Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors 2021

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Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors 2021

Fitness is constantly evolving along with the evolution and advancement of technology. Staying fit is not just to fight obesity, weight loss issues, and diseases, but it has become a lifestyle trend these days. If one has decided to stay fit, get back in shape and lose a few kilos, owning a simple fitness gadget won’t be of much help.

But having a device that monitors the heart rate and keeps you updated and assists you to bring about variations in the intensity of your work out and motivates you by showing the calories burnt by you in a day, definitely is worth the pick. There are many devices with a Heart Rate Monitor Without Bluetooth available in the market.

However, the Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor is those that provide additional perks such as GPS, Smartphone notifications related to emails, calls, etc.along with monitoring of heart rate. Individuals today are spoilt for choice with the variety of fitness devices available in the market and decision-making becomes a tough choice.

An individual who wants to just stay fit would want a simpler device whereas an athlete or sportsman would prefer the best of the best devices. And in today’s world, there is something for everybody. HRM for HIIT Training serves the purpose of concentrating on the areas where you think you are not able to perform well. It is quite a common feature to find a wristband heart rate monitor on various fitness trackers such as Fitbit Charge 3 and Gramin Vivosmart HR+. In terms of accuracy of data, however, the Chest strap still tops the list.

Top 3 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors 2021

A Heart Rate Monitor? What is it?

A person’s heart is the agent that delivers blood to his body; it pumps in the oxygenated blood which is loaded with the essential nutrients to the limbs of the person – and when the person is working out, the heart has to work even harder as well as faster in order to match the demands and requirements of the body. A Heart Rate Monitor measures the speed at which the heart of the person is beating, which is known as Beats Per Minute (BPM); after which it gives a reading in understandable terms which is able to measure the efforts put in by the person

Need for Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

A wireless connection technology which permits you to link one device to another is known as Bluetooth. Setting up the Bluetooth connection between the two gadgets is quite a quick and simple task. The time required for doing this varies and depends on the devices, but in order to connect two gadgets via Bluetooth, you have to make one device discoverable, while the other device scans. Bluetooth can make the connectivity between devices much more reliable than other wireless options available.

A fitness tracker that is directly connected to your smartphone while working out is a great advantage. The Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor will monitor the heart rate quickly and effectively transfer the data to the smartphone or the application on the smartphone. This ensures that you are motivated and focused on the activity. We have a list of the Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor 2021 Devices which would enable you to compare and consider the best buy for yourself.

Features to keep an eye on while purchasing a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

1. Battery Life: Battery life is the most essential requirement for everyone and especially athletes. To be specific, if a Bluetooth heart rate monitor has many features, it would consume more power during an exercise session. Such devices might require recharging more often than a simple basic model. Most of the heart rate monitors are rechargeable via USB, while the other models have a coin battery that can be replaced.

2. Comfort: Before purchasing any device, always ensure that you have tried out the device, as different Heart rate monitors may be different in terms of comfortability as well as design, A chest strap comes with a belt that is easily-adjustable and this will assist in making the chest strap belt fit your size and keep you comfortable. You could check out the Best HRM for iPhones.

3. Display screen: Always go in for a watch whose display screen is such that reading is easy. It is always easy to read information when the device has a big display screen, a good contrast, big numbers, and big text. In addition, having a backlight on your device makes viewing the screen and reading, even more, easier even in low light- this is good especially for people who enjoy running in evenings. There are quite a few devices that have made it to our Best Earbuds with HRM.

4. Determination of Maximum heart rate: In these fitness trackers with HRM, once you enter the age along with some other essential variables, the device can assess the maximum heart rate. This enables fixing boundaries in your training. Most of the HRM devices give out a warning in case the heart rate exceeds the normal and keeps increasing beyond average.

5. Durability and Reliability: The last and important aspect to remember before you make the purchase is to find out how reliable and durable the heart rate monitor being presented is. Yes, it is always going to be tough to determine how durable these devices are before you make use of it and test it out. However, the best bet can be placed by reading the statistics and the reviews related to the devices. Since the price tag wouldn’t be a meager amount, always ensure that the device is durable enough and would be your companion for years.

The most basic and simple heart rate monitors ideally keep a track of the data of your heart rate continuously, also making note of the highs as well as the lows that have occurred while working out. If you are on the lookout for additional features and wouldn’t mind on spending a little more than required, you can always discover heart rate monitors with a few extras like target zones with the time you spend on these target zones, monitoring of speed and distance, and the capacity to wirelessly transfer data to the smartphone.

The thumb rule to be followed is the band ideally has to be created from rubber or similar durable materials, and the screen of the monitor has to be made out of high-grade elements. Maybe the crucial aspect to be considered is whether the heart rate monitor device is waterproof or is not. If you love swimming and would want to track and monitor your heart rate during this activity, you would definitely need a waterproof device without a doubt.

How to take care of your Heart Rate Monitor device?

We are definitely going to shell out a good sum of money on these Heart Rate Monitor Devices and to ensure they last longer and do their job well, we have to ensure they are cared for in the right way. For the heart rate monitor to give a proper reading, one has to use it the right way. The care instructions would vary from device to device, but the basic ways of taking care of your device are:

1. Always dampen the strap before you use it: Even before putting on the monitor, it is good to wet all the electrodes on the strap of the device.  It doesn’t matter if you would be going cycling in the rains, or going for a swim, always ensure to damp the strap to procure the accurate reading.

2. Wear the device properly: By oversight, it is possible that the monitor of the device can be worn upside down, which can tamper with the effective readings and give you a wrong reading instead. Always find the left side and the right side labels prefixed on the straps and then place the monitor in the center on the chest. The device must fit perfectly and you also have to ensure that the unit is always on the right-side-up.

3. Clean the device post every use: The sweat and the salt that was generated during the workout can directly have an impact on the accuracy of the heart rate monitor. Always check on the label or the instructions to find out it could be washed in the machine or has to be hand washed. If you are washing it in the machine, make use of a washing bag or a mesh bag to ensure it doesn’t get tangled in the other laundry. The strap shouldn’t be put in a dryer. Always make use of mild detergent or just a mild dish soap to wash the strap.

4. Proper care of the sensor unit: The has to be removed from the strap and should be dried. If the sensor unit is not removed, it would head to corrosion in and around the metal parts of the sensor unit. Corrosion can interfere with the readings and instead of getting an accurate and effective reading, you would end up with a wrong reading instead. In case corrosion is noticed, it can be wiped off with the help of an alcohol wipe.


Staying fit and looking good is the need of the day. Every single person is determined to do his part, be it big or small, to ensure he is healthy and is leading a healthy lifestyle. With various other changes that have taken place over the years, technology has advanced as well, giving us the best gadgets to choose from. There are numerous fitness devices in the market which makes it difficult for an individual to make a choice.

There are Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor devices, Heart Rate Monitor devices with Chest straps, wristbands with heart rate monitors, etc. Many factors like battery life, water-resistance, durability, tracking of heart rate, etc play an important role in the decision-making process. Once purchased, the device has to be cared for appropriately to ensure proper functioning of the device and to ensure the heart rate readings are accurate.

There are many devices that fall under the categories Best Heart Rate Monitors Over 300$ and Best Heart Rate Monitors Under 300$ which can assist the buyer in his decision-making process. Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Devices are soon becoming a necessity for all those into fitness, as it monitors the heart rate continuously and the data is transmitted to the application on the smartphone quickly.

These devices have set a trend and become a style statement as well. Fitness or basic activities like walking, jogging, etc.- everyone would love to own this gadget. Bluetooth has taken over every industry, including the Healthcare industry and it is fascinating to watch the beauty of this advancement.

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