.

Nobody wants to charge their wireless headphones every now and then so the better the battery capacity the better it will be. Check for the maximum battery capacity and the promised battery standby by time. Even if it costs a little more for extra battery capacity, be willing to pay more. We can guarantee you that you won’t regret the decision you are making.

For making it extra sure don’t just stop with the specifications, try asking the people who are actually using the products to know how much their wireless headphones stay without needing another charge. Also, check out the online reviews about the best HRM earbuds. This way you will be free from troubles will be able to get the best headphones with HRM.

5. Personalized Training: These wireless headphones are more capable than you might think. They have much more features than letting you listen to music and track your heart rate. It is true that listening to workout music can motivate you a lot in continuing your workout but the other features are more appealing than that. The best wireless headphones now come with built-in features to track the distance you have run on them, the speed at which you were running now and the common feature of measuring your heart rate.

More recently, the app integration to your smartphone made the fitness management take a leap. With the capacity of your smartphone applications, you can track your complete fitness on these apps with ease. With easy usage, your workouts can easily be optimized. Some of the best headphones we reviewed used AI systems to track your health. Those models were Kuwait Sport and LifeBeam Vi and will give you a better training experience. Another suggestion that we could give you is Under Armour Sport. This too performed well in our tests.


To summarize it all, the headphones with HRM are the best health monitoring system that you could get in the market right now. They are both accurate and easy to use unlike the chest strap based heart rate monitoring system and wrist-based heart rate monitoring system. However, making random purchase won’t help you get the best product. These wireless earbuds are too sensitive to motion.

So, if you move them a lot during workouts, you will get the wrong reading. And they come with different sized earbuds so choose the one that fits well in your ear and only that kind of fitting can give you a comfortable workout experience. There are many varieties available for you to choose from. There cost varies with the kind of technology used with them. The more technologically advanced the earbuds are expensive these will be. So, that will depend upon your budget.

If you aren’t concerned about money, then it will be a good decision to invest in health monitoring equipment. Before buying, make sure that you are buying the earbuds based on your discretion and not because of the ads. To ensure this, what you have to do is to check out the product for real and verify the company promised features with the actual users of the product. This way you won’t regret the decision you make.

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