Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Review

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Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Review

Stamina Wonder Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike is a semi-recumbent exercise bike with a folding frame that not only offers lower body strengthening but also has an upper body strengthening system. Read Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Review 2021 further.

It is a versatile, convenient, compact, and portable Home Exercise Bike offering total body workout at an affordable price. Unlike the regular recumbent exercise bikes, it has an Upper Body Strength System with a bungee elastic cord resistance to strengthen the upper body muscles.

The Wonder Arms comes with the adjustable arm angle to perform a variety of challenging workouts. For the lower body workout, it offers smooth pedal rides with magnetic resistance. Easy-to-reach tension dial allows the users to adjust the pedal resistance for intense workouts.

Offering a great comfort while working out are the textured pedals, ergonomic side handles, cushioned seat adjustable seat height, and a backrest. This exercise bike is a folding exercise bike saving the storage space. It has built-in wheels for easy transport after the day’s use.

It features a multi-function monitor that tracks the workout time, speed, calories burned, and distance. It is a simple monitor with a single-button functioning that also offers a scan mode. The advantage of this Wonder Exercise bike is that the product purchase.

Also, includes free online access to 2 on-demand workout videos in which the certified personal trainers guide you through the workouts. Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike provides these comforts and performance.

At a very minimal cost with a price below $200 and is one of the Best Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike available in the market at present.

Best Suited to Whom?

Stamina Wonder Magnetic Resistance Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike is perfect for those looking for a total body workout at an affordable price in the comfort of home. It has an optional Upper Body Strength System tones the arms, shoulder, chest, and back.

Other than the core pedaling exercise with a magnetic resistance the wonder arms also offer exercises such as chest press, flies, crunches and curls. Sold at a price below $200, this convenient semi-recumbent exercise bike is designed for all types of users from novices to experienced ones to people of all shapes and sizes.

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Assembly of Stamina Exercise Bike requires two people as it is not a very straight forward process. The company provides the Owner’s Manual that has detailed pictorial instructions to help the users to put the machine together.

All the necessary tools and screws required for the job are included in the box. On an average, the process takes about an hour and the customers can contact the Customer Support if any parts are missing.

Design and Build Quality

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike has a compact design measuring 33.5″L x 8.4″W x 20.7″H after the assembly and weighing about just 42 lbs. The semi-recumbent exercise bike has built-in transport wheels for easy transport after the day’s workout.  It is a folding exercise bike that requires lesser storage space.

The bike is made of sturdy steel frame increasing the durability of the equipment. It is designed with a smooth bungee cord and pulley system to provide resistance for upper body workout making it a perfect two-in-one exercise bike. This bike can support a maximum user capacity up to 250lbs.

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Features


Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike is a two-in-one machine providing total body training. It has Magnetic Resistance for the pedal exercising and users can turn the dial tension knob to adjust the pedal resistance for intense workouts.

For the upper body training, it has bungee cord resistance and pulley system users can perform various exercises by pulling the adjustment knob. The wonder arms help the users to strengthen and tone the muscles in the shoulder, arms, and back.


This semi-recumbent exercise bike comes with a wide, cushioned seat and backrest to provide the most comfortable exercise. All types of users with different size and shape can go for this exercise bike as it features adjustable seat height.


Stamina wonder exercise bike has a multi-function workout monitor that displays workout time, speed, distance, and calories burned. It is a simple monitor with a single button functioning that also has the scan mode.


It has the textured pedals for added stability. Even though the pedals do not come with straps, the weighted pedals with textured surface keep the feet firmly during the intense workouts.


This exercise bike from Stamina Products has padded, ergonomics side handles to provide better support to the users when they are focused on the lower body training.


Like most of the Stamina Exercise Bikes, Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike also has a sturdy steel frame increasing the durability of the machine. It is designed with the floor endcaps to provide stability to the machine during the training.

Extra Features

The major difference between Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike and other Stamina Exercise Bikes is that it features an Upper Body Strength System with an elastic band and pulley system.

The users can pull the resistance band with different arm angles to enjoy the variety of resistance exercises. The exercise bike also features built-in wheels for easy portability.

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Workout Programs

Stamina brand Wonder Magnetic Resistance Folding Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike is total body exercise bike providing both the lower body and upper body workout. The magnetic resistance of the pedals makes the workout more intense and challenging toning the muscles in legs and thighs.

The Wonder Arms of the exercise bike strengthens the arms, shoulder, back, and chest. Just by pulling the adjustment knob users can easily adjust between various exercises such as chest press, flies, curls, and crunches etc.

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Warranty

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike also offers a limited warranty just like most of other Stamina Exercise Bikes. It provides a one-year warranty on frame and 90-days warranty on parts. If the users find any defect in the machine within the warranty period, then the product can be serviced or replaced by approaching the Customer Service Department.

Users can contact Customer Support through phone at 1-800-375-7520 or email them at regarding all the queries and complaints.

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Pros and Cons


  • Wonder Arms for Upper Body Workout
  • Adjustable Arm Angle
  • Strong and smooth bungee cord
  • Magnetic Resistance with Dial Tension
  • Adjustable, Cushioned Seat and Backrest
  • Textured Pedals
  • Ergonomic Side handles
  • Leveling Floor Caps
  • Built-in Wheels for Easy Transport
  • Online access to 2 on-demand workout videos


  • Does not offer Pedal Straps
  • No Pre-set Programs
  • No Cutting-edge technology


Stamina Wonder Magnetic Resistance Folding Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike with Upper Body Strength is a fun, convenient and affordable Home Exercise Bike suitable to all fitness levels. For a price below $200, it is a perfect two-in-one exercise bike offering a total body workout.

The Adjustable Upper Body System can be set to different angles to perform a variety of exercises. The folding frame increases storage convenience. With an added resistance workout, this versatile wonder bike could be a better choice if you are planning for a next level bike exercising.