Best Upright Bike Reviews 2021

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Best Upright Bike Reviews 2021

The Health and Fitness Industry is increasing and is coming up with the best of the best equipment models. They have a great range of products in every budget so that anyone can buy them. People nowadays avoid spending extra money on gyms and also do not have time to spare due to their busy schedules. So, people prefer spending money on their equipment. It gives them the freedom of working out anytime and also makes the machine accessible for use.

Upright Bikes is one such machine which offers the most effective workout and is also very easy to use. They do not take much space at home and come at various models and prices. Depending upon your use and budget, you can select a cheap, lightweight model or a reliable heavy-duty model. You will find one of the best exercise bikes reviews in this article which will help you invest intelligently.

Best Portable Stationary Bikes
Upright Stationary Bikes for Home Use
A stationary and a portable exercise bike is the best option one can get if they are always on the move and have to compromise with their workout. These are foldable exercise bikes which you can pack and carry them anywhere in your luggage. Some of the best upright bikes are portable and promise to keep you healthy even when you are on the move.
An upright stationary bike for home use is the best thing one can have, rather than wasting money on health club memberships. Talking about the price, you can quickly get some of the best upright stationary bikes under $200. With this one single bike at home, you can achieve your fitness goals and also enjoy the comforts of your home. But, if you have an upright exercise bike at home, you can come home, freshen up, have dinner, and exercise on your bike.

Benefits of Upright Stationary Exercise Bike and How They Work

Weight Loss

People often falter with the belief that losing weight is associated with only running or jogging. But, many people do not know that using a stationary upright bike regularly can help you burn more calories than a treadmill. Also, to get efficient results with a treadmill, one must run at a speed of approximately 7.5 mph to burn 1,100 calories, but this pace is not ideal for everyone, especially those who are a beginner.

The theory also suggests that people can cycle for more duration than running because of the low-impact and comfort of using an exercise bike. An upright stationary exercise bike delivers the best cardio workout for weight loss and helps you achieve more with seemingly fewer efforts.

Low-Impact Workout

An upright stationary exercise bike delivers a low-impact workout because your feet are not touching the ground, but are tied to the pedals. Running/jogging, on the other hand, poses an impact on your feet whenever the feet hit the ground, and due to excessive running, you can easily injure your ankle, hip, knee or tendons.

The top upright exercise bikes work easier on your joints and give you the best workout. The Recumbent stationary exercise bikes are usually ideal for people who have lower body injuries because it balances the body weight and relieves you from stress. The market has some of the best recumbent exercise bikes as well.

Good for People of Any Fitness Level

Majority of the health machines require some level of fitness of the person to use them. Your workout capacity gets affected with your fitness level, and hence the results are not as desired. For example, rowers and ellipticals need some level of fitness level and coordination to work on them effectively. But, if we see an upright stationary bike, anyone can jump on it and start working out.

Depending on your ease, you can use higher resistance, and higher intensities for your workout as these stationary bikes come with amazing features. There are some of the best exercise bikes for commercial use as well as without working on these machines your cardio is incomplete. For injured or older people, a recumbent indoor exercise bike is the best option because it takes off the stress from the lower body and lets you strengthen the muscles.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health is significant for a healthy life, and while working out, one must make sure that his heart functions well. A study by experts reveals that if you raise your heart rate for just 20 minutes every day, it will lower the risk of heart diseases to a great extent. They say if you work at 70-80% of your maximum heart rate then, you make your lungs and heart work more which improves the overall cardio health. A good cardio workout means having excellent cardiovascular health, and this is easily possible with the help of a stationary upright exercise bike.

Also, after an efficient cardio workout, you get a sense of completion and happiness, because an intense cardio workout releases endorphins and causes euphoria. This release of chemicals in the body has significant positive effects on mental health too and helps in reducing depression.

Indoor Cycles vs. Upright Stationary Bikes

I am sure you will be popped with this question in your mind, what is the difference between an upright stationary bike and an indoor cycle. Both are exercise bikes, with a primary distinction of a weighted flywheel and a transmission system which is fixed with the pedals and replicates the feeling of a road bike. It makes your body crouch or leans forward, similar to what it is on a road bike.

There are some of the top indoor cycles in the market which come with adjustable seat and handlebars, which can move up, down, forward, and backward. With this adjustability factor, you can take the position which suits you the best and gives comfort.

Another good point about indoor cycles over exercise bikes is that they let you pedal while standing on them. Experts usually find these main difference between an indoor cycle and an exercise bike.

There are other factors too which help in taking off the stress from your ankles and knees like the Q-factor, fitting pedals, etc. Bikes are more useful for severe exercisers and cyclists.

