Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2021

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Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2021

There are two kinds of people we usually see in gyms. One group is people who know really well about their body while another group who visits the gym for namesake and has no clue on how their body works. If you are in the latter category, then the benefits you get out of the workouts will be less. If you don’t do the workouts the way they are meant to be done on your body, you will reach nowhere.

One way for ensuring the proper workout is getting the guidance of a trainer and an easier way is taking the assistance of a heart rate monitor. The heartbeat rate will let you know how much you are pushing your body giving you a proper understanding of what you need to do more. Heartbeat analyses can also give you a great deal of information into your present physical condition. Heart rate monitor is a simple device but choosing the right one out of the plethora of devices available right now is a bit difficult.

We cannot make an objective choice here. Depending upon the preferences of the people, there will be a lot of variance in the ones you like. However, we can guide you through the basic things necessary for a good device. They must be durable, easy to use and above all reliable whenever you need them. We will be talking in detail about all the heart rate monitors available in the market right now. Keep on reading and soon you will be able to get the best heart rate monitor for workouts.

Your heartbeat can say a lot more about you than you actually think. The variations found in the heart rate during intense activities and normal days can show how healthy your heart and your whole body is. Based on the research conducted by experts in this field, heart rate can give insight into a lot more about you and the possible health issues you might even face in the future. Track your heart rate readings for a healthy life.

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We have noticed a trend among newbies to choose wrist-based heart rate monitors over other types. But be warned as there are many reports of wrist-based heart rate monitors giving out the wrong readings. We are not declaring that they are a bad medical device but just that if you need a highly accurate measurement for professional purposes, then this may not be the right pick for you. For normal buyers who just need to get an overall outlook on their health daily, this will be more than enough.
If you are a professional athlete or have some health issues and need something that gives accurate heart rates, then you must choose one of the best chest based heart rate monitors. If money is not a concern, there are good deals you can get for these HRMs with many add on features built into them. Chest strap based HRMs are the most accurate heart rate monitors we have seen so far.
With a lot of people being concerned about their health, the fitness market is now saturated with all kinds of devices, especially fitness trackers. Because of this, it is a daunting task to find something that fits perfectly for your needs. Everything may look appealing but not all of them are for you. Finding the right one is the key. So, make sure to put in the time to do the research and find out the best fitness tracker with the heart rate monitor that will suit your needs.
Smart watches are a new technological innovation that made your conventional watches smart enough to watch over your health. With heart rate monitors built into them, they can easily monitor heart rate throughout the day. Since they are attached to the wrist and as people are usually comfortable wearing watches, it won’t be that much of a pain to wear this on your hand every day. Smartwatches are now available in all price ranges. Check out their features and find something that is highly durable too. Best Smartwatches with heart rate monitor will undergo a lot of wear and tear so durability is a major concern.
Every equipment is getting smarter these days. With the technological advancement in every field, only the equipment that can do a lot more than its primary task can lead the game. The same applies to the heart rate monitors too. The inclusion of additional features like GPS, smartphone integration will give an extra edge to the devices. One of the facilities that can make the whole experience better is the Bluetooth connectivity that will let your heart rate monitor connect any Bluetooth enabled device with ease. After every workout, you will be able to look through your health statistics using your smartphone giving out a better experience.
HIIT training is necessary for putting your body to a new level of fitness. And crossing your body limits can only be done with a proper understanding of your health limits. Getting a proper heart rate analyses can help you understand this. Using that you can plan your HIIT training. People who are into HIIT training must be serious towards workouts. What you need for that is a heart rate monitor that can give you accurate results.
Swimming is one of the few full body workouts that give out no impact to the body. But unfortunately, not many are into swimming. Because of this the collection available for swimmers in heart rate monitors is brim. Don’t pick up a random one, not everything can work underwater.  We have made a dedicated review for letting you know about the best heart rate monitors for swimmers which can help you through.
After the chest based heart rate monitors, the best heart rate monitors out there are the ones placed inside the earbuds. If you love music and are ready to invest more on the earbuds, then get the best earbuds with heart rate monitors built into them. This can be a good option for people who are in rehabilitation training. This market is also not saturated so the options available will be less.
There is nothing as easy as getting everything you need at the tip of your fingers. With the introduction of smartphones, this has become too easy. Get the best heart rate monitors for your iPhone or Android phone and get all your health statistics right on your phone. The intuitiveness of these devices makes health analysis much easier. For knowing more about them, you can visit the separate guide made by us. Unlike the old days, you don’t need a health assistant to look after you. Your phone can take care of your health.
If you won’t settle for anything less than the best and have enough money to afford anything, then this is the price point you must be looking at. The best heart rate monitors above $300 will have all the features to maintain your health. The devices at this price range are usually made with high durability but even then don’t make a hasty decision and get the wrong one. Put some research into finding the best one for you. Our experts have sorted out some of the best heart rate monitors over $300 in 2021. Make sure to check it out before making the purchase.
If you are concerned about the cost of the product but don’t want to make many sacrifices on your health, then this is the price point you must go for. The medium tier has enough features to support most of your health needs so there won’t be sacrifices you will make during the purchase. Check out the list of the best heart rate monitors under $300.
For $200, you won’t be getting the best heart rate monitors but they are way better than the cheapest price category. They will have additional features than the basic level heart rate monitors but don’t expect them to have the best-built quality build. If you spend some good time into their research, you will be able to get the best heart rate monitors over $200.
This is the cheapest category for heart rate monitors available. Only choose this level if you are tight on budget. It will be too hard to find anything more than heart rate reading at this price point. Moreover, there will be many sacrifices made to minimize the cost. Stopwatch, clock, steps are taken are some basic features found in heart rate monitors. There are heart rate monitors with zone alert built for workouts in different heart zones. But they are basic features found in almost all the categories. You will be able to get the basic experience of a heart rate monitor. So, choose them only if you can’t afford a better version. Check out our list of the best heart rate monitors under $100 and choose one form it.

