FitDesk Equipment Review
FitDesk Equipment Review

Fitdesk is one of the leading players in the fitness industry, renowned for making lightweight exercise bikes which aids its users in enhancing their fitness levels while simultaneously doing their desk jobs. These machines particularly suit to people who find it difficult to find time in their busy schedules for exercise; users can achieve their twin objectives of being productive and staying fit at the same time using these machines. There are a variety of bikes designed by the company; these include recumbent bikes, upright bikes and under desk peddlers etc.

Why FitDesk Stands Out Among the Rest

While many companies build such exercise desks, FitDesk machines stand out for being extremely quiet and smooth. There is hardly any noise of the machine in operation, which makes it suitable for use in a workplace. While the twin-belt high-velocity flywheel helps give the machine a smooth pedal movement, the large size of the pedals also makes it comfortable for use by users with varying physical attributes. The users can also control the intensity of their workout using the 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and a summary of the workout encapsulating critical data like calories, mileage and time are available readily.

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All Fitdesk Exercise Bikes

FitDesk Products

There are two broad categories of exercise desks built by the company – Bike Desk and Under Desk. Some of the features of these two broad categories are as follows:

  • Bike Desks – Within this category, there are two types of bikes – recumbent and upright bikes. All the exercise bikes in this category are extremely lightweight in nature and provide a desk platform to the users so that the users can simultaneously work on their computers or other gadgets while exercising. The most recent launches under this category of bikes are FitDesk Recumbent Bike, FitDesk Bike Desk 2.0 and the FitDesk Bike Desk 3.0.
  • Under Desk– Within this category, there are two bikes – FitDesk Under Desk Cycle and FitDesk under-desk elliptical. Both the exercise bikes in this category are incredibly compact and specially designed for use under work desks. The low height required for pedal rotation makes these machines suitable for use even under work desks, where the available is height is as low as 25″.

Pros & Cons of FitDesk


  • Extremely quiet, making them suitable for use in a workplace
  • Smooth operation; comfortable foot placement
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance levels to control the intensity of the workout
  • Easily portable
  • Sturdy frame


  • No inbuilt workout programs in the machines
  • Lack of pulse sensors across all varieties of the brand

Final Verdict

FitDesk exercise bikes help their users to stay fit, without compromising on their busy schedules. People can continue to work on their computer, read articles/study while continuing to improve their fitness levels and cardiovascular health. Early studies have indicated that people who do even light exercises each day tend to have greater focus and energy for completing their day to day chores; this is in addition to the obvious benefits of improved heart activity and weight management.

Since Fitdesk machines are extremely quiet in operation, you can easily use them in the workplace, without causing the distraction to the peers. Thus, we highly recommend FitDesk machines for use by people, who have sedentary jobs and find it hard to take time out of their busy lifestyles for achieving their fitness goals.

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