Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling is the perfect alternative if you are interested in a workout that is of low impact in your house, or you are new to the whole concept of spinning. This bike is a decent looking product that is reasonably priced. It is a no frills attached bike, and you get to adjust the resistance according to the hill climb related workouts. You get to stand easily out of the saddle in case you are interested in sprint workouts. For attaining the preferred level of goals and fitness, you can easily adjust the difficulty level. But you need to keep in mind that it will not offer the fancy options that you get to see in the more expensive models. In this article, I will be concentrating on its features and how exactly they make sure that you get an effective cardio low impact exercise in your house.

The machine is made up of steel. It will not sway or rock from one side to another in case you are trying to move up and down while you are in seated or standing position. You can stay assured of one thing that there is absolutely no flexing. When you are practicing hill climbing or hard sprinting, the bike will make sure that your position is firm. You will never feel that the product will be tipping you off. If the handlebars tight enough, you can be facing some jiggling. In case the problem is severe then you must get in touch with the suppliers and discuss the problem in detail.

There are a lot of customers who have used the product for almost more than two years, and there have been no major issues. This indoor cycling bike is able to cope up with workouts in the long run and is a durable machine. Due to the regular application of friction on the cycle’s flywheel the resistance pad will eventually wear out over time and will need replacement.

For making sure that there is not any rocking on the uneven floors the product is equipped with leveling feet (4). These are on the back as well as front stabilizing bars that can be easily screwed up and down to deal with the problem and offer a stable base while working out.


One of the main aspects of the spin bikes is the capacity to adjust easily them for the purpose of accommodating diverse heights. You can easily adjust the handlebars and seat as per the requirement. You get to move the seat forward, backward, downwards and upwards. Also to add to the flexibility of the cycle the handlebars can be conveniently moved vertically. Thus, users of different heights get to adjust the product according to their convenience. It will make sure that the model is used in the best possible manner by various people and the risks related to injuries are minimized. The size adjustment is pretty simple and straightforward and can be done in an easy manner and doesn’t require much time.

Easy Storage

One thing that I like about the product is that it is very compact. It is about 46 inches in length and 20 inches in width.

The weight of the equipment is about 78 lbs. For the purpose of moving around the bike in your house, there are two transport wheels right in the front. These efficiently take care of all the added weight. The best part is that these work very well on surfaces that are hard or carpet.


  • Good quality bike that is available at a reasonable
  • It is perfect for durable and sturdy ride, and there are no issues related to shaking or rocking even while standing up or at high speeds
  • There is a bottle holder
  • It will offer a comfortable riding experience
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance
  • It is very quiet
  • It can adjust heights between 5 ft to 6 ft
  • You get to experience different types of workout due to diverse resistance range
  • It can be conveniently moved around due to the transport wheels

The added accessories include a water bottle and bottle holder. The holder is in a handy position and is well within the reach even while you are sitting. Some people think that the small handlebar that is right in the handlebar’s middle is a good place for resting their iPad or tablet while working out or watching TV.

Customer Reviews

Most customers are happy about the fact that even after initial disappointment they managed to get a machine that works well and is affordable. Many say that this is the perfect value for money deal, and the quality is very good. They get a superb cardio workout at the desired intensity.


  • Does not have workout programs or a console.
  • You will be getting limited accessories like the water bottle holder
  • The resistance knob doesn’t have any markings
  • The seat is uncomfortable
  • There are only toe straps on the pedals


There is no denying the fact that the bike is superb for all those who are conscious of their budget. You get to experience good cycling training or reliable spinning. So in case you are a beginner or don’t wish to spend too much money on cardio workouts in your house then this machine offers the perfect solution.