Best Heart Rate Monitors – Top 3 Favorites for 2021

What is Basically Heart Rate Monitors

Just like the name goes, heart rate monitors are nothing but small medical equipment that tracks your heart rate. They measure the data in beats per minute and show you analysis and the measurement on a digital screen. It is similar to taking your pulse but this time more professionally and with accuracy.

With the technological innovation in the health industry, the more people know about the health benefits of utilizing the heartbeat data into their workouts for better health. Heart rate analysis is especially useful for people who need to push their body limits by raising the body to the targeted heart rate zone. A detailed analysis of the heart rate will let a professional understand the heartbeat zone that is most comfortable for his body. This can positively affect performance.

Everyone has that particular range where your body doesn’t exhaust fast. This comfort zone will vary with people with age and activities and identifying is quite easy when you have a heart rate monitor handy. For reaching the target fitness level, you will have to put out fitness plans and this is only possible with a comprehensive analysis of the body by using heart rate or some other means. It is dependent on the fitness level you want to achieve. If you are planning to reduce the fat, then your heart rate zone will be much higher than a person who is just into light aerobic workouts. High intense workout plans require a lot of changes and a heart rate monitor will help you follow the plan.

Types of heart rate monitors

1. Chest strap heart rate monitors: Chest strap based heart rate monitors are the most accurate type of heart rate monitors available right now. Since they are attached to the chest, they consistently provide better results than all the other types. It has a strap that keeps the sensor attached to your chest. Not all people like the placement of the chest based heart monitor. This type of heart rate monitors has electrodes and infrared sensors that measure your heart rate and send it to the main unit which receives the data and displays it.

The receiver end is placed on the wrist. Generally, the wrist display unit is designed in the shape of a wristwatch for easy usage. You can customize the heart rate monitor to give out beep sound if you cross your targeted heart rate zone. This is one of the most basic heart rate monitors you can get right now but fortunately, they give the best results throughout. With higher accuracy, they have become the favorite option for professional athletes who don’t make any sacrifices when it comes to their performance and health. For example, you can go for the Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor.

2. Wristwatch touch type monitor: Unlike the chest based heart rate monitors that continuously monitor your heart beats, wrist-based heart rate monitors will only measure your heartbeat whenever you press the button. They must be worn in the same way as you wear a wristwatch. The heart rate monitoring is continuous so it might be a no go for some users. But people looking out for cheaper options who are willing to take the pain of checking it out every once in a while this is a good option. For example, EAST ELECTRONICS Digital LED Touch Screen Men’s Watch.

3. Continuous reading wristwatch: For people who love wrist-based heart rate monitors but want continuous heartbeat monitoring, this is the one for you. This is a new addition and has gained immense popularity in the fitness world because of its compactness. They can measure your heart rate continuously and that too without the need of that annoying chest strap. You only need to place below your wrist bone it will do the rest of the job.

