Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Review

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Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Review

The XTERRA MBX2500 Indoor Cycle is acknowledged among the best indoor spin bikes for home as it boasts of 48.5 Ibs precision-balanced flywheel for smooth and consistent performance.

Its key selling point is its large multi-window LCD that displays the workout statistics with incredible clarity. Moreover, this indoor spin bike is highly cost-effective, which makes it a preferred choice for serious fitness enthusiasts.

The XTERRA MBX2500 spin bike was introduced in 2017 and offers sturdy built and smooth resistance that makes it perform like a high-end, superlative spin bike Keiser M3i indoor cycle.

The availability of an adjustable seat and handlebars make this spin bike more result-oriented. Read more about the XTERRA MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike Review 2021 to understand the practical utility of this spin bike.

Also, it comes packed with sturdy racing saddle, toe-cage pedals, and compatibility with a wireless heart rate transmitter. Moreover, this spin bike continues to be budget-friendly in 2021 and still offering the heavy-duty resistance as compared to the contemporary indoor cycles. Overall, it is an excellent exercise bike for home use.

Best Suited to Whom?

The XTERRA MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike is rated as one of the best portable stationary bikes that are easy to use and store with front-mounted wheels. Additionally, the compact-sized indoor cycle offers the weight capacity for 300 pounds that makes it capable of supporting the workout of heavyweight users as well.

Users who prefer to customize their workout with adjustable features of the indoor cycle can find this spin bike highly convenient to use. The adjustable feature of the handlebars and seat enable the users to experience the most comfortable workout sessions.

Also, those users who look for the more stringent resistance levels would find this fitness equipment extremely rewarding. The bike by XTERRA is one of the best indoor spin bikes that offer higher levels of resistance to provide a smooth, and challenging workout experience.

Furthermore, the spin bike is highly cost-effective, and that makes it rank among the best spin bikes under $500. Therefore, users who require encouraging workout sessions with strong resistance can buy this spin bike for optimal results.

Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The assembly of the XTERRA Indoor Cycle is straightforward as the core of the spin bike arrives in a pre-assembled form. The user is required to attach the seat, handlebars, pedals, and LCD monitor to their respective posts.

The entire process is usually completed within half an hour, and the user can assemble the whole spin cycle with the tools that also arrive with the whole package. If there is any difficulty, the user can resort to the manual of the guidelines.

Also, the maintenance of the spin bike is not time-consuming as it is a magnetic-resistance bike, so users need not to lubricate the bike or the belt. Only, frequent cleaning of the dust particles helps to keep the functioning of the indoor cycle smooth and trouble-free.

Design and Build Quality

The first look of XTERRA Spin Bike makes it the preferred choice of fitness enthusiasts as its sleek design and great looks add to its overall worth. The dimensions of this spin bike are 56.3” L x 20.5″ W x 53.2″ H, and it weighs 110 Ibs.

Looking at the frame of the spin bike, one can judge that it is a superior exercise bike for indoor use that has been designed with heavy-duty steel. The bike supports a maximum user weight of 300 Ibs and provides a durable shelf-life.

The steel frame is designed with hexagonal and cylindrical bars with a low center of gravity, and that plays a crucial role in imparting added stability to the mainframe. The main base of the bike is a bit curved at the rear, and this adds to the overall strength and robust build of the bike.

Moreover, the bike makes the user incline a few degrees further than his actual position while pedaling, and that results in having an accurate racing posture, making a significant impact on the core strength of the users.

Besides, the covers of the parts of the bike like a flywheel, crank, and the belt are designed with a durable ABS material. The midsection of the bike between the handlebars tube and the seat tube are quite sturdy and can be employed as a stepping pad as well. Thus, this indoor spin bike can offer any spin workout with ease and precision.

The bike is designed with a precision-balanced 48.5Ibs flywheel that has the reputation of being among the heavier flywheel of the market. It comes equipped with contact breaking magnetic drive that provides smooth, quiet, and natural motion of pedaling. The users can pedal until they drop, whether they want to lose weight or keep general fitness.

The spin bike is equipped with eight levels of resistance, and users can opt for the level of intensity as per their convenience.

Coming to the console, this indoor bike is accessorized with an LCD monitor that depicts the workout vitals with clarity. Moreover, users can sync their heart rate to the LCD monitor using a chest strap via Bluetooth.

The seat constitutes an integral part of the home-based indoor cycle, and this bike shows promising results with an adjustable seat. Therefore, users of different weight propositions, and age can modify the seat. Also, the adjustable handlebars, saddle, and toe-caged pedals are few prominent highlights of this sturdy bike.