Buying Guide

This buying guide will help you understand your needs and guide on what to look for when buying a suitable upright stationary exercise bike.

Part 1 – Usability

Define Your Priorities

Defining your priority is the first and foremost deciding factor before buying any product. There are many exercise types of equipment available in the market. An upright exercise bike is a machine which is perfect for any purpose, be it an easy workout or an intense one. These bikes are versatile and let you work on different combinations of intensities and speed. There are several models of best upright stationary exercise bikes available in the market, and you can choose the apt one for yourself. You can select the bike which has suitable features and functions so that you invest in what you want.

Space Constraints

Once you have set your priorities straight and narrowed down the appropriate models, now it is time to think practically. You must have enough space at home to store that upright bike. Otherwise, the whole investment will go in vain. But the good news is that there are some of the top foldable upright exercise bikes which are foldable and can be easily stored anywhere. Usually, upright stationary exercise bikes have a small footprint of 40” x 22”, which is average, but still, it may be significant for people with little space. Such people can look for the best compact upright bikes.

Fitness Apps and Tracking Functionality

There is no point in exercising when you do not know where you are heading. You need a performance tracking system which informs you about your daily progress. Many good models of exercise bikes come with a free tracking functionality or let you connect your smartphones via Bluetooth and use the fitness tracking apps. Such models fall under the best upright exercise bikes over $200.

Maximum User Weight

Every equipment you buy comes with a maximum weight capacity tag, and if you are overweight, you must consider this factor. There is no point in buying a bike with a maximum weight of 200 lbs whereas you weigh 300 pounds. You will break it and even get injured trying to use it. Some of the best heavy-duty upright exercise bikes come with a weight capacity of up to 400lbs.

But, I would suggest, if you are still on the heavier side, then an upright exercise bike won’t be useful for you. Instead, you should buy an elliptical trainer or a treadmill.

Height Range

If you fall under the height range of 5’2” to 6’1”, you will have several options for exercise bikes. Many manufacturers do not mention the height range on their products but give the measurement of the distance between seat and pedal so that you can calculate for yourself. But, I have tried to come down with some choices for people who do not fit into this general height range – Exerpeutic 2000, Sole SB700.

Part 2 – Design

Drive Systems

The stationary upright exercise bikes come with an embedded system which consists of the drive and braking system. This part of the equipment is not visible and is already assembled by the manufacturer. The whole unit is enclosed in a plastic casing which is connected to the main frame. Upright Bikes come with two types of drive system – Belt-Driven and Chain-Driven.

The belt-driven drive system means that a heavy-duty belt connects the flywheel to the pulley. The belt does not need much maintenance and also enables smooth and quite pedaling experience. Also, note here that a belt can crack or stretch and need a replacement.

The chain-driven drive system consists of a chain which may need timely greasing so that it does not squeak or catch rust.

Now we will talk about flywheels. A flywheel of an upright stationary bike is light in weight than that of an indoor cycle, which is around 13 – 15 lbs. Some models have more flywheel weight due to which they have a smoother pedaling motion. Many upright bikes also come with the option of pedaling backward and forward, both.

Resistance Systems

The resistance system is an essential part of an exercise bike, and usually, upright bikes come with two kinds of braking system – Magnetic or Eddy Current. A few models also come with a Contact Brake System.

Electrically Assisted Brakes (Eddy) – This braking system has a servo motor, an electromagnet, a fixed brake pad, and an advanced console.

When the user wants to change the resistance level, he presses the button from the console which accordingly adjusts the electromagnetic pull onto the flywheel. It works fast, and the user gets the changed resistance in seconds. For such a system to work, the exercise bike needs an external power supply and an adapter.

This system has two main disadvantages – First, you need to plug-in the device to work on different resistance levels. Otherwise, you will keep pedaling on the lowest resistance level. Second, if the motor breaks then replacing it might burn a hole in your pocket. So, you need to maintain the motor well by spilling water on the motor casing, keep it in humid conditions, etc.

Magnetic Brake System – This braking system is simple which contains a brake pad, tension knob, cable, and a mobile brake pad. In such bikes, the user can change the resistance level by turning the tension knob. The tension dial or the knob highlight the various resistance levels available. On doing this, the system brings the magnetic pad closer if the user increases the resistance or farther if the user decreases the resistance.

The exercise bikes with magnetic brake are cheaper but offer fewer resistance levels as compared to bikes with eddy brakes.


A seat is a significant factor when it comes to comfort and ease. Because, while pedaling, your body will be supported by the seat and the more cushioned and padded it is, more comfort it will provide. With upright stationary exercise bikes, they have larger seats with excellent cushioning. Their seats are preferred over the seat of an indoor cycle. Some cheap upright exercise bikes have wide seats, but they can be replaced. But, a majority of the seats come with a suitable connection mechanism and are adjustable (horizontally). This feature helps you position the seat at the apt distance to have a perfect cycling posture. Some of the best available upright exercise bikes below the price range of $500 comes with an adjustable seat.