We have often heard people complaining about the inaccuracy associated with the wrist-based heart rate monitors. But the truth is inaccuracy is caused by the people who place the heart rate monitors in the wrong position. You can use it for all kinds of workouts. Chances of them irritating you are far too less. But the compactness comes at a good price and it is much more expensive than the chest based heart rate monitors.

There are many brands out there that provide good quality wrist-based heart rate monitors. Sports brands like Polar, Nike, Reebok equip their sports watches with the same facilities too. So, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Depending on the type of workout you do, you can choose the heart rate monitor that fits the best. You can buy Fitbit Charge HR heart rate monitor Smartwatch.

4. Non-Wearable: You can also find heart rate monitors attached to other different fitness machines that will take the reading while you workout. Machines like treadmills, elliptical machines, Exercise bikes, etc have heart rate monitors included in their handle or parts where your body is in contact. This is easier as far as usability is concerned. Apart from that, you always have the option to use the chest strap based heart rate monitor.

If you have some heart-related issue or need professional medical help for analyzing your heart health, then you will undergo an electrocardiogram (ECG) which will give out a detailed analysis of your cardiovascular health. During the test, you will be made to walk on a treadmill with different intensity levels with a chest strap based heart rate monitor attached to you. For example  RainbowMMed Patient Monitor is a non-wearable heart rate monitor.

Who should you use heart rate monitors?

Some people think measuring heartbeat is just a gimmick for fitness products. That’s not true because you can actually draw conclusions about your whole body health from these readings. The way your body responds to different levels of activities can be identified by the variation in the heart beats. With those measurements, you can set your heart rate zones and plan your workouts accordingly. Instead of shooting something blindfolded you will know where you are supposed to shoot with the best heart rate monitors knowing your body.

1. People Doing Workouts: People who are into normal workouts can also utilize the benefits of heart rate monitors like the professionals. Normal workouts like jogging, running, and cardiovascular workouts can all be made better when you know how good your body is doing. With their compact nature, you can use them while working out with any fitness equipment.

2. Athletes: When it comes to athletes, a winning race might be decided with an edge of a microsecond so anything that they could do to improve the performance matters. With heart rate monitor, they can easily monitor the minute improvements making the training more effective. For example, you can choose between speed training and interval training based on your heartbeat variations

3. Cyclists: For cyclists, their endurance capacity can be increased if they can understand the limits of their heartbeat. The concise analysis of your heartbeat data can be easily viewed on the digital screen.

4. Swimmers: Swimming is one of the best exercises out there but it is almost impossible to measure how many calories you burn each time you take a swim. The best heart rate monitors specially designed for swimmers can do the job really well here.  They can track the distance traveled, the speed of swims and count the number of strokes you take. Go for Garmin Tri-Swim.

5. Obese people: For the obese people who want to shed their weight every minute of workout have to be highly productive. This can be done by tracking your calorie burning rate using the top heart rate monitors.

  • Injury-rehabilitation patients: Heart rate monitors are easy to use and compact in nature so you can carry them around wherever you are. This becomes extremely useful when you are facing some kind of injuries or heart issues where you need to monitor the vitals immediately. For the people doing rehabilitation training too, this can be a helping hand as it helps you recognize the gradual development you make towards achieving a healthy body.
  • Joggers and walkers: You might think heart rate monitors are only for professionals but it wouldn’t hurt to get to know your body better. Everyone works out for a reason and will also have a fitness goal. Whether that is weight loss or muscle building, you will always find a companion in heart rate monitors. They can keep you motivated throughout the workouts.

6. Triathletes: There are heart rate monitors designed for triathletes that can efficiently track your running streaks on road and also the stroke counts in the water.

Hikers, climbers, and skiers

Heart rate monitors can be used to analyze the variation in the heart rate when you climb up the mountains. This will let you know whether your body is undergoing too much stress.

Heart Rate Target Zones

1. Heart Rate Zones: Heart rate target zones are heartbeat rates exhibited when your body is undergoing different stages of working out. Understanding each stage and your heart rate zone will help you fix your fitness goals. This will make the fitness plan more practical to follow.

2. Warm-Up Zone: The name itself is self-explanatory. The warm-up zone is the heartbeat zone your body will be at before the serious workouts. At this heartbeat zone, your body must reach a point where there is efficient blood flow throughout your body and muscles making you ready for more intense workouts. The heartbeat rate at this point will be around 50 to 60 beats per minute. This is much higher than the normal heartbeat rate you are undergoing.