With front-mounted transport wheels and compact design, this exercise bike is good to go in any part of the home. Thus, users can work out while watching television, or listening to music or even work out in the living area,or garage with ease.

Therefore, the XTERRA spin bike proves excellent for offering a robust build quality and simple yet effective design at a minimal cost of less than $500.

Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Features


The XTERRA indoor cycle is designed with an LCD monitor with six windows that show the relevant workout vitals. The larger window at the top shows RPM. While the three smaller windows on the left are designed to indicate time, distance, and calories burned during the workout.

Moreover, the user gets access to countdown settings for distance, time, calories, and pulse. Thus, users can easily determine the target value for these metrics and the LCD console displays the count down from these predetermined values until zero is reached. This simple feature helps in setting fitness goals and get the motivation to achieve them with precision.

The console is user-friendly as it has only two buttons displaying SET and MODE/RESET buttons. The SET button enables the users to determine their fitness goals and the MODE/RESET button helps in confirming the desired settings.

Also, users can bring the set values to zero by selecting the MODE/SELECT button for a few seconds, and then they can set fresh values. The LCD monitor operates with a CR2032 (3V) battery, and the user needs to press any of the two buttons to start the console.

The console has a standby mode which gets initiated if no activity is detected by the bike for four minutes. Overall, the LCD monitor is quite easy to use, and it syncs with a Bluetooth chest strap to depict the essential heart rate readings on the screen.

Adjustable Saddle

This Indoor spin cycle is designed with a pin system that enables the user to adjust his distance from the pedals. Moreover, users can move the saddle both up/down and forward/backward for having the desired level of distance from the pedals.

Caged Pedals

This indoor cycle is equipped with toe-caged pedals that provide the benefit of stability to the users during rigorous workout sessions. The pedals of the bike are designed with metallic alloy, and have standard 9/16 threads to enable the users to get the compatible replacements if required.

The pedals don’t support SDP clips for spin shoes, but they do have straps, and with toe-cages provide much better grip to the feet.

Water Bottle Holder

This Indoor cycle is not equipped with a water bottle holder.


The users can increase or decrease the intensity of their workout with the resistance levels via a level.

An Adjustable Handlebars

This indoor spin bike arrives with fully adjustable handlebars that also support the multi-grip design having a loop aero bar in the middle. It supports the five different types of grips and postures and is equipped with urethane for having additional comfort, and a secure grip.

The handlebars can be adjusted in four ways and the upright post allows for the five adjustment positions. The provision of the horizontal slider allows for having three additional fore-to-aft position.

Emergency Stop

No availability of an emergency stop in this spin exercise bike.

Weight Capacity

This indoor cycle has a sturdy frame having a 3-piece crankset. The arms of the bike are extremely solid, and can easily support the users with a maximum weight of 300Ibs in standing up pedaling motion.


The indoor spin bike from XTERRA arrives with a manual resistance system. It enables users to quickly modify the resistance levels without needing to connect the console to the main power source.

Moreover, the console works as a fitness meter and doesn’t have any role in adjusting the resistance of the bike. There are eight levels of resistance in this exercise bike.

The first level of resistance is very light and it progresses with the levels reaching at its utmost level at the top to provide rigorous pedaling motion for having the desired muscle burn. The users can easily adjust the resistance by using a lever while working out.


The XTERRA MBX2500 is designed with one of the heaviest flywheel of the  indoor spin bikes available in the international market. It weighs 48.5 Ibs and it is designed to offer consistent momentum while pedaling.

Also, it comes with a bi-directional feature implying that the user can pedal it in reverse with ease and derive the advantage of versatility in his workout sessions.


The provision of front-mounted transport wheels in this exercise bike makes it highly mobile and easy to use anywhere at home.


The seat of this indoor bike comes equipped with the feature of four-way adjustability be it up, down, forward and backward. The upright bar provides the benefit of ten different adjustment positions. Besides, the horizontal slider enables the users to have front-back adjustment as well.

Therefore, the bike can easily adjust the users whose height ranges from 5’0” to 6’.5”. The seat is sturdy enough to support 300 Ibs user weight.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

The LCD monitor of the indoor bike can connect with Bluetooth enabled wireless chest strap, and provide accurate heart rate monitoring.

Self-Generating Power

This indoor spin cycle doesn’t operate by self-generating power. It works with the Silent Magnetic system having the contact braking system to provide continuous momentum while pedaling.

