Weslo Pursuit E 26 Upright Bike Review

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Weslo Pursuit E 26 Upright Bike Review

Exercise Bikes make the most preferred equipment by the people for home use. It is the hot favorite for burning calories and muscles toning. Many companies are manufacturing state-of-the-art and well-engineered machines for satisfying this need of the user.

Weslo is one such brand which initially started with only Treadmills, but with time and demands, it now builds Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines, Ellipticals, etc. It is a great brand under ICON Health and Wellness and is ruling the market for developing equipment for home use.

Read the Weslo Pursuit E 26 review 2021 here and learn how this bike is effective and comfortable at the same time. It is sure to engage you well towards a healthy lifestyle. The Weslo Pursuit E 26 exercise bike is a great machine for enhancing one’s health.

It is an ideal one for home use as it satisfies the basic fitness needs of the user and comes with features like Adjustable seat, Flexible Resistance, Dual-Action Handlebars, Water Bottle Holder, Stainless steel frame, etc.

Owning this machine will reduce your gym expenses and will be your fitness friend forever. It is very affordable and is one of the best upright stationary exercise bikes.

Best Suits for Whom?

The Pursuit E 26 exercise bike model by Weslo is an ideal machine for home use.  It lets you get in shape, burn extra calories, tone muscles, and maintain a healthy heart. It is ideal for people who just want to spend less time on the machines and still remain fit.

This machine is good for them as spending only 20 minutes on it per day will get you in shape. It is very lightweight and perfect for people who need to shift homes time and again.

It also comes at an affordable price and is considered one of the best exercise bikes under $200. It is a perfect bike for an entire body workout.

Weslo Pursuit E 26 Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Weslo Pursuit E 26 exercise bike needs assembly before using it. The package comes with all the parts nicely packed and an instructions manual.

These guidelines are helpful in gathering the whole unit. It is a simple process and can be finished in less time with the help of someone. All the necessary tools are also included in the package.

Design and Build Quality

The designing of this exercise bike by Weslo is very good. It has dual action handlebars which enable upper and lower body workout with a single machine. Its design makes the user comfortable in his position so that he can carry out his workout fruitfully.

It is an upright bike which gives the best comfort. The LCD window is large and provides the basic workout information to the user. It includes other nice designing features keeping the user’s in mind, like a water bottle holder, manual resistance, etc.

The build quality of this upright exercise bike by Weslo is great. It has a very sturdy stainless steel frame construction and can take weights up to 250 lbs. Its material is also corrosion-resistant which improves its durability.

This machine is sure to last long in your homes and keep offering a comfortable exercising routine. Thus, the overall built and design of the Weslo Pursuit E 26  Upright Exercise Bike is awesome and user-friendly.

Weslo Pursuit E 26 Upright Bike Features

Heart Rate Monitoring

This machine calculates the user’s heart rate while he is exercising and displays it on the LCD window. This information helps the user in staying with his target heart zone and keeping his heart fit and healthy.

LCD Display

The display of the Pursuit E 26 exercise bike by Weslo is an LCD window, which displays the workout stats like Speed, Distance, Time, Heart Rate, and Calories Burned. It is a large and easy-to-read display with a crisp font.

Adjustable Seat

The seat of this bike is adjustable in the vertical position and is also padded. The adjustability feature gives the freedom to the user to adjust the seat according to his need. And, the padding provides extra comfort while working out especially when working for a long duration. The seat maximizes the overall experience of the user and makes him happy.

Magnetic Resistance

The type of Resistance used by this Weslo upright exercise bike is Manual. It is a flexible resistance which enables the user to increase or decrease the tension level. This feature gives a great upper and lower body workout to the user. The resistance changes like a cool breeze, adding comfort to the workout.


 The pedals of the Pursuit E 26 bike are well-positioned which enable the user of any height and foot size to accommodate on them. The pedals are softly padded and give good comfort while pedaling.

Flywheel Weight (lbs)

The flywheel of this machine is inertia-enhanced, which means it gives a smooth and consistent pedaling motion to the user.

Electrical Outlet Required

No electrical outlet is needed for running this machine as it is a self-generating bike.

Compact Size

 The dimensions of the Weslo Pursuit E 26 are 40” x 18.5” x 53” which means this machine can easily fit into a house of any size.

High Capacity

The stainless steel frame of this machine gives good robustness to the bike and makes it capable of taking weights up to 250 lbs. Its firm design gives it the capability to endure anything without making the machine wobble.

Other Features

  • Water Bottle Holder: Weslo is caring enough to provide an inbuilt water bottle holder with the Pursuit E 26 model of its exercise bikes. It lets you stay hydrated during your workout sessions as it is very important.

Weslo Pursuit E 26 Upright Bike Workout Programs

Preset Workout Programs: Upper Body Exercise: The Weslo Pursuit E 26 model of Exercise Bikes does not come with any preset workout programs. Instead, it has a Manual Resistance which the user can change with the help of a tension knob.

This flexibility adjusts to the user’s level of practice as he can increase or decrease the level as per his need. This feature gives a variety of workout to the user and helps him achieve his fitness goals.

Weslo Pursuit E 26 Upright Bike Warranty

Weslo gives a 90 days warranty on parts and labor, which is pretty decent as compared to the price range of this rower. Their customer service hotline number is 1-888-533-1333. The customer service representative will assist you with everything.

You can also order the replacement parts on this number. You can email them at service@iconfitness.com. Weslo gives a 30-day trial period on all its products.

In case of a defective machine, they will replace the device or refund full money. You can contact them for the same at 1-866-896-9777. The product must be in good condition at the time of return.

Weslo Pursuit E 26 Upright Bike Pros and Cons


  • This unit is lightweight as well as sturdy.
  • The LCD console is crisp and clear.
  • The manual resistance is adjustable with a tension dial.
  • The design is firm and user-friendly.
  • The seat is adjustable and padded.
  • This model comes with a water bottle holder.


  • No Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • No Preset workout programs.
  • No cooling fans.


The Weslo Pursuit E 26 upright exercise bike is undoubtedly an amazing bike which has the ability to catch your aim. It will give exactly what you want from it. It is decent in terms of everything, be it’s designing, build quality, features, warranty, etc. and this is evident from the above review.

It gives everything to the user within the confinements of his home. It is one of the best exercise bikes for home use. It is lightweight but can still take weights up to 250 lbs.

It works on every muscle group especially on the legs, depending on the resistance level that the user selects. The user must definitely own this bike to live a healthy life. It is one of the best compact bikes.