For beginners, warm up zone is the healthiest. If you keep your heart rate within this range, then the chances of injuries will be far less. Just because it is named the warm-up zone doesn’t mean it is an unproductive state. You can burn the body fat and reduce cholesterol levels even by working out in this range. Degenerative diseases won’t catch you fast if you workout in the warm-up zone every day. We are not calling it the best heart rate zone. Each zone has its own advantage. Choose the ones that are more suited for you.

3. Fat burning Zone: At this point, your heart races at sixty to seventy rates per minute. You will be using more energy than you would be using in warmup zone.

In the fat burning zone, your beats per minute will increase slightly to reach around 60 to 70 beats per minute. This heart rate zone is perfect if what you need is to burn down the extra fat. More energy gets used up in this zone as you will be stressing out your body much more in this zone.

4. Cardio Zone: Cardio zone is where you maintain your heartbeat for a long period for better health benefits by intense workouts. The heartbeat rate is much higher than both the other zones. You usually get into this stage during intense workouts and your body will be reaching around 80 percent limit of your heart capacity. A huge number of calories will be burned during this workout. Your muscles will get leaner and will start to get definition in areas like quadriceps and hamstrings when you do muscle specific exercises in this zone.

Are Heart Rate Monitors Accurate?

Our experts have made this guide simple enough for you to easily grasp the functioning of heart rate monitors.  Now must have got a clearer picture of why there are inaccuracies in the measurement taken by the heart rate monitors. There are many more things you need to know regarding the accuracy of these devices. Generally, there are two kinds of people who look out for heart rate monitors other than the professionals: those who get one for knowing the heart rate during exercise and while you rest.

Finding the heart rate when you are at rest is easy. All you need to do is take your pulse. Since you are not engaged in any activity, it will be quite an easy task. Other than that there are many ways by which you could measure the heart rate like using smartphones that have these sensors or by buying dedicated heart rate monitors but it is not necessary to make a purchase in order to get something for measuring the resting heart rate.

Resting heart rate is not much of a concern unless it crosses the healthy range. A little variation in the resting heart rate is natural with different individuals. For most healthy individuals, the resting heart rate will fall around 60. If your heartbeat spikes to 80 or more then you have got a problem and need medical attention. Thus, you don’t need to dwell over your resting heart unless it shows big variations what you must look out for is the heart rate variations during different training activities.

Reading the beats per minute range of your heartbeat is a bit different from what you might usually do. It’s true that you are getting these values in numbers but the specificity of the numbers doesn’t matter as much as the deviation from the common range. If you are using a fitness app or other training methods, you can track down your heartbeat zone.

If the heart rate varies out of it drastically during workouts, then you must pay attention to it and make changes. Heart rate zones of individuals vary with people and you can calibrate your machine with your custom zone. So, what we are telling is it is not the exact numbers that matter it is the general heartbeat zone that matters.

Your hearts recovering capacity can also be analyzed using the heart rate. It can be used for understanding the overall endurance capacity of your body. From what we have seen chest strap based heart rate monitors are better for taking this measurement since they are more accurate. This might be a deciding factor for many people who are confused between the two types. But for some this might not be an issue at all.

Buying Guide to Buy the Best Heart Rate Monitor 2021

Why Do I Need a Heart Rate Monitor?

Think about this, if you need to sharpen an axe then won’t pick up something that is hard enough to sharpen its edges. Picking something soft like wood or a hard piece of rock will not help in sharpening the axe. What you do in this case is finding the right tool for sharpening the axe’s material. The same applies to your body. Not every workout or intensities of workouts may seem useful for your body type.

What you need to do is find the exercises that perfectly fit your body type. For that you will need to understand your body limits and one easy way for analyzing the endurance capacity of your body is by using heart rate monitors and measuring the different reading is during different activities. Doing so will help you recognize your perfect heart rate zone which can be used for planning out your fitness plans. We recommend that you prefer buying Polar H10 chest strap.

How Much Will I Need to Spend On A Heart Rate Monitor?

