HCI Fitness Equipment Review
HCI Fitness Equipment Review

HCI Fitness Equipment Review

HealthCare International (HCI), with its headquarters in Washington, is one of the dominant names in the international market that makes cost-effective and innovative products for Physical Therapy, Fitness, Health, Active Aging, and Rehabilitation. It owns various brands like HCI Fitness, H2O Fitness, etc. to make different kinds of fitness equipment for commercial gyms, physiotherapy centers and home gyms.

Multiple types of fitness machines designed by the company include recumbent cross trainers, total body trainers, treadmills, and upper body ergometers, etc. by HCI Fitness and pro rowers by H2O Fitness.

Why HealthCare International Stands Out Among the Rest

HealthCare International has more than 30 years of rich experience in the fitness and medical industry. The company strives to develop high-quality, innovative products while providing timely and excellent service to customers. It tries to meet customer needs by closely working with them and getting their feedback during the phase of development of a product. HCI has a close partnership with CarbonFund (since 2008) also so that it can counteract the carbon emissions that arise during different phases of its business like transportation, packaging, and manufacturing, etc.

HCI Products

HCI owns various brands like HCI Fitness, H2O Fitness, CardioMed, etc. to make different kinds of fitness equipment for home gyms, commercial gyms, and rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers. Let us have a look at the types of fitness machines developed by HCI.

  • Recumbent Cross Trainers by HCI FitnessHealthCare International (HCI) launched the brand HCI Fitness to offer its users with commercial and high-quality fitness equipment at affordable prices, hence making sure that they get good value for money products. HCI Fitness is quite famous for including innovative designs in their products and believes that a customer’s health is their main priority.
    However, one thing that is common in all the recumbent bikes designed by the company is that they offer their users with complete body workout including the lower body, back, chest muscles, and arms. The sitting position in these trainers is recumbent and stress-free so that the workout is very smooth and you don’t feel pressure on your joints while exercising.
    Also, since the trainers come with adjustable backrest, seat, and handlebars; people with different physical attributes can use them.  Latest products in Recumbent Cross Trainers offered by HCI Fitness are the PhysioStep PRO (Stepper), PhysioStep LXT (Linear) and PhysioStep RXT (Elliptical), PhysioStep MDX (Elliptical), PhysioStep LTD (Semi-Elliptical) and  PhysioStep HXT (Semi-Elliptical). So whether you are looking for Home Use Ellipticals, Commercial Ellipticals or Compact Ellipticals, HCI Fitness caters to all the different needs of the customers.
  • Treadmill by HCI Fitness – HCI Fitness’ also offers an excellent treadmill, which is a great option for use in rehabilitation clinics/centers; the treadmill accommodates a wide range of users, having varying workout and fitness preferences. The weight carrying capacity of the treadmill is also quite significant (500 lbs), making it appropriate for usage by a wide range of users; the reversible tread bill allows both forward and backward running.
    The HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill packs a powerful DC servo motor (4 HP), which enables the treadmill to run for long durations at its top speed (15 mph) best nonfolding treadmills in the market.
  • Pro Rowers by H2O FitnessHealthCare International (HCI) launched the brand H2O Fitness to make water rowing machines that are cost-effective,  affordable and also offer its users with a great workout experience so that they get the feel of actual rowing. H2O Fitness is one of those rare brands of rowing machines that employs actual water tanks to use water as its main resistance system.
    It employs a new HydroPower Drive system as well as internal paddles to make you feel as if you are rowing a real boat. You can make the machine row fast/slow depending on your workout intensity and preference. Also, you don’t have to make any adjustments with knobs or buttons to change the resistance levels as the water offers the repulsion you desire. H2O Fitness has launched 2 types of water rowing machinesRX-750 (for home settings) and the RX-950 (for commercial settings), for all the fitness freaks who are looking for a great rowing machine.

Pros & Cons of HCI Fitness


  • HCI products are affordable and cost-effective to meet the different needs of commercial and home users.
  • All HCI products have high-quality with innovative design.
  • The company provides excellent and timely service to its customers.
  • HCI helps to protect the environment by partnering with CarbonFund to counterbalance carbon emissions.


  • HCI Fitness Rowing Machines do not offer a variety of preset workout programs.
  • HCI Fitness Recumbent Cross Trainers have relatively premium pricing.
  • HCI Fitness PhysioMill treadmill is not foldable and hence occupies a lot of space in your room.

Final Verdict

HealthCare International believes that we should give utmost importance to our health and hence keeps customer’s needs in mind while designing its products. HCI machines are sturdy and durable with the extended warranty period. The company follows stringent procedures for quality control to ensure that the products are reliable and of excellent quality.

To meet the customers’ professional or personal needs and to suit their budget, it offers various products at different levels of price points. In a nutshell, HCI is one of the leading brands when it comes to developing innovative and high-quality products in the health and fitness industries.

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