Stamina 1350 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

Stamina 1350 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

I know the struggle and pressure one has to go through before buying a recumbent bike. I mean nobody minds spending money on something that will last for a long, long time if not a lifetime. Right investment always gives you satisfaction, and when you look at that bike, you feel like working out. But if your investment goes wrong all you are left with is despair and un-satisfaction. And if you want a good recumbent bike, you would want it to have good features at affordable prices.

I have put in a lot of research to write the review of Stamina 1350 Magnetic Recumbent Bike with full modesty. It provides you with comfortable seats that are well padded. It is covered with vinyl that makes your ride even more comfortable. The seat is adjustable that will help you provide utmost comfort as you can workout according to your height and size by adjusting the seat.

This Stamina bike doesn’t provide Fancy features like the bikes on the higher end such as Schwinn 270 and 250. This model might not provide you additional attractive features, but its machinery that is light weight (57pounds), and the quietness it provides is just remarkable. It has now become the first choice for many users, especially for the beginners.

Ease of use

It is an entry level bike, so, therefore, it is very suitable for ones who are least fit and wish to lose all that baby fat. It features a neat walk- through design that mess mounting on the as easy as walking in the space provided and just sitting back. Users that plan on using the bike every day to maintain their fitness or to get in the best shape as soon as possible will love this bike.

LCD screen provided has pretty basic features and once you have started the workout it doesn’t require any user interaction. So, if you are just introducing your body to this whole new world of workout, this bike is a good start, as you can keep track of your progress and calories burnt thanks to that LCD.

Comfort level

The recumbent seat design makes sure your posture is right and with the strong support provided by the lumbar support, you will get the perfect comfort level you need for an effective workout. Don’t lose your sleep over the saying “no pain no gain “! Because you will gain all the benefits without having to suffer the pain or the aches that usually come along with other bikes.

The bike is extremely quite and smoothes when you use it thanks to its magnetic resistance. It is so quite that not only your family but even your pets won’t come to know about your workout, regardless of the time it is.


Assembling Stamina 1350 is a child’s play if you ask me. The time you need to take out from your busy schedule to put this bike all together is hardly 20mins! That is quite a very short duration of time if you ask me, there are so many bikes out there which take approximately one hour to get it all together. It is a simple design bike that comes with an instruction leaflet that will prove to be helpful in every step.


  • Stamina InTouch monitors with large and easy-to-read numbers
  • Large, easy-to-read monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories, and scans with simple, one-button control
  • Oversized, weighted pedals
  • Leveling stabilizer caps
  • Rolls for easy storage
  • To adjust the intensity, the bike is equipped with tension dial for resistance change smoothly
  • Padded upholstered vinyl seat with multiple seat positions and handrails
  • 250 pounds of user weight is permitted by the bike
  • 1-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on other parts is provided by the manufacturer
  • 50 x 24 x 33.5 inches are the dimensions of the bike
  • Comfortable, padded upholstered vinyl seat with multiple seat positions and handrails

As mentioned before, it comes with an LCD that gives you all the vital information about your workout; like your heart rate, calories you have burnt, time, speed, distance, etc. And before I forget it cycles between these numbers automatically, so you don’t require to leave those handlebars every now a then to keep track of your different workouts.

The tension knob is also provided which, makes it simpler to just the resistance levels. Magnetic resistance, as mentioned before, provides you a smooth and noise – free ride. Whether it is the music you like or a just a daily soap, you workout and listen/watch all you want because this machinery is quite as it can be.

The recumbent seat comes with a strong and comfortable lumbar position, which helps you not only maintain an upright position but also gives you a comfortable workout, even after it been long. Your body will be in semi-horizontal position. As weird as it sounds, this position in actually has proven to be one of the most comfortable positions.

To put it all together, Stamina 1350 comes with decent features for a person who is a beginner and will prove to be more than sufficient.


One of the main drawbacks of this bike according to me is the limited range of sizes of the user it can accommodate. But of course, maximum users fall in the range of 5ft to 6 ft height, so won’t be much of an issue. Though, who is relatively shorter than five ft, or taller than six ft. It face some uneasiness.

Customer Reviews

The Stamina 1350 is a healthy choice for people. Most of the customers have appreciated the comfortable seat of the bike and the fact that it offers a low level of resistance. Although, a few of the tall users have complained about some uneasiness they faced during the workout.


The Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is an entry – level bike and provides a comfortable and effective workout. It proves to be value for money. You can easily carry the bike and store it due to its lightweight. Assembling the bike is probably the easiest job I would say, 20 mins tops! The bike is highly recommended for beginners who wish to have a smooth, quite, effective workout without having to go off limits with the budget. The seat is adjustable and is very comfortable because of the lumbar support. Magnetic resistance keeps the bike quiet and smooth.

It doesn’t come with the new workout programs and also the maximum capacity remains limited to 250 pounds only.