Like all the fitness machines, heart rate monitors are also available at different price ranges. Depending on the price you pay, you will get more features. The cheapest of the heart rate monitors start at 300$ and it can go as high as $400 with features like GPS tracking. The budget you will need to allocate for buying them is entirely dependent on your fitness goals and the features that you would like to have on them. You will get a clearer picture about it when you read our review into the top-selling heart rate monitors in different price ranges. If you are tight on budget, then read the affordable heart rate monitor section.

Which Type of Heart Rate Monitor is suitable for you?

Heart rate monitors are popular among fitness enthusiasts so before buying one you can easily check out the ones used by your friends. People will always have a certain liking to some brands for their features. Keep this in mind and search for the one that will suit you the best. There are many types available. Depending on the type of usage, you can easily switch between them. If you are into chest strap based heart rate monitors then ANT+ can be a good choice but they only connect with watches that use the same connectivity like the Garmin, Polar and Suunto watches.

ANT+ has the restriction of connectivity towards specific devices so it will be a problem if you are using smartphones that have Bluetooth connectivity. If you need access from your phone, then you may need to get heart rate monitors that come with Bluetooth connectivity. They can easily connect to your heart rate monitor with apps like Strava, Runkeeper, and Endomondo.

Chest strap versus optical wrist sensors

The debate that exists among the medical equipment in the fitness world revolves around chest straps and wrist-based heart rate monitors. Wrist-based heart rate monitors utilize the advanced technology of optical sensors for measuring the pulse from your wrists. This popular technology has been integrated into almost all the smartwatches and fitness trackers. The best brands to choose among them are Garmin, Fitbit and Suunto. The accuracy of the measurement is the main issue dealt with the wrist-based system.

If what you need is a highly accurate measurement, then we can blindly say that you must go for chest strap based heart rate monitor. This doesn’t mean that wrist-based ones are bad they are not suited for activities that engage a lot of motion. Since the optical sensors have to stay close to the skin, the readings will vary if you move. But when it comes to comfort, there is nothing as good as the wrist-based heart rate monitors.

There is a new innovation to the wrist-based systems that change the position of placement to the forearm and upper arm. If you are looking out for armbands like them then you will find good choices in Polar, Wahoo and Scosche. These kinds of heart rate monitors offer as much accuracy as the top-selling chest based heart rate monitors.

How comfortable is the Heart Rate Monitor?

Yeah, heart rate monitors can be good fitness assistance but if you hate to have them around you then the whole idea of buying them will flop. So try out each type of heart rate monitors and find the best heart rate monitor you would love to keep on your body. The two major types you could choose from is the chest based heart rate monitors and the wrist-based heart rate monitors. Some people just hate the chest based system, for people like that wrist-based heart rate monitors will be the only choice. This is almost a personal decision so you will have to figure it out on your own.

But don’t forget the fact that the chest based heart rate monitoring system gives a more accurate measurement despite the lack of comfort you have with it. If accuracy is important for you then go get the top-rated chest based heart-based monitors or go for the compact design of the wrist-based systems. Whichever heart monitor you choose they must be comfortable on the skin for long hours of usage with a lot of sweat moving around them. Sometimes they may not fit properly to your body in that case you may need to use the adjustable chest strap or wrist strap.

Part 2:  Design Considerations

1. Display: Readability is crucial while working out. The lighting may not always be ideal so the contrast is proper and the size of the screen must be large enough for viewing all the details easily. Usually, the watch screens come with backlight facility which can be an advantage when you are using the watch in low light situations.

2. Calorie counter: If your long term fitness goal is the reduction of calories, then something that tells you the number of calories during workouts can be pretty useful and motivating.

3. Speed and distance monitor: For athletes and especially joggers, getting comprehensive data into their running streak can be useful. They use the GPS tracker for analyzing the speed of the run and trace the path you have run through. If your workouts are done more indoors then you can use a foot pod for collecting the same data. An accelerometer is present inside the foot pod for measuring the length of each stride.

4. Digital interface: In this era, being smart means getting devices connected to the smartphone and PC. The same applies here. The best heart rate monitors have the facility to connect to the computers and smartphones for displaying the detailed report of your training.

5. Tethering: The best heart rate monitors will have good integration with the iPhone to an extent where you will be able to control the notifications and simple tasks on the phone using the fitness tracker attached to your wrist. With this facility, you will never be distracted by your phone during workouts.

6. Fitness trainer: Your fitness tracker takes up the job of your personal fitness trainer and makes sure that you are working out in the right intensities. Whenever you break away from your workout pattern it will send out alerts to put you back into the zone.