Other Features

  • 2” Speakers: The indoor cycle is not equipped with speakers.
  • iPod Compatibility: The indoor cycle doesn’t have any provision of iPod compatibility.
  • CoolAire workout fan: The indoor spin bike doesn’t support a cooling workout fan.

Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Workout Programs

The XTERRA indoor cycle is powerful fitness equipment that is meant to provide total body workout sessions. Even though this spin bike doesn’t come equipped with any preset workout programs but users can maintain their overall body fitness by cycling on this spin bike.

It offers one of the tough flywheel of the spin bikes in the market and as such, provides opportunities to the users to work out their muscles and keep fit. Also, the users can view their workout statistics on the LCD monitor to stay updated about their speed, distance, intensity, heart rate, time and calories.

Thus, users can get motivation from these workout statistics to plan fitness goals, and monitor their performance regularly. The chest strap transmitter allows for smooth syncing of heart rate data via Bluetooth to the LCD monitor.

With the provision of eight resistance levels, users can customize their workout and achieve preferred fitness goals. Thus, it turns out to be one of the best exercise bikes of the year 2021.

Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Warranty

XTERRA is the renowned brand of the international fitness industry for making sturdy and reliable fitness equipment with valid warranty backup. The XTERRA MBX2500 spin bike is equipped with a Lifetime warranty on the frame.

There is a one-year warranty on parts, electronics, and labor. Moreover, users derive the benefit of having the repair service at the comfort of their homes.

Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Pros & Cons


  • The spin bike offers durable shelf life with its sturdy build quality
  • It comes equipped with 48.5 IB flywheel for hardcore workout sessions
  • Users can choose from eight levels of resistance as per their requirements
  • The saddle is adjustable
  • Provision of ergonomically designed adjustable handlebars for optimal results
  • Availability of toe-cage pedal straps for safe and smooth pedaling experience
  • It is backed by valid warranty coverage
  • The spin bike is compatible with a wireless heart rate transmitter
  • A budget-friendly indoor cycle with a range of less than $500
  • It can support 300-pound user weight
  • Portable fitness equipment that can be used anywhere in the home
  • Provision of the fully adjustable seat for the maximum comfort of the users
  • The customer service is excellent


  • There is no provision of inbuilt workout programs or online videos for better results
  • No provision of inbuilt wi-fi in the spin bike
  • A few customers feel that eight resistance levels are quite less as compared to other spin bikes which usually offer 20 resistance levels, providing more scope for performance
  • This exercise bike users contact braking system, while most of the contemporary bikes make use of magnetic braking that minimizes noise and offers a longer shelf-life


The XTERRA MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike is revered among the best portable stationary bikes for providing tough resistance, durable build quality, Bluetooth connectivity via a chest strap, user-friendly features, and convenience to the users.

It’s adjustable seat and handlebars; smooth pedaling motion enhances its usage among different users. Also, the mobility of this bike makes it the best indoor cycle for even space-constrained areas.

Its negative point is that it doesn’t offer inbuilt workout plans. So, if you prefer to have a spin bike that can enable you to view your workout sessions, then we recommend the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle. In this spin bike, the users can connect through the Keiser M Series app via Bluetooth and train with real-time graphs.

The graphs depict the workout vitals for power, cadence range dials, heart rate, and FTP zones and a wide range of workouts. But, it is a high-end exercise bike that is available at less than $1500.

But, if you prefer to buy an ergonomically designed spin bike within the budget, then nothing can compare with XTERRA exercise bikes. Therefore, the XTERRA MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike review states that it is an excellent choice for people who need higher resistance, robust build quality, and impressive results and that too at cost-effective pricing. It is a must buy exercise bike for home users.

FAQs of Xterra MBX2500 Indoor Cycle

What is the difference between XTERRA MBX2500 and MB500?
The XTERRA MBX2500 is designed with a wireless Land flywheel configuration, while these features do not form the part of the design of MB500. But, both the indoor cycles are equipped with a similar warranty, adjustable features, and flywheel weight.
What is the weight of XTERRA MBX2500?
The total weight of the indoor cycle is 103.6 Ibs that can be viewed as almost double the weight of a regular mountain bike. Furthermore, the weight of the bike also adds up to its durability and performance. Moreover, the base bars of the bike is designed with adjustable stabilizers to make the bike performance-oriented even during intense workout sessions
Does this indoor cycle make a noise?
This indoor cycle is designed with a belt transmission that incorporates the heavy-duty v-belt. This v-belt is quite resistant to stretching and doesn’t require regular lubrication, as well. Moreover, it supports a smooth and quiet pedaling motion as compared to that of the chain drive