Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Review

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Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Review

Stamina Magnetic Fusion 7100 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a fusion bike combining the features of the traditional upright exercise bike with the comfortable recumbent exercise bike. It is one of the most advanced and hybrid Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bikes providing more effective, low impact cardiovascular exercises to the users.

Let’s check below Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 2021. This fusion exercise bike is designed to blend the upright pedalling feel of the conventional exercise bikes with the comfortable, leaned-back angled seat style of the recumbent bikes.

It lets you pedal for longer hours to tone your thighs, calves, hips, and glutes. The technically advanced bike features electronic two-button control magnetic resistance that lets you set the workout intensity up to eight levels. Other than tracking the training data, the multi-function electronic monitor.

Also, displays the heart rates monitored through the fingertip pulse sensors built into the ergonomic handlebars. The 7 pre-set workout programs help to achieve the desired fitness level quite easily. While this hybrid bike is the epitome of comfort and quality with the walk-thru design, comfortable seat.

And technically advanced features it is quite friendly on your pocket with a price of around $450. Let’s understand below what makes this fusion bike one of the Best Home Exercise Bikes under $500.

Best Suited to Whom?

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike is a Home Recumbent Bike that can provide the exercise quality of an upright bike as well as the comfort level of a recumbent bike in a single bike. It perfectly suits the requirements of beginners through experienced users with.

Its technically advanced features and pre-set workout programs, the walk-thru design makes the getting on and off the bike easy and comfortable allowing people with limited mobility also take the benefit of the bike. It is an exercise bike designed for users of all ages and fitness levels.

Fitness enthusiasts with a moderate budget can bring this bike to the home gym as it only costs around $450 in the market.

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike requires assembly from the user end. Stamina brand Products provides Owner’s Manual with step by step instructions regarding the assembly and usage of this exercise bike. The company recommends two people perform the job for easy and faster completion.

It would take between one to two hours for the assembly process of Stamina Fusion Bike. The box includes the necessary tools, bolts and nuts, and if any parts are missing contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Design and Build Quality

This Stamina Fusion Bike is designed into a hybrid bike by combining upright and recumbent features. It has a walk-thru design for allowing the easy getting on and off the bike, and thus, becomes more convenient even for people with limited mobility.

The bike is made of a sturdy steel frame for increased durability and is strong enough to support user weight up to 300 lbs while the exercise bike weighs about 95 lbs. It has the measurements 53.5” L x 24.5” W x 52” H making it relatively a compact exercise bike.

It has wheels for easy portability after the days’ use and the levelling stabilizer caps add to the stability of the equipment saving it from slippage, especially during the intense pedalling.

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Features


Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike features a magnetic free wheel resistance system to offer smooth & quiet pedalling. It has eight levels of magnetic resistance that can be easily operated by the users with the help of advanced, easy-to-use electronic two-button control to enjoy varied workout intensity.


This fusion exercise bike has a heavy-duty steel frame that makes the equipment strong and durable. The sturdy fitness trainer can support a higher user weight with the maximum capacity of 300 lbs, unlike the other Stamina Exercise Bikes.


It is equipped with InTouch® multi-function monitor with large and easy-to-read font and the scan function that can be controlled with a single button. It tracks and displays the live workout data such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate, and program.


The exercise bike features an oversized, comfortable vinyl seat with backrest for the added comfort. The seat is designed in the recumbent-style with an adjustable seat height feature and 45-degree leg angle that can reduce the stress on the hips and joints during the long workout sessions.

Foot Pedals

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with textured pedals for providing good grips to the feet. The foot pedals also have attaching straps for the added comfort and stability, especially during the intense workouts.


It has integrated handlebars, again, for the increased stability while pedalling with higher intensity. It also features handrails that are incorporated with built-in pulse sensors.

Heart Rate

This fusion bike from Stamina Products tracks the heart rate monitor during the workout with its built-in pulse sensors that are incorporated in the handrails. The electronic monitor displays the heart beats per minute, measured by the pulse sensors.

Extra Features

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike is not just a hybrid bike with great performance but also a comfort bike with some extra features like a water bottle holder and a water bottle.

It has wheels for easy movement of the bike after each use so that it can be stored with convenience. The levelling stabilizer caps keep the bike firm and safe on all types of floors.

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Workout Programs

Stamina Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is an advanced recumbent bike providing low-impact cardio exercise. While the electronic two-button magnetic resistance with eight-level settings controls the intensity of the rides for different workout challenges.

it also features seven built-in workout programs to allow the users to aim varied fitness goals. The pre-set programs include manual, fat burn, maximum fat burn, aerobic, hill, mountain, and plateau motivating them to seek specific fitness target.

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Warranty

This Stamina Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike offers an excellent warranty on its frame. It provides a five-year warranty on frame and a limited 90-days warranty on parts.

If you come across any defect or issue within the warranty period, then contact Customer Support by dialing at 1-800-375-7520 or you can even write to them at

Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Pros and Cons


  • Benefits of both Upright Bike and Recumbent Bike in one
  • Eight levels of Magnetic Resistance
  • The electronic two-button resistance control
  • 7 built-in workout programs
  • InTouch® Multi-function monitor with Scan function
  • Fingertip Pulse Sensors
  • Textured Foot Pedals with Straps
  • Integrated handlebars
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Walk-thru design
  • Wheels for Portability
  • Levelling stabilizer caps
  • Water bottle holder with bottle
  • Higher user capacity up to 300 lbs


  • Heart rate monitoring is not very accurate
  • Doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty


Stamina Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike is one of its kinds, providing the combined benefits of an upright stationary bike and recumbent exercise bike. It has a unique design and technically advanced features that the owners could feel proud of.

It’s convenient, walk-thru design and the oversized, comfortable seat with a 45-degree leg angle makes the Fusion 7100 a perfect bike for users of all ages and fitness levels. The hybrid bike doesn’t cost any exorbitant either and can be bought at a moderate price less $500.

However, the only disadvantage of this bike is the short warranty. While the limited 90-days warranty could work for the budget exercise bikes, it definitely is not attractive for an exercise bike in the range of $400-$500.