7. Coded transmitter: When you are working with wireless machines, there is a high chance of crosstalk by which you can get your data corrupted. The chances of this are high when it comes to working out in gyms where many people are carrying similar devices. There is encryption hidden inside the chest strap that encrypts the data before transferring it over to the wrist preventing cross talk.

8. Sport-specific features: There are many workout specific features for tracking each distinct workout like swimming, cycling where the data that is to be collected is not that conventional.

9. Maximum heart rate: Slacking in gyms is a common scene these days but there are some people who overdo their workouts. You must remember that once the threshold is crossed, the body gets susceptible to injuries. Your maximum heart rate is usually calculated based on your age.  If you cross the maximum heartbeat rate, then the heart rate monitor will send out alerts warning you to cool down.

10. Apps: With technological advancement, there are many apps that are designed specifically for assisting people in their workouts. They can be used in conjunction with your smartphone for analyzing your health statistics and workout data giving you a proper workout report once you are done with it. Try to get the top-selling heart rate monitors that have the facility to connect to your smartphone. Refrain from buying the standalone heart rate monitors that have no connectivity. Take this decision and thank me later.

11. Functions

  • Countdown mode is extremely useful when it comes to time restricted training.
  • Understanding the calorie burning rate gives a new insight into how much you workout daily. Calorie counters are convenient for people aiming at fat loss.
  • Recovery rate is an indication of your body’s resistance to strain. The faster you can recover from each workout show how healthy your body is. Recovery mode is used for this.
  • Lap timings can help you analyze how much improve with each successive workout. Moreover, you can build up records which are meant to be broken by you itself.
  • Heart touch function is used for displaying the heartbeat rate by the press of a button located on the chest strap
  • Vibrations alerts are much more intuitive in alerting people about different workout zones.
  • It is always convenient when your personal trainer knows everything about you. They will be able to give you a totally personalized experience. Setting user profiles in heart rate monitors will make the heart rate monitors behave in the same manner. If multiple people are using it then they all can have their own separate profiles.

12. The body and BPM: Knowing your body’s extreme points is necessary for pushing it beyond that limit and for creating workout plans. Mere reading of heartbeats won’t be useful unless you use the data to make some changes in the way you workout. One way of using the data is for recognizing your heart’s maximum heartbeat rate.

Using this you can set up the heart rate boundaries which you must not cross during workouts. Most of the time, the maximum heartbeat rate of adults is usually 220 minus their age. There are more complex formulas which can give you a more accurate measurement based on the resting heart beat rate. Once you understand your hearts limits, arrange the workouts zones.

For tough workouts make your body reach the zone of 80% to 85% and for medium level workouts make the heartbeat reach 65% to 75%. It will be good to take the advice of doctors at this point in time to determine how much you could work out with your present physical condition.

13. Connectivity: This is the age of technologically advanced medical fitness machines. We don’t buy it just for the primary function. The more integrated it is to all our devices the better we can utilize it. Make sure to buy the best heart rate monitor which is famous for the connectivity features it offers. Most of the advanced heartbeat monitors will have Bluetooth connectivity to do the same.

You will surely notice the difference in using a wirelessly connected heart rate monitor. With the integration with your smartphone, the workout reports and medical reports get more comprehensive and clear. Heart rate monitors will become much more intelligent and the apps will utilize the data and draw out conclusions on your health statistics. Remember this is a good feature and not a marketing gimmick. So, make sure to get a heart rate monitor with this feature.

14. Batteries: Usually, battery backup is not a major concern as almost all the heartbeat monitors come with a backup of one or two days. But to make sure about it you must check whether they have enough battery backup. This should be given importance if you are getting heart rate monitors with rechargeable batteries.

If replaceable batteries are being used in the heart rate monitors, then they must have a battery backup of months. Either way, get the best heart rate monitor with the longest battery life. You must also be able to replace these batteries with ease or else it will become a pain for you later on.

15. Battery Replacement: As we had said earlier, heart rate monitors run on batteries. There are ones with replaceable batteries and non-replaceable one. Once the battery is drained, you will either have to replace it or recharge them. The replacement cost of the batteries is too high. But unfortunately, these batteries are not user serviceable. So, a wise decision will be to find the best heart rate monitors with removable replacement heart rate monitors.