An upright stationary exercise bike has a lighter frame than other bikes. This bike is easy to transport and assemble as usually the frame is one-piece without any joints and bolts. This also reduces the timely maintenance and tightening of joints. But, this does not mean these bikes are not stable. They come with extra features for stability, like leg stabilizers, and transport wheels which keep the machine safe and grounded. So, be sure that the upright you are buying is going to be a stable one even if it is lightweight.


Upright bikes usually have a taller handlebar than the seat, which makes it an upright exercise bike. This shape also makes the user sit in an upright position. Another critical thing to notice is to buy a handlebar with a multi-grip design. This design helps you to grip the handles in multiple ways which in turn gives you a broad spectrum of exercises. Some models also have adjustable handlebars which can be adjusted horizontally or vertically, but these are the top rated upright bikes that are priced above $500.

Models that are mid or high in the range also come with pulse sensors mounted on the handlebars. This feature is very beneficial to keep the heart rate in check.


The upright stationary bikes come with a console which displays the workout data to help the user monitor his progress. The primary console comes with every bike, with some advanced versions in some of the models. The central consoles come in the bikes which have magnetic resistance and run with a battery. They monitor and display the following stats – Distance, Time, Speed, Calories, and Pulse (in case the bike has got sensors).

The advanced consoles come with added features along with the ones in the primary console. Such consoles come with a set of programs and also give you the ability to create your own. They also have tracking functionality, goal setting functionality, and alarms (messages) which keep you motivated and push you to work harder. Some consoles also come with a USB port which let you connect your phone, import your progress and upload it on sites such as MyFitnessPal. This feature helps you compare your progress with others.

Other more advanced consoles offer features like cooling fan, sound system, table tray, accessory holders, etc.

Comfort Level:- Comfort Level must be a top priority when it comes to buying a piece of exercise equipment. Do not compromise on comfort as you will be wasting money on buying such a product. What is the point of purchasing a product when you are unable to spend more than 10 minutes on it. So, look for comfort features especially a foam-padded seat, footrests with straps, padded handlebars, etc. If you are an avid reader and prefer reading while cycling, then buy a model which comes with an attached desk which can hold your tablet or book. There are some of the best upright stationary bikes with desktop available in the market.

Part 3 – Budget


The pricing of upright exercise bikes has a range of $100 to over $2000. Note that the highest range of bikes is not merely exercised bikes, they are systems which give full entertainment like games, visual tracks, internet connection, etc. along with exercising. For the sole purpose of having an exercise bike, you can select a bike in the price range of $150 to $500. They fulfill everything that is needed from an upright bike and come with all the necessary features and training. There are some of the best upright exercise bikes below the price of $300. The bikes that are on the higher price range focus more on comfort and entertainment along with workout.

Part 4 – Warranty


All exercise bikes come with some assurance, depending on their purchasing costs. If you find a bike without a guarantee, it means it is not good in quality. Upright stationary exercise bikes with top quality come with some years of warranty on the frame and one year on parts, electronics, and labor. If you have bought a more expensive exercise bike, you can pay some extra money to extend the existing warranty to keep your costly equipment safe. Companies come with different warranty packages and extend their full support to the customer.

Part 5 – Buy with Confidence from us

Now you can buy your favorite product with confidence here. We have a team of experts who minutely study the products and do all the necessary research before bringing it to the user. They physically check the equipment and then list its usefulness. They give authentic reviews on all the features and functions of the products and bring out the real picture for the users.


The above-detailed article must have surely answered all your possible questions regarding the best upright stationary exercise bikes. These are low-impact bikes which have low maintenance and are quiet. In case you are a beginner and want to perform a moderate level of exercises, then you can choose from the top upright exercise bikes available models under $500. The affordable exercise bikes come with no fancy features but give a very reliable and efficient workout. Their pedaling motion is smooth and is also noiseless. An upright stationary exercise bike has magnetic resistance and the belt drive system which makes the bike noiseless and smooth to operate.

Also, there are some of the top upright exercise bikes for commercial use like for intense exercises. And, if you are ready to pay a little extra, you can get the best choices to get a tougher workout in Spin Bike and Indoor Cycles. There are upright exercise bikes over $200 which have extra features like more robust resistance levels, preset workout programs, chargers, fans, speakers, media shelves, etc. I am sure by now you are clear about the various aspects of an upright stationary exercise bike and what all needs to be considered before buying the best one for yourself.

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