16. Durability: Nobody wants their heart rate monitor to be broken in a month of purchasing them. We all want things that will give more value out of our money in the long run. So the durability of the heart rate monitor is a big concern. Unfortunately, since most of the parts are built into them, it is hard for us to identify the durability of the product easily but what you could do is search the usage reviews found online and come to a good conclusion.

There are things that you could look out for. For example, the bands made with rubber or other durable material lasts longer than conventional materials. The same way the face of the material must be made with good quality materials that won’t break easily. And finally the most important part, the waterproofing. If the heart rate monitor is waterproof, then you can confidently take it outside for a swim but other than that the heart rate monitors must be sweat proof.

Part3: Cost to buy and ongoing costs

Whatever features you are adding to your heart rate monitor, remember you are adding more money into it. Your budget will matter a lot in the heart rate monitor you choose. You can find the heart rate monitors in all kinds of price ranges. The market for medical fitness machines is now saturated so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

1. Entry-level: The most basic model is to be chosen only when you are tight on budget or when you only need the basic features. Entry level models will be equipped with features like stopwatch, lap counter, and heart zone tracker. This alert mechanism will alert whenever you are crossing your heart rate zone by using alert sounds. This will help you stay in the ideal heart rate zone.

Heart rate zones are totally dependent on each individual. There are many factors that determine your ideal target zone. It can vary widely based on age, gender and your fitness capacity. Once you get the device, you can personalize it with your custom target heart rate zone.

Some other basic features the entry level must have are a calorie counter which can show you the number of calories burned during each workout, the maximum heart rate indicator to show how much you pushed during the workouts. If you choose a runner-specific model, it will be equipped with a food pod which can measure the speed, distance run by you along with the stride length.

2. Mid-level: If you are ready to invest in the mid-level heart rate monitors, then you will be getting something that has connectivity facility to work together with your PC and smartphone. This is actually a necessity in heart rate monitors if you need a detailed view into your health statistics. There are many software and apps out there that can become your fitness buddy. They are made by experts and are simple to use. They will guide you through the workouts and monitor your workouts every time. Customization in heart rate zones and other customization in the workouts make it an easy machine for interval training.

3. High-end: This is by far the best heart rate monitor you could these days. Of course, you are paying a high price tag for it and you won’t be lagging a bit it in any areas. They have a higher memory capacity to record your workout data and store it for a longer period of time. This will make it easier for you to analyze the improvement you have made over the years. Information like altitude, barometric pressure, ascent and descent, incline measurement, route mapping can all be tracked using these high-end devices.

Don’t simply go for the most expensive option just because you think they are the best. The right equipment is the one that suits your specific needs. So, it is always important to put in the right research before making the purchase. Put the features available and your fitness goals side by side and check whether they are compatible with one another. For some people, they may only need a heart rate reading. For people like there is no point in having something with a plethora of features they are never going to use.  Heart rate monitors are available in all kinds of price ranges from $60 all the way up to $400.

You can expect to replace the battery at least every three to five years, depending on your usage. The chest belt will also deteriorate over time. If you use your monitor a lot, you may need to replace the chest strap more often than the watch battery.

Generally, the replaceable batteries on the heart rate monitors must be replaced every 3 to 5 years. And that is all dependent on how much you use the equipment. If you use the heart rate monitor often then the chances of the chest strap getting worn are high. So, consider replacing it every once in a while.

There are high-quality heart rate monitors whose batteries will last for around 7 years but that is dependent on the frequency of your usage too. The replacement cost of the batteries is around $10 to $5 and the replacement cost of the chest strap is around $20 to $120. Check out the maintenance cost of the equipment you buy. After all, you don’t need to feel surprised when the heart rate monitor needs maintenance.

Part 4: Buy from us with confidence

We know that you have put your trust in us so we won’t fail you. The reviews made by us and the products sold by us are well sorted because to us your health comes in the top priority. Even if you don’t buy from us make sure to read out the reviews made by us which will give a detailed idea into what you must look out for in a heart rate monitor. We have manually reviewed each product in detail keeping in mind the specifications required, thus you can trust our reviews.


Heart rate monitors with fitness trackers are totally different. They are suited for different purposes and are built to stay compatible with those activities. So, look at them carefully and find something that will best suit your purpose. And remember the reviews made by us are expert opinions. So, make sure to check it out and take the expert advice before jumping into making the purchase. Whichever type of heart rate monitor you like, choose it after proper research and get the most preferred heart rate monitor or a good health buddy.

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